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UPDATE: Traffic improving after four accidents


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Traffic is slowly starting to improve after quite a mess earlier today on the bridges in and out of Wilmington.

New Hanover County Dispatch says there were four accidents late this afternoon: two on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, one on the Isabel Holmes Bridge and a fourth just over the river in Brunswick County.

Drivers in downtown Wilmington say it took 15 minutes just to get from one traffic light to the next. New Hanover County Emergency Operations said it took some drivers longer than two hours just to get over the bridges, but traffic is starting to move along.

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Skyway might be better, but...

don't you think careless drivers are perfectly capable of wrecking on that, too? There are some spectacular drivers here..

If the Skyway Bridge had

If the Skyway Bridge had been biult, what makes you think there would be no wrecks and tie-ups on it? Until some of the population learns how to drive, pays attention, quits fooling with cell phones and tailgating, wrecks will happen.

Take the ferry!

I live in Leland and I think sometimes it might be quicker to take the ferry from Carolina Beach all the way to Southport, and back to Leland.


perhaps some of the folks voting against the new bridges etc will think twice if say they were held hostage in the traffic jams on the bridge(s) a couple times,, but hey thats just my opinion,,

This is why we need I140 extended to 74/76

This is why we need I140 extended to 74/76.


Welcome to Wilmington, N.C. If you have never had a wreck just live here long enough and you might. I had two in a two month period, not my fault either.

try two in one week, none my

try two in one week, none my fault! Now, my van is totaled and i'm hurt and pi**ed!

Think again

I hope all those that don't agree with a new bridge (that might be toll bridge). Think about it once again. There has to be a better way to brunswick county and back... Thanks for I 140

traffic accidents

I got off work at 3:00PM I laveoff Maco Road it took me 2 hours to get home. If the state spending money out of the highway fund on non highway projects and quit dragging there feet on the I-140 and the Cape Fear Skyway I could have been home in 30 minutes.

If you lived near your place

If you lived near your place of work, you could have been home in five minutes.


So choosing to live outside of Wilmington instead of paying exorbitant property taxes and dealing with the city council's stupidity is not a good idea? And where is it you work and live that you can get to and from both places in five minutes? Princess Place and Church's Chicken?

I can only commend the

I can only commend the construction crew who did not close the bridge at 7 PM!


That was horrible...worst delays in 14 years for me. 3 hours to get home, instead of less than 1.

If people would slow down

If people would slow down and be careful when it rains this crap would not happen.

Good thing

Sure is a good thing we don't have the skyway bridge. Good job Brunswick County for putting a stop to that much needed bridge.

Makes no Sense

Oh yea, that'll fix it! An unfunded project with no infrastructure, no clear route, no clear design and at least 10 years away from being more than a dream (nightmare?). Gee, I'm sure it will help next weeks traffic jam just as much.

Where is the "missing link" of I-140? The third lane along the 74-76 causeway? Why aren't realistic goals being considered?

Rainy Days spent at the Holiday Inn

People who live in Brunswick County should just book hotel rooms and plan to stay in wilmington overnight when it rains because it never fails that an accident will happen on the bridges..