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Britt Motorsports owner facing felony charges

After a ten month investigation by the DMV, the owner of a well known Wilmington business faces several felony charges. David Scott Britt, owner of Britt Motorsports on Market Street, made his first court appearance Wednesday. He is charged with altering or changing a manufacturer's serial number on a motorcycle and fraudulent title application. DMV officials say Britt was using salvaged motorcycle parts and welding the vehicle identification number to another frame in order to get a fraudulent title. Robert Connelly, a Britt's Motorsports employee, and Donald Hill, a former employee, also face charges. In a statement released Thursday, Mr. Britt said he and his family have operated the business for more than 30-years honorably and have never taken advantage of anyone.

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Unscrupulous at best

I am happy to not post as an anonymous person. I think this dealer is unscrupulous at best and would never buy from them or recommend them to anyone. As a matter of fact, I tell everyone I know to stay away.

I purchased a vehicle from this company along with a warranty. I was told the vehicle was in good working order with no mechanical issues. The owner / salesperson, repeated it numerous times an in detail (no oil leaks, no mechanical issues, thoroughly inspected.......) Within just a few days of taking the vehicle home, I noticed an oil leak.

I took the vehicle in to have it checked and was told there were several issues. I went back to the dealer and asked that they honor the warranty and have the vehicle repaired. They repaired only one of the issues and refused to have any further repairs completed to correct the remaining oil leaks. This was after several weeks of making trips to their office, taking the vehicle into shops that they contract with, etc. It was simply too time consuming to continue so I decided to accept the situation, learn my lesson and walk away.

In just a few short months, the car had several other issues. The heating unit started blowing out small specks of some type of black material like something had been put into the unit. It broke shortly after. The Arm rests had been glued to the door panels, instead of being repaired properly so they began breaking. Many other things went wrong with the vehicle in the first year. It was simply a mess.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Stay away from this dealer.


I bought a bike from Hotrodz of Fayetteville back on 09/11/2012. Paid cash. Almost 5 months later I am STILL waiting on the title and tags. Was told by Debbie Britt that they were working on getting the title straightened out. They are all crooks. Harley Davidson Finance was never paid off. So I am probably gonna be out over $20,000 AND my bike thanks to these so called WONDERFUL people. I hope and pray that Scott and Debbie roast in hell.

should have ....

On August 18th 2012 I left my 2011 Yamaha FZ8 at Britt Motorsport Fayetteville, NC for consignment and deployed to Afghanistan few days later.
They told me that they will sell the bike keep a commission and send me a check.
They kept me in the blind while I was deployed, I called several times to inquire if my bike was sold and each time they said not yet. Now that I'm back home I found out that they sold the bike on August 31st 2012 and decided not to pay me.

Motorcycle Theif

Yes he is a thief. HotRodz called me and asked to sell my 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa that they saw on craigslist. They sold it back in September and never paid off my loan. I am still paying for a motorcycle that i do not have!!!! Every time I call Scott Britt he gives me the same old line, he's working on it. I just filed a complaint with the attorney general's office and the DMV theft and protection division. I hope he burns in Hell.


I coosigned my motorcycle through Hotrodz of Fayetteville and it was sold months ago however I never recieved a dime. This guy is Shady as an oak tree....completely screwed myself and my family out of the holidays as i had made financial decitions based off of this sale.... I was polite and patient with him and I kept getting excuses and promises.... Now i am behind on my morgage due to this theif. He says he has never taken advantage of anyone.... Thanks for ruining my Christmas and giving me financial hardships Mr Britt.


HAHAHAHA, Now this is some funny stuff right here. Let me get this right, Torin. You say scott screwed you and your family out of the holidays. really? Over a motorcycle? and now your behind on your mortgage, over a motorcycle. So, what your telling me is your a screw up and living beyond your means, and should have not gotten a motorcycle that you couldnt afford. How dare you blame him for your wreckless accounting and lack of planning. YOU sir ruined your family Christmas and you need to go get a second job to catch up with your bills, it seems you have plenty of extra time on your hands. Scott Britt and the Britt Motorsports crew have done allot to help many in our community, including myself. A thief he is not. spelled thief

Ha, back at you

So what if they spelled thief wrong. You blew it with "allot", and it's "you're behind on your mortgage", not "your." How about "you're a screw up" instead of "your a screw up?" I guess your point is that poor spelling negates the facts. Well, HERE IS A FACT. He stole MY bike too and I've been promised MANY TIMES he would pay me for it. He's not worried about the DMV or jail. All he wants to do is take your money and your bike, and lie through his teeth when he smiles and tells you he will make it all better. Yes, he has sponsored some charity events. That's good. It does not diminish the other crap he's doing to his community.


Years ago I had financial dealings with Scott. I learned very quickly that was a mistake and made it the only time I dealt with him.

Since when is America truly just?

There are so many guilty men walking free, and innocents behind bars these dayus... America's judicial system is crap. I'm going to Britt Motorsports tomorrow to buy a bike... Period.

what happened at his

what happened at his november,12 court date? What did they do about this????, or did he get a lawyer to drag it out as long as he can- to prolong being convicted?

why did the Britt family do

why did the Britt family do you wrong somehow is that why you are so concerned about his court date. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Jeez give the guy a break! Murderers and child molesters walk the streets but ohhh get the guys doing bullsh*t crimes behind bars. Smart thinking.

Court date

Or maybe his attorney is working on showing what a farce this is. No, that couldn't be it, seeing as how a bunch of people have already tried, convicted, and executed him in their own minds.

Judging a man before you know

Well, I've read this BLOG all the way through. All I can say is, it's sorta quick to judgment on things before we know. First, I'm not sure what the felony is. I mean changing a VIN tag on a bike, OK. I can't see this guy doing something, even one thing like this, as being felonious in nature. Give some things to benefit of doubt folks. Things you don't know but seem to be quick to pass judgment on. I mean cmon, there is always more to a story than what has been reported. Sure some truth in it, but even more truth underneath. Funny it's a lot easier for folks to be against an icon in the community than it is to think he could be an underdog. Everyone rallying against Scott needs to realize they are rallying for the DMV. Charges while may be torrent to a 10 month investigation doesn't surprise me that something needed to be squared away. 30 years of business over a 10 month investigation does not seem thorough. But now, I'm declaring hypocrisy. OK you feel like you got ripped off by Scott. Hmmm Can I talk to you? OK you're a disgruntled employee. Hmmm what are you doing with your life these days? For some reason all this shook out. Scott is a low life scum bag that needed to be brought down? I don't think so. The DMV just wanted a showcase trial to prove their metal. No, I don't think that's right either. BLOG's are opinions... Everyone has one. It may be premature to decide anything before we know everything. And if we can't know everything, maybe things are better left unsaid.

Scott Britt

Interesting that almost all the negative comments are annonymous. That says it all....just more folks rumor mongering afraid to identify themselves . How about some examples of all this alledged bad behavior and not just baseless gossip. Back it up or shutup. Bill Pfeffer

Scott Britt

Wow, Some people amaze me, especially the annonymous ones. Has this man really done you wrong? really? How? when? I am willing to bet that you would'nt know Scott Britt if he was standing right next to you. Go find something more productive to do with your time. Put up or shut up. Scott Britt is a golden person that I am proud to say, he is my friend. He has done so much for so many. Hold your head up high Scott, those of us that know you, know the real you. God Bless you, your family and the wounderful staff at BRITT MOTORSPORTS.



This is a pretty serious

This is a pretty serious charge. If he is guilty, then the courts will find him, sentence him, and there will be no more Britt's motorsports. Looks like someone else gets to open a new Yamaha dealership. Great........

Britt Motorsports NOT ceasing to be

Just a quick comment back to you about, your statement - " The Courts will find him, then sentence him and then there will be no more Britts Motorsports" , Dude you cannot be from Wilmington NC or even have any clue what you are talking about. Even if Scott was and I say again IF he was found guilty, it definitely would not even come close to being the end of Britts Motorsports, lmao many get your head out of the sand and get out of the house a little more.

I refered several persons to his Business ....

Having refered many customers his way, I now regret having done so, and wish I had just kept my false sence of confidence to myself. I knew he acted BIGGER and BETTER, that should have been my first clue. I was once told about his lack of integrity, but dismissed it with a grain of salt. In the future, I will not only look at the salt SHAKER, but I will also heed the PEPPER!


Employees there just to what they are told. IF anyone is guilty it would be scott but that hasn't been proven yet so give the man a break. Hope he doesn't throw his employees under the bus bet they really didn't know what was going on. They are just blue collar workers just trying to make a living. I have met both of the employees that are charged and both just down to earth guys making a living. Scott on the other hand kind of came off as he was better than most. Well we will see when they have there day in court that is what america is built on.


I dont agree...if the employees did the work claimed in the charges then they are just as guilty. If he held their jobs over their head, that wouldnt excuse the wrongful act. They were doing the work on their own choice (by staying employed at that shop). If they felt that they would lose their job by not following orders, then they should have left or reported it. The government or Britt would have terminated their employment one day. If he held their employment over their heads in this situations, then he (Britt) would do the same in another situation. They still had a choice to work ethically or not, and if the charges are confirmed, then they chose wrong and can only fault themselves.

Scott is innocent

Mr Scott Britt is innocent, they are only picking on him because he is a white business owner.

White business owners

Ok. I give up. Who are "they" and what do they have against "white business owners" ?

lets not jump the gun

I have know Scott Britt fo over 20 years and we have been friends. We have also had business dealings and I have never known him to think that he was ever above anyone else. I know him as hard working, kind, considerate and where possible, giving. Is it the drama or the jealousy that people are so quick to judge. Remember, those without sin,cast their first stone.

I have alot of Rocks

I have never owned or been employed by anyone in the automotive business and I am not a mechanic. So, I'm with out sin. You better duck!!!

I do not know Scott but I

I do not know Scott but I find it ridiculous that he would risk going to jail or loosing his bussiness over something so stupid. There would have to be more than what I've read here to make me think that he has done anything wrong. I have been there and it's an extremely busy place on most day's. Maybe they were working on someone else's bike or someone got lucky and traded in a stolen bike that he decided to customize, that's what he does. Anyway he is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty except to those of you who want to cast the first stone,HIPPOCRITES. S/F ROGER FLEMING

Britt Motorsports

I like how all the wolves come out when something bad is brought forth on an individual.Everyone needs to remember this is the USA young men & women are dying for everyday in the armed forces.One of the things they are fighting for is The Constitution.In a society so quick to hang a man before he has a chance to defend himself in a court of law;I ask my fellow"BIKERS"to remember how we are treated ....You are INNOCENT until proven guilty contrary to belief!!!Let Mr.Britt have his day in court.Till then watch how quick you are to judge someone.A charge is not a conviction!!!

I worked for Britt

I worked for Britt Motorsports back in the mid 90s and I know how much of a crook Scott Britt is.He got away with a lot of things for alot of years and it finally caught up with him.THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!

Full of Crap

Dude you are full of break dust. You provably got fired for being a bad employee and now you hold resentment. Get a life ! Mr. Britt has been an honest man the entire time I have know him. NO I do not work for him !!!

No surprise

No surprise here. He's always been a jerk and shady with all his business dealings. He acted like he was bigger, badder and above the law.