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Bridge repairs start today

If you travel across the Cape Fear River between New Hanover and Brunswick Counties, your trip may be getting tougher. Repairs on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge are scheduled to start today. One lane will be closed every day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then from 7 to 10 p.m. The bridge will be closed completely Monday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The bridge work is expected to last into August. Repairs on the Isabel Holmes bridge start next week.

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Nasty Traffic as it is!

All the idiot drivers out there all they want to do is get ahead of everyone else regardless. It doesn't make good sense to shut down any lanes on any of the bridges right now, with tourist season, and hurricane season here.Why not wait till fall to do it. The bottleneck traffic from Isabella Holmes into brunswick County is the most time consuming idiot fest around..I honestly don't see how some of these drivers can sleep at night.

Bridge Closure

I guess it would make too sense if they would just close the bridge 24/7 and work on it 24/7 until it is completed. Instead lets wait till tourist season starts and then work on the bridge.


Just close the bridge until repairs are completed.Use the other two bridges.If traffic gets backed up to where you can't get to the battleship exit because of the bottleneck created by the one lane closure what good are the other two bridges if you can't get to them? Have all traffic exit at the battleship exit and maybe that will at least give people the option of waiting to cross the Holmes bridge or going on to I-140 and where you need to go from there.


Have Mercy on my soul and allow me the patience I need to get back safely across to Brunswick Cty. If I did not have to work in NH Cty, you could definitely count on one less vehicle on the road. NH cty residents can have all the traffic congestion without me.


Does it get any better than this?

It does get better

Oh it will next week when they close the other bridge for repairs as well. Good times.


Yep JustinAmerica - I drive a 18 wheeler from bruns to nhc several trips a day. not paid by hour, only by trip - now we get to waste more of our $5.00 + diesel while my already high blood pressure will surely skyrocket in all the lovely traffic jams! Nope! just doesn't get much better than THIS! except - if there are numerous wrecks every day.......? Drive safe now..Ya HEAR!


The City of Wilmington wants to increase taxes..God help us if a hurricane hits the Gulf as gas will be like 20 bucks a gallon...don't forget all of the OTHER DOT projects going on in the county... HAPPY SUMMER!!!