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Bridge repair update

Lanes on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge were back open Monday evening after being shut down as planned this morning. Crews took away lane closure signs around 3 p.m. Lanes will be closed from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. through Thursday. The bridge work is expected to last into August. Repairs on the Isabel Holmes Bridge start next week.

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The Cape Fear Memorial

The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge has its name for a reason, FEAR going over it. It's dangerous and who knows when it will collapse.

Here's an idea

Instead of trying to push a $1.2 billion (that was last year, probably $2 billion now) toll bridge, why not build a hi-rise replacement bridge so that both ships and traffic can flow at the same time (thus there is never a bridge up condition)? At the same time expand the lanes going in and out of brunswick county to 4 lanes either direction instead of trying to shrink 4 lanes into 2 within a 1/4 mile. My idea would probably cost 1/4 of the new bridge cost. But since it makes sense, it will never happen with government involved.

Take your idea to the DOT in

Take your idea to the DOT in Wilmington and you will be looked at like you are Darth Vader. They only want to spend the most money and not spend common sense money. THE GOVERNMENT!!!! Unfortunately is made up of people almost like you and me.