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Schools locked down after gun scare

WILMINGTON -- Six Wilmington-area schools were locked down this afternoon. A man with a gun was reportedly seen near New Hanover High School. A SWAT team responded to the call at approximately 2 p.m. A student reported seeing someone suspicious approaching the school on the Market Street crosswalk. The lock-down was in effect from 2:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. Police swept the school during the lock-down but did not find any suspects or weapons. Students were released at their regular time but school buses were delayed. Some parents who came to pick up their kids from school say they were not notified that the school was even on lockdown until they heard it on the news. Students say deputies were coming into classrooms with guns drawn, telling them no one was allowed to leave or come into the classrooms, and to keep the doors locked. Students also said someone came over the loudspeaker saying a call came into the school about a possible suspect on campus with a gun in their bookbag. Student A.J. Navarro said, "I knew Hanover would have something like this." Officials didn't find a suspect with a gun, but a couple of people who go to school here say they wouldn't be surprised if it did happen. Student Alexis Stallings said, "I was getting nervous because anyone can get on campus, there's no guards or nothing, anyone can walk on campus." Students say they would like to see cameras on campus, and more deputies to patrol the area. Officials say the gun threat was possibly gang related and some students say they are not surprised because they know of gang presence on campus. Student Daysha Goodman said, "It's just so un-secure here, I don't feel safe here." An investigation is underway and police are still looking for the suspect. No one was injured.

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New Hanover High School

It is very clear that New Hanover High School is in need of serious updated security measures. I hope yesterdays incident was a serious wakeup call for all school representatives and officials responsable for insuring our childrens safety while attending school. It has been brought to my attention that fights during school hours are quite commom and are frequently ignored by security, or lack of, and school staff. No serious measures are being taken for these students behavior and they are seen back in school the next day like nothing ever happen. This sends a terrible message to all students.

Worried are we,, finally,,

My child goes to New Hanover and we have told him before to be on look out for anything. He is also playing sports for the school. He has to walk to 13th street after school everyday. I worry about the two blocks he has to walk. I wish they would all walk as a group. I have tried to tell my son to talk to his buddies and all of them meet after school and walk together. It is not safe there anymore and really and truely has never been safe. Times are changing here in Wilmington. People need to realize that the gangs are trying to take over our town and unless The police and that chief try to find these sources and wipe them out, our children who are trying to make something our of theirselves will always be in danger. It is not just New Hanover it is all schools with all kinds of violence. I still believe hanover is a good school better than most. GO WILDCATS!!! By the way JV kicked butt over Laney.


This new intense wave of crime should be strict justification to remove the current police chief and fins one that knows how to proactivly stop crime and not sit back and let us become another crime infested metropolis such as where he was from. Since he has been in office crime has SOARED ! Get rid of him and find someone who cares more about fighting crime than driving around in Dodge Chargers handing out moving violations instead of focusing on problem areas. And how much money is being wasted flying that %$#% helicoptor over Wilmington 24x7 ? Get us a police chief who will stop all of this violence and protect us and not sentence us to hell for just living here !

Easier said than done

"This new intense wave of crime should be strict justification to remove the current police chief and fins one that knows how to proactivly stop crime and not sit back and let us become another crime infested metropolis such as where he was from." >Was there an "old" intense wave of crime before our Chief of Police arrived? "Get us a police chief who will stop all of this violence and protect us and not sentence us to hell for just living here !" >I guess he could simply as the criminals to leave or stop doing what they're doing. Maybe that would work. How do you propose stopping all of this violence. Instead of sitting idly by flapping your gums, why don't you offer some suggestions that are worthy of consideration?


I have an idea, since Wilmington and Shallotte both need new police chiefs, maybe we could have a 2 for 1 election.

What about that teacher?

What about the teacher (and some students) that were clubbed with a chair down at the Murry Middle School? Thursday afternoon a student lost it in a classroom and then started swinging a chair. Teacher went to the docs to be checked out, so what is going to happen to the student? My kids go to that school and I want to know about what is happening there and the school staff won't talk about it. How safe are the kids that go to that school?

How much do you really know

How much do you really know about what happened at the school? Not much I would gather from your comments. My son goes to that school and he said the student who hit the teacher is in a "special" class and he hit the teacher by accident. The student was trying to hit another student. Not that that changes what happened, but it's not like the student went after the teacher. The student threw the chair at another student and the chair bounced around and hit several other students

lock down THIS!

How about one of the NHHS teachers who failed to actually LOCK the classroom door during the lockdown? What a knucklehead! A student actually asked him if the door had been locked and the teacher ignored him. A little time later a SWAT guy opened the door and told the teacher that a "lock down means LOCK THE DOOR." Un-freaking believeable, but true... Thank God for the SWAT Team and their rapid response. I hope that there will be much more police presence over the next several weeks at NHHS.


We are all learning a lot from the schools around here, aren't we???


This report is full of lies...should check your facts before reporting what SUPPOSEDLY happened at the school. Students are not always the BEST sources.

Sounds like some students..........

had an exam they needed to get out of!!!! Damn those pesky kids

The fact is...we don't

The fact is...we don't really know if someone really had a gun or not. Do we know who called 911? Was it a student on campus or someone driving on Market St? It very easily could have been a scared student who thought they saw something or even heard something. Things are getting bad in the schools, but who should we blame? You can't blame the school, the Chief of Police, or the SRO's...the blame has to lie with the kids themselves and their parents (so some extent). There is only so much that teachers, Admin and police can do. There are two SRO's assigned to every high school. I think there should be more, but that would mean the County Comm. would have to give the Sheriff those extra positions and money

Re: Are you for real???

I cannot believe your comment!! You need to get a life and quit underestimating the intelligence of the students at New Hanover High School! They were scared and are still scared. Until you have to pick your child up under the supervision of armed deputies, I feel you should refrain from your comments.

What defines "suspicious"

A student reported seeing a suspicious person. Was the suspicious person white, black, hispanic, asian? Heck, half of Wilmington looks suspicious to me and I'm not calling the SWAT team out every time I see one. I still think hoax to get out of class. Shame on you kids


So.... what really happened CC????


Do you think the proposed super-street is a good solution to ease traffic in Monkey Junction? I think any NEW roads in Wilmington is a great idea we need this so bad