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Brunswick commissioners mum on per diems; will discuss Monday night

READ MORE: Brunswick commissioners mum on per diems; will discuss Monday night

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) -- After residents called out Brunswick County commissioners for getting $50 plus mileage to attend meetings, commissioners are taking a second look at the way they're paid. In the meantime they don't seem to be cutting back on their per diem.

Brunswick County commissioners already have compensation on the agenda for their Monday night meeting. Since the public found out about the commissioners' per diem for attending meetings, they've asked County Manager Marty Lawing to compare some of their numbers to other counties. Monday commissioners will discuss how their compensation compares to similar counties throughout North Carolina.

Finance Director Ann Hardy has also posted the commissioners' monthly compensation and discretionary spending on the finance section of the County's website. Even though commissioners have taken some steps to improve communication when it comes to their per diem, there's still plenty of work to be done.

According to the first week expense reports from September, commissioners Bill Sue, Phil Norris and Marty Cooke all have the September 2 agenda meeting listed. Commissioner Charles Warren does not have the agenda meeting, he just has "commissioner business" listed.

At Wednesday's agenda meeting the commissioners declined to comment on camera, but Commission Chair Sue did say, "There's no need to talk about the process. The pot's been stirred enough. We're going to discuss this monday night and put it to bed." Brunswick County residents will decide how soundly the commissioners can sleep.

Right now we don't know if the three commissioners who attended the agenda meeting have filed it under their per diem request. We'll find that out when they file their certification at the end of the week.

WWAY requested and received the following documents today relating to per diems and reimbursements for Brunswick County commissioners:

Per diem requests part 1
Per diem requests part 2
Commissioner receipts

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last chance

I have known Bill Sue for twenty years and I am dissapointed that he has been involved in this. I hope Monday night he will take a stand and put a end to this. This is wrong and should have been ended each time at the point these men/women took office they have all failed. I to also agree with other voters that there should be a state investigation into this matter.

Brunswick County Commissioners

Poor Bill Sue--he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and now he doesn't want to face the consequences.

I've got news for Mr. Sue and all the Brunswick County Commissioners; the pot hasn't been stirred enough until the goose is fully cooked.

Clearly you have underestimated the vigilance of "we the people." We are demanding change, we are demanding these men apologize, pay back the residents of Brunswick County who have worked hard to provide for these men who have foolishly squandered our money, and we demand a change in policy.

And now we know why Bill Sue

And now we know why Bill Sue has been a Commissioner for all these years......I think he's been here too long and from some comments he's made a little too big for his brithches...

And now..........................

Shame, shame, shame............fool my once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Can't wait for elections. And don't we all just love that arrogant little chuckle as he tries to explain why he and the others are entitled to more than probably most of the employees who work there. A gentleman's agreement............a true gentleman is honorable and doesn't dig down to the bottom of the cookie jar trying to get all the cookies for himself........he shares with everyone else. Shame, shame shame!

Congratulations Brunswick

Congratulations Brunswick County Commissioners. You have set an example that I'd love to see your counterparts here in New Hanover County follow...

I went to the NHC website to find similar information about our esteemed county commission, only to find that its download links for the most recent (fye 6/30/09) financials and CAFR don't work.