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Brunswick County cracking down on roadside vendors


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- You could soon see fewer people selling things on the side of the road in one area county. Brunswick County is cracking down on roadside stands.

If vendors and produce stands want to do business in the county, they'll have to follow county rules for farmers and flea markets. One roadside vendor said a code enforcement officer threatened to fine him $100 each day he's open. He said he's been growing and selling his produce in Brunswick County for years.

"I just ain't real happy about it," Jim Simpson said. "There could have been notices. I didn't have to go pick all this stuff this morning. I could have left it in the field and let it rot in the field."

Simpson plans to file for unemployment and get food stamps because, he says, he's out of a job.

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Roadside Vendors are a part

Roadside Vendors are a part of our small town charm and free trade. Fresh homegrown food taken home by tourists. Most of the produce
represent our local farmers and growers. Who are we to suddenly ,and I repeat suddenly, crack down on this practice that has been going on for
13 years that I know of. Denying people a way to make an honest living in these hard times and high unemployment, is a crying shame. They should be left alone unless this is a CITY regulation stating other wise. Funny ,just the other day I went down two separate roads where people were standing along side the road looking for a way to make a dishonest living...anyone recall $20.00 dollar bills hanging out car windows to buy from these roadside pan-handlers? Little more attention to the wrong side of the tracks...

Roadside vendors requirements

The article about roadside vendors needing to follow some County rules is pretty vague. WHAT rules? Are they unreasonable? Costly? Restrictive??? Why would one vendor decided to just get food stamps and unemployment rather than comply with these rules? A little more information would be good.

That's just not called for....

C'mon! The man has taken the time to plant and grow some of God's good fruit and vegetables, let him sell them on the side of the road for a few extra bucks!!! If he's not impedeing traffic and if he's a legal citizen, leave him alone and let him sell his stuff. It's a tough world out there these days and the fellow is doing what he can to keep from mooching off of society. My hat's off to him for that effort!

The man isn't bothering anybody and trying to make a living. There always has to be some "code enforcing" Barney Fife "nippin' it in thuh bud!" interfereing and ruining things for others with no other purpose than just that.


You just can't have anything nice anymore......


This is a foolish money grab. People have done this for years and at least these folk are working. More than I can say for those who don't even try to get a job.