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Brunswick Commission votes to continue prayer at meetings


BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) -- Prayer will continue to start Brunswick County Commission meetings. By a 4-1 vote the commissioners elected to continue the practice of praying before meetings. Commissioner Charles Warren was the lone dissenting vote. Warren says he's a christian, but with Brunswick County's diverse population Warren said he'd rather see the commissioners open the meeting with a moment of silence.

Ocean Isle Beach resident Suzie Wooten attended Monday's meeting to suppport public prayer.

"I sent an e-mail to all of the commissioners telling them how I felt, saying that I believe we should have prayer, because we have a lot of problems in our country today and that's the one area that has to be really strong for us to survive," Wooten said.

The commission also voted to enforce the state's smoking ban. They unanimously supported fining restaurants $200 for their third violation.

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Don't let our President find

Don't let our President find out about this.... He will have the whole local government shut down


Prayer should not be allowed in any government function. I think separation of church and state is pretty clear, not to mention these idiotic commissioners are now just opening up the county for a law-suit which will waste tax dollars for no good reason.

If you believe in separation

If you believe in separation of church and state then explain how the state is allowed to make regulation on when and where someone prays?

Which prayer? What denomination? Which religion?

So which prayer will it be... a protestant one, a Catholic invocation to Mary, a Jewish prayer, a Muslim prayer, a Wiccan prayer? If only one is favored, then it would appear that the government favors one religion over others and therefore it infringes upon the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

It would be interesting to see diverse faiths asking for their prayers and/or invocations to be recited at county meetings.

The 'problem' of living in a diverse society and not in a place like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan is that you must be able to tolerate all beliefs in your community.

It seems that the Brunswick County commissioners are not interested in this very basic tenet of the U.S. democratic system.

Instead, by having a prayer that is denominationally and religiously protestant Christian, they wish to impart that on all residents of the county, of which I am one.

Sadly, Brunswick County commissioners are not at all different from the radical Imams in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, forcing their religious beliefs on all others. The only difference is the brand of religion; but the spirit is the same.

Kudos to the lone dissenter, who understands what living in a democratic and diverse society in the 21st century really means.

Brunswick County Prayer at Meetings

Congratulations to those commissioners who voted to retain prayer at the start of their meetings. They represent the feelings of the majority of their constituents, not those of some "diverse population".


Robert....I completely agree with you

Perhaps, you and I differ on

Perhaps, you and I differ on the interpretation of 'diverse population.'

There are many people of various faiths who live in Brunswick. There are presbyterians, methodists, baptists, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Unitarians, non-believers, sun worshippers, Flying Spaghetti Monster believers, Jedi Knights, etc. This is what I mean by 'diverse.'

So, which 'majority' are you referring to? Again, this is not Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. There is no state or county official religion. Whose majority? A protestant majority? A Catholic majority? Or a Buddhist majority (FYI: one of the largest Buddhist temples on the East Coast happens to be in Brunswick County)?

regardless of religion I

regardless of religion I think we are or we all should be for America and all for good will towards all men, woman and children. Therefore a prayer is a prayer , I've never experienced a prayer that specified religion. Right or Wrong? A prayer is wanting and asking for something and then believing with ABSOLUTELY NO doubt it will manifest into the situation. And that faith will stand no matter what God you worship.


I would like all public meetings open with the "Pledge of Allegiance". Mr. Warren should take his own advice and have a moment of silence throughout the entire meeting.


This is great news! Prayer needs to be put back into everything. The world would be a lot better off!

Raises questions

How exactly does the world become better through prayer? What is your reasoning behind that assertion? Also who are you asking us to pray to? Does everyone have to pray to the same deity? What if you don't believe in deity? What if you believe in a deity different from others? Are you welcome if you don't wish to pray? What would you do to people who refuse?


Yes, Prayer should be put back into everything.

Last time I brought my little Earth Mother statue and when they started the prayer at the "government" meeting I sat on the floor, put my little Earth Mother statue before me, and said my prayer to her out loud.

I felt much better afterwards!