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Brunswick County Board of Health talks animal euthanasia

Animal euthanasia headlined the agenda at Monday night's Brunswick County Board of Health meeting in Bolivia. Brunswick County currently uses euthanasia by injection for companion animals. But for safety reasons, the county uses a gas chamber for wild animals. Several Brunswick County residents voiced concerns about the gas chamber Monday night, but Health Director Don Yousey said the animals will not suffer. “Carbon monoxide is the chemical of choice for people who want to kill themselves, for people who have cancer. They go in their garage, get in their car and they start it because once the hemoglobin is displaced with carbon monoxide, taking all the oxygen out of the hemoglobin - when your brain gets short of oxygen you pass out, you go to sleep and you die. You do not suffer. That is a misnomer to call this a gas chamber for suffering. They do not suffer,” described Yousey. Yousey said the county intends to start using the refurbished chamber next week, once it meets new state standards.

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What is this man thinking?I forgot he can not think-he is a over paid dummy! I for one dont know of anyone with cancer -who sits in their car to end it all!! Mr Yousy please keep your mouth shut!Do brunswick cty a favor and Quit!!!

This is untrue!

Why does this say that only wild animals are gassed? WWAY has already been given county records to show that this is not true. Companion animals are certainly gassed at this shelter.

Carbon Monoxide

Glad to see this article only shows one side - the UNTRUE side. I guess the claw marks inside the chamber, the screams of dogs attacking each other while being 'gassed by the chemical of choice' means nothing. I'm really ashamed that I live in a county that shows such ignorance as that statement made by Yousey.

So ignorant

How sad that some of our county leaders are still so ignorant that they would continue to promote the gas chamber as a humane form of euthanasia. And contrary to what they say about using it only for "wild animals" evidence shows the contrary. Wonder if they'd be such proponents of the gas chamber if they had to put their own dog or cat in the chamber. Mr. Yousey, please consider following the many progressive counties throughout our country who manage their local animal control the proper and humane way.