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BP pumps financial fuel into local stations


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Since the oil started leaking more than 70 days ago many drivers have decided to boycott their local BP gas stations. Now the oil giant is trying to help.

Some local franchise owners say their sales are down 40% since the April 20 oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. But there are more than 11,000 BP stations across the US. Most of them are owned by local businessmen who simply have a contract to buy BP gasoline and use their logo.

"They have all their life savings in their little franchises and so you can't blame them nor boycott the local gas station," said Carol Parker a local BP supporter.

To help, BP will give local BP brand stations cash, reduce credit card fees, and help with national advertising. The total investment is expected to be between $50 and $70 million.

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Pray that BP stays viable

IF BP tanks, guess who is going to pay for the cleanup? I buy BP gas whenever the price is comparable to other nearby stations.

Boycotting locally owned BP stations...

makes no sense at all. Why punish a local business owner for something he/she had no control over?

I'm guessing those of you who advocate boycotting local BP stations are the same ones who were holding hands at the beach last THAT did a lot to help. Made for a good picture though, didn't it.

Instead of holding hands at the beach, have any of you contacted your Congressman and asked him/her WHY your beloved President Maobama, who said "I've been on top of this situation from Day 1" has literally done nothing except play the blame game?'re simply content to hold hands at the beach.

ooh boy

Hey, don't blame the mindless wonders for doing nothing!! Let them hold hands at the beach. God knows, if they weren't doing that, they'd be doing something destructive like voting another moron into office or something. We should encourage them to hold hands on the beach, so that when the next hurricane comes, Darwin's Law can take effect!!


get in their cars and "drive" home. Irony? **chuckle** What hypocrites....

On the beach

They didn't hold hands because they don't like oil they just don't like it in the ocean,on the beach,on the living creatures,and everywhere else it shouldn't be.

Do you really know?

"The image is powerful, the message is simple. NO to Offshore Oil Drilling, YES to Clean Energy."

Where is their concern about Nigeria's Niger Delta? We want the oil we just don't want any of the risks involved with having it in such close proximity......

It was an accident. One that could have most likely been prevented. I suspect BP, along with every other oil company, will learn how to keep this from happening again. The answer is not stopping offshore drilling. That thought process is like not producing cars because someone was killed in an "accident". Life is a risk.... deal.


"Close proximity." Hah. Is there any other kind? Y'all kindly git that proximity 'way from here (rat now).

clean energy

When you say clean energy I hope you dont mean natural gas. The gas drilling and fracturing they have to do to get the gas out is doing tremendous damage to our water sheds and drinking wells. Just ask Haliburton.

Ready to start biking or are you buying a horse?

Das, exactly WHAT do you expect cars, trucks, locomotives, ships, and aircraft to run on if not fossil fuels?

The Pickens Plan, which relies heavily on natural gas, is the only viable plan we have to reduce oil consumption. (BTW, the majority of natural gas can be extracted very safely and very cleanly. Don't let a couple of nightmare stories from upstate New York or Pennsylvania convince you otherwise.)

I didn't say it Das...

That statement came from the website I referenced and the mission statement and I will agree with what you say regarding "gas drilling". I don't support their cause to be clear.


I didnt notice the quotes. Sorry.

No worries....

I should have referenced it directly to be clear...


This is nothing like not making cars because someone died,There's oil elswhere.It was not an accident it was negligence.I don't think they could ever learn enough where they can say it will never happen again,at least in the deepwater drilling.Shallow drilling,not so bad.At least if something happened there they can stop it (maybe).You are right about one thing, I don't really know but I think thats one of their reasons.

Shallow not so bad?

PEMEX's Ixtoc, which had a blowout in 1979, took NINE MONTHS to cap, spilling about 10,000 barrels a day.

The water depth was only 160 feet.

Don't think that the water depth is the only thing that complicates well control.

The bottom line is that there are no guarantees, no fail safe devices, no 100% sure bets. If we can't accept the fact that we will occasionally have blowouts, (the last big American blowout was over forty years ago) and develop quick, reliable methods for oil capture and containment, then we had better get used to eight-dollar gasoline and living under the thumb of OPEC.

One word...


Cry me a river

BP has done nothing for this oil spill. It is just one excuse after another! I will never buy BP gas! Think about the ocean life, the birds that have died from this oil spill. And yet the big wigs at BP are out taking vacations! They dont care about a damn things aslong as they get thier paycheck they are happy!

I hope BP goes out of business! Local franchises sorry but gas stations can be replaced ocean life & Habitat can't.

Think about all the men who lost their lives because their boss told them to take short cuts! Yeah we all try to take short cuts but with oil rigging you just can't. Now they are paying the consequences. The only people I feel sorry for are the families who lost loved ones on the day the oil rig caught fire!

Forget BP! Dont support them, dont buy their gas!

To the families who lost loved ones my thoughts & prayers are with you!


I guess you are running out of options for gasoline. I am sure you are still boycotting EXXON & Amoco for their oil spills? Not to mention all the other spills that happen all over the planet that you never hear about because its not in your backyard. Get educated.

1.Atlantic Empress and Aegean Captain, Trinidad=88.2 million gallons
2.ABT Summer, Angola=76.44 million gallons
3.Sea Star, Gulf of Oman=33.81 million gallons
4.Braer, Shetland Islands=26 million gallons spilled
5.Prestige, North Spain=22.6 millions gallons spilled
6. Aegean Sea, North Spain=21.5 million gallons spilled
7.Sea Empress, South West Whales=18 million gallons spilled
8.World Glory, South Africa=13.524 million gallons spilled
9.Newton Creek, Greenpoint Brooklyn NY=17 million gallons spilled
10. Amoco Cadiz 65.562 million

There's more................look it up.

Sure thing, pal!

They did this intentionally because they WANTED to foul the environment where most of them live. (40% of BP operations and workers are American) They just keep letting it leak because they WANT to face years and years of lawsuits and lose millions of dollars of oil.

As you mature you may find that facts and common sense are far more important in making decisions than emotions.

Speaking of facts, I hope

Speaking of facts, I hope they can get this well under control because according to the media figures, it's putting out more oil that the whole middle east combined!


Not intentionally but negligently.

Have you ever worked in Corporate America?

In all probability the final analysis will reveal that one or two mid-level managers made a bone-headed decision.

Do you boycott an airline when a crash is judged to be due to pilot error?

This is EXACTLY the same thing, on a larger scale. Someone screwed up. It wasn't the CEO, it wasn't the Chairman of the Board, it wasn't the VP of North American was one guy who was the HMFIC of this one well and rig.

It is totally idiotic to boycott BP because of an accident.


And that would make it criminally. (I'm not saying boycott,I stop by a BP twice just yesterday)

So what you're saying is

You don't think BP put enough work into cleaning up the oil spill. But you are going to boycott BP gas which will reduce their profits. So now they have less of a chance to fund the cleanup process and compensate those who are affected by it... The scary thing is not that your simple mind considered that, but that many other simple minds exist out there! Very bad mindset.
On a side note... I hope you don't rely on ANY oil company to provide you with gasoline, as they all use the same drilling methods and refine their oil into gasoline in approximately the same matter.


I just happened to have been BP. Don't demonize BP for it.

You really mean to tell me that you think they are sitting back and not putting their full effort into cleaning this up??? You really think they are benefitting from this disaster??? They are doing everything they can. EVERYONE is doing everything they can. You keep your simple thoughts inside your simple mind. Don't let them out... Other simple minds are just waiting for stupid ideas to latch onto!!


Emotion is a "wonderful" thing.....

Still buying

I still purchase BP gasoline and thats the ONLY gas I will put in my car. I find that it makes it run better and it lasts longer than any other competitor. I know what happened in the gulf is very unfortunate, however, I think BP is doing all they can to get this matter under control and its something that is just going to take a long time.

I agree

I won't stop buying BP gas because of this. It is still the best quality gas out there, I believe. Definitely an unfortunate circumstance though.

You think going on vacation

You think going on vacation is doing all they can do! BS

BP is doing nothing! Gas is gas buy it anywhere!

BP is careless. They should have had a "what if" worse case scenario plan! I hope from here on out OSHA stays on their behinds! Looks like they need it since the owners are not doing jack S**t

You are totally in the dark

Have you ever read the contingency plans for ALL deep-water drilling? They freely acknowledge that an immediate stoppage is not feasible. The plans rely upon containment and burning.

That never happened. The government STOPPED the burning because of pressure from the enviroloons. The government STOPPED skimmers from coming in from offshore sources because Obama would not waive the Jones Act. The government STOPPED skimmers that were on-site, skimming oil, and sent them back to port for fire extinguisher and PFD checks. (Did the Coast Guard run out of boats? They have inspected mine without sending me back to port.)

As pressure mounted and even the media started asking questions, suddenly burning was allowed (but only in isolated conditions), we're allowing some foreign assets to be put to work, and the Coast Guard isn't delaying cleanup for the sake of Obama's political goals.

What you want to deny is that the government was to play a key role in spill containment and it has failed miserably and intentionally. ("Never waste a crisis...")

Thamk God that this happened to BP. Had it happened to Devon, Marathon, or another small independent, they very well might have immediately entered bankruptcy and avoided all financial responsibility. BP has done the right thing, and you want to punish them?

You aren't thinking about what you're saying

Did ALL of BP go on vacation!? Because that is exactly what you're implying. Whatshisface went on vacation for a short time. You think he was out of contact that whole time? Or maybe you think that the cleanup stopped because he left. The whole operation continued as normal. Fool. Be upset about the oil spill, but use some rationality about it. I'm not defending them, but geez, they're doing what they can.