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Brunswick County Commissioners create formal compensation policy

READ MORE: Brunswick County Commissioners create formal compensation policy

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The squeaky wheel got the grease. For the first time in Brunswick County history, commissioners have put a formal compensation policy in place. County residents feel like their voices have been heard as the policy describing what commissioners will and will not be compensated for is finalized.

Ken Proctor is a Brunswick County resident and a former Ocean Isle town commissioner. Proctor asked many questions Monday night.

"Where was the county manager, and where was the director of finance?" Proctor asked. "Somebody's got to stand up and tell the king, 'You don't have any clothes on.' Somebody should have said that, and somebody should have said, 'We're spending money that we shouldn't be spending.'"

For more than ten years Brunswick County Commissioners were getting compensated for meetings they attended, but there was no definition of the word meeting.

"I think the issue was in that definition, and a lot of the flack we caught was on funerals and phone calls," said Brunswick County Commission chair Bill Sue.

Brunswick County Commissioners receive an annual salary of around $13,000. In some cases, the reimbursements they were receiving for mileage and attending meetings more than doubled the amount of money they were getting from taxpayers. That left a bad taste in the mouth of many residents.

"They knew in their heart what was right and what was wrong," Proctor said. "It may be legal what they were doing, but morally and ethically it was just not right. It was just wrong to do this."

At Monday night's County Commission meeting, the commissioners unanimously approved a new compensation policy. It replaces the former "gentleman's agreement" they had to reimburse themselves.

The chairman of the board will now receive a salary of $26,000 per year. Other commissioners will get $21,000 per year. Sue has yet to concede there was anything wrong with the old policy, but he thinks this is a good change.

"I think it's a better way," Sue said. "It takes all the decision out of it as to what's a meeting. You know what you're going to get."

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Keep an eye on the expenses the incur before their meetings for their catered dinners. Can't they eat before they come to the meeting? How about those budget retreats - can't they find room at the complex?

Bell City in the making !

Another Bell City , California in the making !

Just remember

They may dismiss the community with a bang of the gavel, but the community can stop this come voting time!!!!!!!!!

Something is very wrong here and if it had not brought attention to, they would still be getting away with it!

Look out voting booth - here I come!!!11

pay for brunswick county commisoners

i think the da should look into all this..... smells like fish hear to me .. oh yes where was bill sue.... county manger at in all this... since he said he was the hardest worker in the county ,.. oh have you seen his salary ???? anthor point that should be delt with .... fed up with elected spend thrifts... robert bellamy

The county manager is Marty

The county manager is Marty Lawing. Bill Sue is the Chair person for the Commissioners. And you can believe Mr. Lawing got his cut too. He is maxed out on his salary, however still gets at least a $5,000 bonus each year. The employees have had to do without their pay raises, even cost of living, for the last 2 years. Now we know why. It is going in the Commissioners and County Manager's pockets. The sad part is this is the Commissioners PART TIME job and they are making more than they FULL TIME employees who have families to support also. I don't know how they are sleeping at night. I'm sure on a Serta..haha

Brunswick County Commissioner Pay

The article states that in some cases under the old system, commissioners were getting double their salary from travel reimbursement. So why are all salaries being doubled? This is an insult to the taxpayers. Sue should be ashamed.

Wonder what happen to Marty Cooke

Everyone reading this should go to the website of and visit the home page of commissioner Marty Cooke. Here are just a few things he has to say."To often public officials are seen as little more than politicians who will do or say anything just to stay in office. This shouldn't be what public service is all about. Those who seek public office must first and foremost recognize they are indeed public servants, seeking to do the will of the people, doing their homework and getting the job done in an effective and responsible matter, with integrity and excellance. In short, those who seek public office must walk the walk not just talk the talk, working hard for the folks back home bring their views to the table."
I don't think double pay is the view that the voters had. It also sounds like the only walking he is doing is following Bill Sue to the bank with taxpayers money. It sure didn't take long for them to corrupt him. I wish one man would rise up and do what is RIGHT.

Just looks like smoke and mirrors to me.

MAGIC: The art of illusion.

Double their salary, continue to pay their travel and per diem expenses on top of that. Shuffle money from one pile to the next, with gentle slight of hand. Absolutely a brilliant method of problem solving for the peoples money.

Where is the justice ?

As the article states. Bill Sue has not admitted any wrong doing. Where is the investigation that should be taken place right now. This is wrong and now they are so bold that they have doubled their salary.
Maybe they don't fear the law or the voters. But Bill Sue is suppose to be a christian and a leader in the church community. I sure hope and pray in the end he fears GODS judgement. I think also that Brunswick CO. voters need to remember our current District ATTY. the next time they go to the polls.

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian....

..any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.


Amen to that!