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Brunswick county attorney accused of going overboard

READ MORE: Brunswick county attorney accused of going overboard

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Earlier this month, Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren sent a letter to comission chairman Bill Sue. In it, he accused county attorney Huey Marshall of overstepping his authority as the Department of Social Services board dealt with former director Jamie Orrock.

Warren says Marshall personally gave former director Orrock copies of sexual harassment grievances filed against him.

"I am very disappointed in the county attorney's behavior, and by addressing this issue, I felt like the best way to address this issue was to contact Bill Sue," Warren says.

Marshall disagrees. He says the actions Warren outlines in a letter to the county commission chair were justified.

"Mr. Orrock has been terminated, and I would argue that termination is an official termination decision, and therefore he would be entitled to see those grievences," says Warren.

Marshall also says he believed Orrock had a right to see the complaints against him because no one had shown them to the former director.

In the letter to chairman Sue, Warren also wrote that Marshall requested minutes from one of the DSS board's closed sessions.

Marshall says there was definitely a misunderstanding.

"I did not ask for the minutes from DSS," says Marshall. "I just asked had those minutes been provided, because I did not want to embarass the department."

Warren says Marshalls actions were wrong. Both matters, he says, should have been handled by social services attorney Gary Shipman.

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Warren is wasting county money and time on this matter. Surely he can't wait to be the one responsible for naming a new director, and he hopes a new attorney it seems. Personally I hope Orrock sues once again and gets back pay and reinstated. Did it once before. Mr. Warren, on the other hand, needs to just get over himself. For Real.

Orrock Termination

So good to see that Jamie Orrock's reign of terror, intimidation, harrassment & illegal personell practices is finally over. It lasted far too long to the great detriment of the Department of Social Services and the County.

Orrock Termination

You know I would really like to see what is so bad that Mr. Orrock has done over the years for someone to openly state his reign as Director of DSS was a reign of terror. I believe that Mr. Orrock has a proven track record of success for the county as well as for the Dept. Of DSS. How can one dare say that it lasted far too long? With crap like this going on it simply proves that Mr. Orrock's success was very reputable. Look at all the former greats of our Country. Always some sort of contraversy or conflict to contest their office. But, Isn't that just American Politics? Who, tell me who can prove any of the allegations that have slammed Mr. Orrock? All we really have is People's word that anything has ever happened. Where is any concrete evidence?