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Brunswick commissioners to decide on cuts

READ MORE: Brunswick commissioners to decide on cuts
Brunswick County is facing an $8.5 million deficit in this year’s budget. Commissioners vote Monday night on proposed spending cuts to make up the difference. “I think our only revenue projection that is meeting budget, or may exceed, is our EMS fees,” said Brunswick County Manager Marty Lawing. For Brunswick County, failing to meet projections means an $8.5 million deficit in the 2008 budget. Monday night, commissioners will vote on a budget amendment to make up for the shortfall. County Manager Marty Lawing attributes the shortfall to lower collection of property taxes and less consumer spending. “Maybe they've lost their job, they're not employed any more, other expenses have increased and they've indicated that they're just not able to pay their property taxes.” The county had hoped to collect 98 percent of property taxes, but at the end of February they lowered that expectation to somewhere between 94 and 96 percent. “The 28th of February is when all people who have not paid their taxes, the advertisement goes into the paper that they have not paid their taxes,” said County Commissioner Bill Sue. October and November sales tax was also less than expected. In both months the county collected 34 percent less than the previous year, a loss totaling more than $1 million. If the commissioners approve the amendment, previously frozen vacant positions will go away and unused funds will be cut from this year’s budget. Parks and recreation funds would also be eliminated. Director Jim Pryor said he's more concerned with employees than money. “I truly believe that people are our most valuable resource, and in the service industry like we are it takes people to provide services.” But Lawing said the amendment wouldn’t lead to any furloughs or layoffs for county employees. Brunswick County has already delayed its 2009-2010 budget retreat. Officials hope the added time will provide a better idea of what funds will be available for the next fiscal year.

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Little Cairo

The amount of wasteful capital spending has been awful for this county. Every time we turn around, there is a new building going up. It reminds me of the ancient Pharoahs who built monument after monument to honor themselves. Please readjust the taxes back down. People used to be able to pay their taxes, but now that taxes have tripled in some sections of the county which have been hit by the recession, it is hard even just to get by. Have some mercy, commissioners!

Emergency Services

Cut Mr. Randy Thompsons budget. All those ES admin. positions he has needs to be cut. The public would have a lot to say if they only knew what this man was doing with tax payer dollars. Also, better utilize the EMS trucks and those stand bys. Move those paramedics where they are needed and leave them. Put some paramedics in the volunteer squads so we can stop sending 2 and 3 ambulances on calls. Better utilize what we have in place. As always, Randy is still snow balling Marty and the commissioners. I guess one way of looking at things is that Randy is a fairly smart cookie at taxpayers expense.


One could also mention the failure of the Brunswick Emergency Services radio system that has had MILLIONS of dollars placed in it and still does not function properly. A doomed project from the begining some five years ago. I would look into how much tax money was lost there. You might be suprised.

911 center

Talk about emergency services, Brunswick county should open its 911 center to the public. Its a joke, about 10 years behind New Hanover. God help you if you go to work there from another agency. They are very klanish and if they don't like you, you are out, discrimination be damned. Course they have already paid out one hunk of money for a discrimination lawsuit! Talk about standards!!! So lets all jote for Randy again..he is doing such great work for the county and its emergency services. He is more impressed with what is seen that what goes on behind the scenes.


"Jote"??!? You can't even type/speak clear English and we should listen to YOU??!? FYI...though I suspect YOU already know this...Brunswick uses the SAME computer programs that New Hanover does in their 911 center. Our CAD (computer-aided dispatch, for those who aren't familiar) is identical. Like New Hanover, Brunswick 911 telecommunicators are required to become certified in EMD, EFD, and DCI. So what is the difference? NONE. Sure, one county is busier than the other, but as far as actual job performance and what it takes to get the job done, Brunswick is on par with New Hanover. But YOU already knew that, didn't you, "Smarter Than You Think"? How, the casual observer may ask, did YOU already know that? Tell them. Tell them the truth. No? Hurt too much? Yeah, okay. I'll do it for you. New Hanover bounced you because you could not cut it. So yeah, you leave New Hanover and go to Brunswick, and then you decide your BEST career move is to constantly announce how much better it was done in New Hanover...OF COURSE no one will trust or respect you!!!! It's like the yankees that come down here - without invitation! - and stay, only to whine about how much better it was up north. It's only a matter of time before Brunswick bounces you as well. GO BACK, if it was so much better where you came from! We didn't ask you to come work in Brunswick, and I guaran-dang-tee you we WON'T cease to operate without you!!

One difference

There is one difference between the two centers. Unlike Brunswick, New Hanover doesn't use radios made by Playskool or Mattel. Maybe if the frequency update was made, deputies wouldn't be on their own in some places. Nothing like calling for help and you get the tone of not being able to connect.

Utilization of the EMS trucks

GUEST 23, I have come today to improve your education or maybe just help you brush up on your general knowledge. Those Paramedic units do move in order to balance out the best paramedic coverage available. When the time comes the appropriate units who need to move from there base in order to provide the best general paramedic coverage, do so to preset stand by locations that vary by which units are busy. In the North Carolina General Statues, It is the responsibility of county to provide appropriate emergency medical services to the public. Your Taxes provide you with Paramedic unit if you have a medical emergency. A Paramedic is the best care available in the Pre Hospital setting. Your Idea of the medics on the Volunteer units is a great idea, IF......... IF the volunteers were reliable. BUT there not. They are volunteer with other jobs. You cant rely on them and cant depend on them to have a member available to drive the ambulance. I LOVE the thought, idea, and actions of the Volunteer EMT units. BUT they are a dieing bread. Times are changing, and volunteers are harder and harder to find. The Majority of Fire Departments that can afford it, have been forced to go with paid staff. EMS is the same way. Volunteers are far and to few, so the county has there own County funded Paramedic units. You dont get Paramedic level care with a volunteer unit. JOHNQPUBLIC


You seem a little misinfomred yourself. There are reasons volunteers arent volunteering anymore. And you missed the point.

Brunswick Cuts

Marty, Why don't you give back a little of thet fat salary you are sitting on instead of going from one department to another trying to get the heads of the dept. to cut jobs. Maybe you can quit adding on there and use some of the empty buildings you already have in place. Maybe that would help cut some costs.

Marty Lawing

if brunswick county wants to cut cost to make up for the short fall, THEN CUT MARTY LAWINGS SALARY AND BONUS PAY... YES THAT RIGHT BONUS PAY, he is the problem with brunswick county admin. He has a take home vehicle, start by taking it and giving it to ems or a dept that needs it....his salary should be cut in half