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BREAKING FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: What's causing these booms?!?!


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Phone calls have poured in from across the Cape Fear reporting loud booms strong enough to shake the earth Friday afternoon around 3:00pm and Saturday morning around 10:15am. So, what's causing these mysterious booms? No one is claiming them.

So far, the US Geological Survey isn't reporting any earthquakes in the area.

The Marine Corps in Jacksonville says it's not playing war games out in the ocean.

Sunny Point isn't claiming anything.

We've checked with GE in Castle Hayne - no reports of anything there.

The nuclear power plant is Brunswick County says its not responsible.

We've also checked with the tower at ILM and they have no reports of any planes creating sonic booms.

The Sheriff's Departments in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick Counties are also getting reports of shaking, but don't know yet what the cause was.

An explanation that many are now suggesting is the legend of the "Seneca Guns." Some believe the ghosts of the Seneca Indians are getting revenge by using the guns that Europeans used on them so many years ago.

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It's the military and

It's the military and Lockheed Martin testing supersonic experimental planes over the ocean. The sound dwarves travel hundreds of miles over water. Govt will deny it and doesn't realize the upset civilians on land.

I live in Richlands NC and

I live in Richlands NC and have been hearing these booms since i moved here in 2013. It is scary and shakes everything. I am pretty sure it is coming from under the ground. Either it is natural and we are hearing the plates crack and shift deep down or we are hearing the govt boring out tunnels. Yes they make tunnels. There are engineers and people who do this for a living who will tell you its real but the govt will deny it.

Holden Beach - loud boom heard @ 4 pm today

I have lived in Brunswick County for 2 years and have heard these booms sporadically over time. Today it was huge and shook the porch chairs and pictures hanging on the inside house walls. No one can ever explain these booms but there has to be a reason? It's frightening and there has to be an explanation?


My family and I were sitting outside Tuesday April/1/2014. Heard two huge loud earth shaking booms a few minutes apart. I know for sure it was not a gun shot because guns don't sound anywhere near this big. The booms came from the south west and i live right at the tiptop of Wilmington NC. I hope that one day we can figure out the where these booms have been coming from that people in this area have been hearing for a long time.

Loud boom

Heard another loud boom in Oak Island. Knocked my photos off the wall!

Supply, NC

Heard a loud boom at 9:30 PM 12/2/13 would love to know what causes them!

Huntersville NC 2 LOUD explosions 11/29/13 4:38AM

Was woke up by the first explosion not knowing if I was dreaming or what. Suddenly second explosion shook windows in my house. My wife also woke. Two dogs aroused as well. Sounded like near by cannon fire, loud as all hell just for the record. I grabbed my iphone afterward and it said 4:40AM so that's how I figured about 4:38AM

I heard this too, and hear

I heard this too, and hear and feel similar boom frequently. Very curious what it is and why people aren't saying more about it...

Ooops ..well see the Seneca , and Indian connection

A lot of interesting articles out there about this, had to add that when i first read about the author in Seneca Lake I did not realize it was about native americans and then there is the Seneca Georgia indian possible connection. ghosts are interesting theory and there may be nuggets of truth in all that, but I suspect it is pre techtonic plates shifting worse, or atmospheric pressures , sound barrier stuff a good theory. Cannot count out govt testing all that , new sciences , time travel, weapons, inventions etc. Thought the ocean makes a lot of odd sounds , clapping and echoes and all ... earth groans because of sin, fractured too ,,,Jesus is coming!!!! all the other stuff gets real bigfott like, and spooky mystery series effect.

seneca guns

Not sure where the Seneca Indians came from anyway this I found fromear witness account of a local who researched this a long time ...The term Seneca Guns came from James Fennimore Cooper in a short story he wrote in the 1800′s about unexplained booms heard around Lake Seneca in New York.

Loud booms

Greensboro, nc loud booms across the city started at 8:26 still going on. It's 12:19. Police dispatched, problem unsolved.

At it again

Felt again today around 1 pm est in downtown Wilmington!

NEW!!fayetteville boom/ sounds 3/14/2013

new!!!3/14/2013 1:33am in the fayetteville NC.area loud booming sounds & house shaking i have been hearing them ever sence i been here for about 8 months now but they get worse and more frequent every day

i believe u


Give up

Give up won't get an answer here except the "Seneca Guns" thingy.
But when the coast line slides off into the sea from the Continental Shelf collapsing...then they'll know :-(
But for now...accept this as the answer in which you seek...The Boomtown Rats!

Another on Holden Beach, 3:15pm 2013/03/04

Another boom and shockwave felt today around 3:15pm on Holden Beach, 2013 March 4. Third I've heard in about 4 days.

Ground shaking and very loud boom!

Here in Oak Island around 2:00 pm the loudest boom like an explosion and everything in the house shook. Lasted only seconds, but very scary.

Boom at Caswell Beach

Just heard a boom and the house shook at 4:15 PM today (Monday, 11/26/12). Am very cautious about earthquakes and so immediately checked the USGS site, which shows no earthquake. The boom / shake was only about half a second...but still strong.

Heard in southport

I heard this in southport this morning around 10 am. It was incredibly loud. It built up like rolling thunder, cracked like lightning and then ended with a series of booms. I distinctly remember it echoing off the houses around me (I was outside at the time). My first thought was artillery. The woman I was with heard it as well and we both looked around for a while trying to determine where it came from.

I felt it this morning

I felt it this morning around 10:00 a.m....scary stuff.


This just happened again! Heard the booming first then the entire house shook, then some more booms and the house shook worse! Really puzzled at to what the booming is but you can feel when it 'goes off' and then the aftershock of it. Hope someone can find an answer to whats been going on.

Felt it out here in Leland.

Felt it out here in Leland.

There were lights with the booms.

I heard the boom in the early afternoon of 12/8/11 in Southport, didn't think anything of it. Then around 1am, 12/9/11, I heard it again. Went outside, looked to see if it was thunder, it wasn't. There were a few clouds, but the stars were still visible. Looking south, I saw 2 amber colored lights in the sky. the left light then split into two lights for a total of 3 lights. Went inside to tell my wife, she came out to see the lights were gone. She went back inside as I stayed out. Then it appeared as one of the lights were turning back towards Southport. Same effect as you see a car coming around a curve. There is an airport nearby, but that was not the normal approach or takeoff pattern. I am curious. Thanks.

Big boom

Not sure but I believe your all wrong any one ever heard of an anti hail cannon? Usually farmers use them to protect their crops from hail damage. Mabe but not positive

lol ill just laugh at this.

lol ill just laugh at this. arrogant

Booms outside!

At 1AM 12-09-2011

Just heard this big trailing boom coming from outside. Checked the radar and there is no rain clouds.

Just heard four booms in a row, one after another. What the heck is going on out there?

Another Loud Boom!

I live in Leland NC, close to the Brunswick and Cape Fear rivers. We just had another of those booms, loud enough to shake the house and scare the pants of off you! It woke my son up and he came out of his room scared. Super loud and shakes the house. What is causing it?!! Today is 11-8-2011 9:15ish pm.


im in leland also and it definitely shook our house last night. my bed is right up against the window and i officially have gray hair now!

so from some of the posts it sounds like maybe sea-level is rising?

in tennessee too

I had the same experience twice over the last 24 hours in the Maryville, TN area (9/20/11). One was at 0530 in the morning and woke my husband and I from sleep - a loud boom and then the house trembling. After, there were several smaller booms with less trembling. At 19:45 this evening, I experienced the same scenario - one large boom with shaking, then several smaller ones. We live near an airport that military planes use, but I have never experienced this before. We also live right on a lake (fresh water) - no salt water near, however.

Sonic booms

I live in North Caolina it's been happing all year a really loud one this morning at 10:20 shook my house. My husband thinks the government may be building underground bunkers. Check google it's not just the U.S it's al over the world. I would really like an answer