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Bracelet system helps relocate wandering children

A new program that helps find lost children began Saturday in Carolina Beach. Kids were seen wearing one of seven different colored wristbands. The color matches that of the nearest lifeguard stand. The goal is to help identify where lost children came from on the beach. Now, if children wander, they can be reunited with families by using the bracelet color-coding system. Parents say they like the new program. ”I think it's a wonderful idea. My kids tend to be a little rambunctious so if somebody sees them with a red wrist band at least they'll know which lifeguard station we're in front of,” said Tiffany Newton. Carolina Beach responded to about 36 lost child calls last year.

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Come on people! I think it's

Come on people! I think it's a great idea. I also have noticed that some parents don't keep an eye on their children as they should, but I would say that the majority of parents do. It only takes a split second for a child to wander off and this should definately help.


is a GREAT idea. While we all might THINK we have our eyes on our kids ONE HUNDRED percent of the time..the fact only takes a second in a large crowd to loose sight sometimes. I agree parents should keep an eye on their kids, but now the lifeguards don't have to waste as much time and resources to reunite lost children.

free babysitting

How cool is this? Now I can go shopping while the lifeguards take care of my kids! Thank you hard-working lifeguards for all you do to save swimmers and lousy parents from tragedy.


Here's an idea... Parents watch your children! Life guards have enough to worry about without trying to locate missing kids. It's not the life guards responsibility to baby sit while you work on your tan or take a nap.


Agreed, that is a concept unknown to some parents, actually WATCHING their children.