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Brunswick County boil water advisory lifted

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A boil water advisory has been lifted for some Brunswick County residents this morning. Residents of 4,500 homes in the Leland area are no longer required to boil their water. Construction crews tapping into a water line caused the leak Tuesday. It happened on Buckeye Road, off Old Lanvale Road. Six homes lost water for a few hours and many homes experienced low water pressure. Director of the North Brunswick Sanitary District Bob Jones says all water pressure should be back to normal now. "This is just totally a precautionary measure to be on the safe side," Jones said Wednesday. "The likelihood of anything being sucked into that line was minimal, like I said we had that area isolated, but you'd rather be safe than sorry." Lab results out this morning show no coliform bacteria present. Four schools in Northern Brunswick County were released early yesterday because of the water main break, but they will run on normal schedules today.

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I don't watch or own a TV

This is a disgrace and disgusting. I do not own or watch TV nor do I read the newspaper. I get the information through the internet or word of mouth. How was I supposed to know? Brunswick county's website has information on it from 2006 but did not have any such information about water restrictions on the main page. A warning alert should have been the first thing to start on that page, what a bunch of pathetic people we have running our utilities. Brunswick county does charge more for the utilities than other cities. I've not had to pay a non-refundable deposit before I moved here. Pathetic...

Dems run the NBSD

And that's what you get.


What upset me is that they still wanted our children to attented school not even knowing if the test where postive or negtive.They most be real crazy to think that I would send my child to school with out knowing the true answer about the water.Then we would of had to do the same thing all over again. My son gets sick very easy and if anything where to happen to him the school and sanitary district would and will be blamed.

NBSD Let Us Down.

I found out about the boil water advisory fifteen hours after the fact. Fifteen hours after my children and my family had been drinking the possibly contaminated water. This news was very disappointing and upsetting. I feel the North Brunswick Sanitary District dropped the ball big time with this. Tuesday afternoon I contacted the NBSD to obtain more information on the advisory. I was told that there was a “minor leak” and that it had occurred Tuesday morning. I was also that it was only "recommended" that water be boiled before consumption. When asked how the sanitary district had planned to insure that all customers were notified of the advisory, I was told that the advisory was “on all TV stations and in all the newspapers.” I was also informed that no other attempts would be made to notify customers that their water was possibly contaminated. Now, I do not read or receive any newspapers, so that option is out. I do however, watch television. And on Tuesday morning, I did watch a local news broadcast. There was no mention of the water advisory. I also learned that this incident occurred on Monday afternoon. Not Tuesday morning, as a NBSD employee told me. The NBSD has let down all of its customers. When we pay an exorbitant amount for our water (availability fees, non-refundable deposits, ect.) you would think there would be a fail proof system in place to notify customer that the water is possibly contaminated. The reality is that we rely on the NBSD to provide us with safe water. When the potential exists that the quality of that water is compromised, the NBSD has an obligation to insure that all customers are notified and are safe.

Boil Water Advisory

I find it very irresponsible that the ONLY way residents of Leland were informed of the water advisory was through the local television news. Many folks do not watch the news on a regular basis, and it's almost unheard of these days, but some people don't own televisions! I didn't find out until the noon news (which I only watched because a friend called and told me to turn it on), and by then, both myself and my young daughter had been drinking our water with no knowledge of the potential danger. Brunswick County and the North Brunswick Sanitary District management need to come up with a better plan to get the word out. Thank God there wasn't a true danger in our water yesterday, otherwise the management of the Sanitary District may have had some serious problems on their hands.

The NB Sanitary District

The NB Sanitary District should have notified the school system directly. The schools claim they weren't informed and found out from the news too late to cancel school. Their actions recently have been irresponsible at best. Now they have apparently removed the ban on new connections while water pressure is still very low at times. I guess this is more bad planning. Let's build now and figure out what to do later.... A new water tank by the end of 2009 will really help us now! We are still under water restrictions from 5:00 to 7:00 am/pm. Will there be any water pressure left by the beginning of 2009? It's so comforting to know that the future of our water supply rests in the hands of irresponsible, incompetent idiots!

Water warning

The website on WECT advised the following: "Customers living between the intersection of Lanvale Road and 17 South, north to the intersection of Highway 133 an 74/76 should boil their drinking water and water used for washing their hands." I was not concerned with the warning since I live in a development not included in the specified area. However, the news keep on stating the entire Leland area is affected. What is it???

wect was right from my

wect was right from my understanding. I heard the sanitary district wanted everyone to boil the water who live in that district. but its been lifted now

This is very pathetic, and

This is very pathetic, and unfortunately, very typical for this area. I always thought that the US was better than a third world country. Well...I guess most of the US is.