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FIRST ON 3: Soles pleads guilty

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Soles pleads guilty

The longest serving member of the state legislature in North Carolina history is now an admitted criminal. Sen. R.C. Soles pleaded guilty this afternoon in Columbus County to misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon for the August shooting of Kyle Blackburn at the senator's Tabor City home.

Last month a grand jury indicted Soles on a felony assault charge. Soles had claimed Blackburn was trying to break into his home when the shooting happened, but Blackburn was shot in the back of the leg.

The crime is a class A1 misdemeanor. Soles will have to pay a $1,000 fine.

Prosecutors say Soles fired two shots with one of them hitting Blackburn.

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I guess really I am not surprised by this, but I am so disgusted! No wonder Washington is falling apart - you have a Senator who gets off for shooting someone when any normal citizen would be in jail. A $1,000 fine, that is a joke. I am horrified to know that he is someone representing our State.


Why is it that noone on this forum that I saw mentioned the fact that this man is anti-gun for the American public, but it is okay for him to have one and okay, in his mind, to use it? Does he think he is better than the rest of us? Should he be affforded the ability to protect his family and Joe American not? The corruption in the cas is obvious and expected. What the people of NC ought to look at is the fact that the man they elected thinks that his life is more valuable than those he is suposed to be serving. Oh that's right law makers are no longer public servants, they are there to run our lives for us because we aren't smart enough to do it ourselves, according to them.

RC Soles

Well, I knew ammunication was expensive, but geez---a thousand dollars a bullet?!!!!

But wait a minute. I forget to add in the attorney's fees and the hush money. Hmmmm...that makes that bullet a lot more expensive. Wonder if they found the casing? If so, I'm sure Soles would want to keep it to show where his money went.

Democratic party

If he really cared for the Democratic party he should resign... He is a disgrace.. What is the NC Democratic Party waiting for.. You are going to have a hard enough time to win in 2010.. Soles has to go !!

RC Soles

I watched the video of this story on another news channel and according to them the state said the there were three people who were trespassing on Mr. Soles' property for an hour then kicked his door in. The man has the right to protect his person and his property.

RC Soles

Not True according to Mr. Soles voting record! He is and always has been very vocal and Anti-Gun and believes NO citizen has the right to even own a gun for any reason, much less use one. This is a classic Left-Wing "Do as I say - Not as I do" situation. It is very good Mr. Soles got snarred in his own political leg-trap;too bad he did not receive what Blue Collar Joe would have most likely received had he shot an unarmed man in the BACK of the leg outside the home. If the injured man was a potential intruder or someone up to no good, I hope he learned his lesson; however, If he was not an intruder, I hope he is compensated with at least six figures!

Joe from Virginia
AMERICAN, Retired US Navy, Gun Owner, American Rifle Assoc. Life Member, and Concealed Carry Permit holder!


Sounds like RC had an hour to contact the police about those trespassers, too. But I guess it's easier to shoot and then call not the police but the police chief's private home number. And I've lived here all my life and the chief has never given me his home number. But then, I don't see my self ever having to shoot someone in "self-defense".

Not Surprised

One word: Corrupt. Had that been me or any other citizen, we would have gotten alot more handed to us by the judge.

Some of you people are unreal!!!!

Some of you people are unreal!!!! Months ago you were complaining because the case was being handled locally by Rex Gore. He recused himself and it was handled by the State's AG's office. It was investigated by the SBI, not the locals who are supposedly RC's boys. Some would be complaining if it were investigated by the FBI and tried by the Supreme Court.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the facts in the case didn't support a Felony conviction? A Grand Jury really isn't a fair practice and an indictment is easy to get. Evidence and witnesses are presented, but there is no cross-examination or rebuttle. It also doesn't require a unanimous vote from the jury members. In fact, most countries (and some US states) have abandoned the practice of using a Grand Jury for indictments.

What I'm trying to get at is nobody knows all of the facts except for those involved (Grand Jury, attorney, AG's office, etc.). The case went through the proper proceedings and RC had his due process. Hate RC if you do or love him if you do, but maybe this case concluded the way it should have.

And maybe it didn't.

And maybe it didn't.


What a joke, this just shows again how money & power rule. The normal working class person would have gotten jail time, a huge fine they couldn't pay and probation. This is a sad day for the people of Columbus County.

if thats the cost

if $1,000.00 is all it costs to shoot someone in the butt.
i'm betting someone is going to test it.

The clout of power and money

The average joe citizen would NOT be afforded the same opportunity as R.C. He/she would be locked up on a felony conviction. This is just another example of how our judicial system can be manipulated by people of money and influence. There is no such thing as equal justice. As a N.C native , I would have to say our state is one of the most corrupt in the union. He should step down for the remainder of his term. He is a fine example of the state of our politics. Look for folks like Easley and Wilson to walk as well because they have deep pockets.

Disgusting! What a corrupt

Disgusting! What a corrupt legal system!! Money truly does buy justice. That old @ should be in jail. The fact that he essentially "walked" on this shooting charge is an embarrassment to our entire system of law and order. As so many others have written, what if it were you or me?

Corrupt? Hardly!

Mr. Soles was defending himself and his property from two drug-addict hooligans. Period.

There are lots of bitter old geezers on this comment page who are venting their vitriol at every opportunity.

RC is a fine man and he's been an excellent representative. My family and I have supported him from the beginning, and we're behind him now.

Get over your bigotry now.

WTH does bigotry have to do

WTH does bigotry have to do with it. He shot someone and walked plain and simple.

H.T are you for real

He was defending himself ??? and he shot the boy in the back of the leg ???

Are you kidding ?? You can't be for real.. This is America you can't shot someone as he's leaving his property. Unless you have a lot of " GOOD OLD BOYS " in your back pocket.. But that will ALL change in the near future..

RC Soles Pleads Guilty

Senator RC Soles, Jr. is the prime example of a corrupted politician,how money talks and how deep his pockets are to keep his butt out of prison. The plea deal today was pre-arranged as anyone sitting in the audience could tell. The original plea was that Senator Soles get a 60 day sentence, suspended and then pay a $1,000 fine. It took his attorneys a few minutes to realize what the judge had said. His attorneys immediately told the judge that was not the original agreement. The judge, Soles' attorneys, and the prosectuors went into the back and whenever they returned, the suspended sentence was stricken from the record and only the $1,000 fine remained. Now, is that corruption or what. You decide. This is not right. It's slapping justice in the face.

He might pay a thousand dollar fine, but his "boys" have not been hanging around his office every day for nothing. Every call the police get is known by who places the call. Why Senator Soles says people other than him have been calling the TC police is not correct. He is trying to pass the buck. Senator Soles' weak attempt to get emotional is not lost on the ones who know him. He's just glad he got away with what he did. Just wait. He'll still have to answer to his Maker one day for not telling the truth about this whole incident.

My Friend, RC

RC and I have been friends for about forty years. I was in the courtroom today to support him, and after it was over I gave him a big hug.

He's a good man, and he's well loved by the people around Tabor City.

All you commenters on here should ease up on your anger and bitterness, for it could have negative effects on your health.

Actually, I think your adoration of this man...

...has affected your MENTAL health.

How can you support a man who avoids a felony conviction for ADW only because he plead guilty to a lesser offense?

He may be your friend, but his conduct over the last few years proves that "your friend" is becoming unhinged.


i think thats a joke .. 1,000 fine.. plz hes a crook he should be in jail.

If it was someone else ???

If I would have shot someone leaving my property What would the charges be ???

attempted murder...

and not a class a-1 misdemeanor...
This is a complete JOKE !!!
I really hope that the state keeps looking into Soles, but then doesn't the " good ole boy" game go all the way to the state level..

2010 elections should clean house after this one...

Joe the plumber would have

Joe the plumber would have went to trial and served time for the crime!

The dude was walking away and he was shot in the back of the leg. You can't shoot someone in the back of the leg by standing in front of him!!

Just more proof as to how corrupt our legal system is. I've heard so many lawyers and judges say the legal system isn't perfect, but it works.

Works for who?

Not Joe the plumber!

Best we can do

Ole R.C dodged the legal bullet by pleading to a misdemeanor. This will wrap up another chapter in his dysfunctional life. The community has accomplished their goal of exposing this Jerry Springer lifestyle and getting him not to run for office. I suspect we have not heard the last of this ongoing soap opera of events. It provides great headlines and sales newspapers.


So he shot a guy in the back of the leg. The guy may have been turning just when he fired the gun. The part that should get NC residents mad is that he is publicly anti-gun for everyone else, but not for himself. And compare his sentence to that basketball player who shot HIMSELF in the leg and got two years in jail!

I am

surprised. With his clout and resources, I thought he would delay; get a change of venue; and walk.

Well he did walk.

Anyone who thought this old fool would serve a day in jail lives in another universe.

A thousand dollar fine is peanuts compared to what he spends on the young men he "Mentors".

There is a famous trial lawyer in Texas who has a sign on his desk that says, "Down here, we just practice law- justice is served in Heaven."