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Brunswick County administrators discuss land transfer tax

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Brunswick county administrators held a public hearing this afternoon to discuss a controversial land transfer tax. In the upcoming election there will be a referendum on the ballot concerning a proposed point-four-percent land transfer tax. If passed you'd be taxed $800 if you sell a $200,000 house. The real estate industry strongly opposes such a tax, while local governments look at it as a way to help pay for growth.

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transfer tax and found money

The State Port Pilot had a story this week about the transfer tax and also about the happennings at Brunswick County Schools involving lawsuits. Could we not save some big bucks by hiring a moron to run the school system instead of a high dollar stool stump? Our tax dollars provided for cameras in the schools, yet they were never reviewed. Consequently molestation took place for 2 years before anyone knew (in the case of Collis Hewett). Then the superintendent didn't want this to be made known to the parents of the child. It was discovered on a Friday and finally reported on the next Tuesday. The child was then home tutored by ANOTHER accused molester provided by the school, Coach Wuchae, who was under investigation at the time. Perhaps criminal charges need to be made to the superintendent for the covering of evidence. I think taxpayers of Brunswick County could save huge dollars if they took a better look at the waste in the hiring of Katie McGee and quit talking about a transfer tax. Anyone with any sense is leaving here now so why let the school heads benefit any further with high incomes for not doing a competent job? A moron's pay is minimum wage. Another moron could be hired to watch the video cameras and a tattle tale could be hired to squak the reports and tales of what's happenning. The lottery could pay for the schools along with the money already received for property taxes. VOTE NO ON THE TRANSFER TAX. Both my pockets are empty and can't pay for any more screw ups (literally), educated idiots, retirement funds going to criminal school teachers, or pay offs to those who have signed sworn statements that they saw criminal activity at school and have been "shut up". Now why should we be taxed again with a transfer tax for leaving such a place of ill repute?