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Brunswick County purchases refurbished gas chamber

READ MORE: Brunswick County purchases refurbished gas chamber
"As good as new" doesn't quite cut it for animal rights activists. There was confusion as to whether a gas chamber recently purchased by the Brunswick County Animal shelter was "new." Turns out, it was refurbished. Before the chamber arrived at Brunswick County it belonged to a shelter in Reidsville. But it was sent back to the manufacturer in between. New or used, animal rights activists said this gas chamber should never have been purchased by the Brunswick County Health Department. Animal Rights activist Margarete O'Leary said, "My concern is that they didn't even consider switching to euthanasia by injection, which is the preferred method, of all the major Humane societies." Instead, the county chose to replace their old gas chamber with a refurbished one. But not before putting the issue on the agenda at a recent county commissioners meeting. Brunswick County Health Director Don Yousey said, "If people had concerns about that agenda, they could have asked to have it pulled off the agenda, and it could have been discussed." "There was nothing in the paper, nothing in the media or on the news to say 'oh by the way this is going to be on our agenda.' So it left it up to the individual citizens to go online and see what's happening," said O'Leary. Twelve thousand dollars later, the chamber was purchased from a manufacturing company called Cutting Edge Fabrication. The chamber used to reside at a shelter in Reidsville. Cutting Edge replaced some parts, and said they reviewed it with a fine tooth comb before selling it to Brunswick County. According to the manufacturer, the county's decision to purchase a "refurbished" model saved them more than $20,000. The deal included a year-long warranty to replace any faulty parts. "Now that they have the chamber, they made the decision, and now it's their responsibility to make sure that it is up to specs, as much as possible. The company has warrantied it, that's the best you can do to assure safety of the employees and the proper euthanasia of the animals," said O'Leary. Yousey added, "The newest state law requires that we have all the state inspections, and to make sure that it meets all the state requirements." On Friday, an industrial hygenist inspected the chamber, and found a valve that needed replacing. That will be taken care of before the chamber is put to use.

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This matters because why again?

Gas,needle or bullet behind the ear. Dead is dead.
Go after the errant animal owners and make THEM pay the cost of the "execution", Where are all you bleeding heart liberals when they gas a criminal? Ive PERSONALLY attended 4 gas chamber executions and sorry,they go quietly. The animals go just as quietly needle gas or bullet.

Really, they go quietly? I

Really, they go quietly? I have observed this horrific practice and their screams and cries are anything but quite. Rather, heart wrenching sounds of helpless and trapped victims are the sounds that have been heard. I bet the Nazis said the same thing in Germany! This practice is disgusting and only an evil, unconscionable, low life coward would support animal gas chambers.

Given that the gas chamber

Given that the gas chamber is challenged almost every year and that it has organizations exclusively devoted to abolishing it, then it seems at least possible that one of these days it will get banned. That said, why invest 12k in a system of euthanasia that's many believe to be cruel/outdated and that could be outlawed someday...Especially given the fact that Brunswick isn't exactly a poor county.

Given that the gas chamber

Whether or not to purchase and use a gas chamber at animal control should not be decided upon by a popularity contest. Neither should it be decided upon by a handful of vocal animal rightists intent upon furthering a specific agenda. It is a scientific, veterinary medical fact that certain animals will experience a more peaceful end by the use of gas and others by the use of injection. Therefore, for the sake of humane euthanasia for all animals both methods should be legal to use at the discretion of animal control staff.

Taxpayers stand up against animal cruelty

This gas chamber has been faulty and leaking for years. It has been repaired, over and over again, yet has sent animal control officers to the hospital. It was constantly leaking. It has also inhumanely killed tens of thousands of animals while it was at Reidsville Veterinary Hospital. According to AC Officers that used it, it was a sickening and inhumane death. This is what the taxpayers paid $12,000.00 for? An old, leaky, inhumane death machine. It took years for Rockingham County to finally realize they needed to get rid of this old, outdated, barbaric machine and now another county has it and they are thinking of actually using it? Unbelievable. Residents of Brunswick county need to stand up and say NO....they will not allow their money to be spent to cruelly and inhumanely kill stray animals.


i tottaly agree!!! this shouldnt be allowed! theyve been doing the "injections" this long y change it?. what kind of heart do people have..& yes (a bullet, gas, injection, either way they r gonna die, but think about it) --its going to be put in a gas chamber??? injection is one simple poke! they want to lock people up for animal cruelty? Well what is this considered? its just wrong.. just the sound of it--"gas chamber" sounds cruel!! & if more people out there would have some heart, instead of being selfish!!! this world would be a whole lot better of a place!! you have to fight for rights! & this isnt right (not in my eyes & a lot of others) so please..SPEAK UP & fight for what is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! because the animals cant speak 4 there selves, & if some of us dont be the "voice" for them, nothing will ever change!!!!!!

Barbaric method of killing homeless, innocent animals

For elected officials, and the citizens of this community to accept and condone the unspeakable suffering and terror inflicted upon helpless dogs and cats impounded in this ineffective, callous, cruel shelter/facility, is a shameful testament as to how you all feel about the animals who have been abused, injured and discarded/dumped by your fellow citizens in this facility - sentenced to death. Murder by Gas Chamber! How sad, how shameful. Poor poor animals of your community.


tating the law does not make Brunswick County's gas chamber right. It is still an archaic form of death. All the state inspections will not make this right. It is simply wrong and it is time for our taxpayers to stand up and say NO MORE!! When will this stupidity end.

When will this stupidity end?

It may end a lot sooner if the citizens of the county become proactive instead of reactive. If you don't like it, get off your butt and do something about it!! Until the focus becomes saving and training animals,spaying and neutering, the gas chamber and euthanasia will be necessary. Until it becomes everybody's concern instead of somebody's horrible job, nothing will change. Until you are willing to put your money and your time where your mouth is, it will not change. My county has proactively worked towards EBI for several years. We have supported low cost spay neuter, and many, many people have become involved. We are not satisfied with our progress, but continue to strive for a better life for all adoptable animals. In accordance with current law, EBI is used on animals designated as not suitable for the chamber, it is used at the Officers discretion, and other animals are euthanized in the chamber. Our chamber is inspected yearly, does not leak, and has never blown up. We have appropriate safety monitors installed. It can and should remain that EBI and the chamber are used at the discretion of the Officers. They are the only people in a position to decide which method best suits the situation. ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS DO NOT BREED THESE ANIMALS. They do not turn them loose to run free, breed indiscriminately, and get hit by is not Animal Control's fault...once you understand this and support your Officers instead of treating them like lepers you may find that change comes a little easier.... The stupidity will end when the community comes together.

Gas chambers are not illegal for prisoners

Good grief, does no one do research before they start spewing an opinion?? Gas chambers used on animals and gas chambers used on people are totally different chemicals! And before it gets thrown into the mix, gas chambers used to train military personnel are another different chemical- Gas Chambers used for killing prisoners -Prisoners were gassed with Hydrogen Cyanide which produces violent reactions such as convulsions, spasms, vomitting, contortions. Hydrogen Cyanide causes death by hypoxia (decreased oxygen available to the tissues and organs), and the average time for death to occur was 9.3 minutes. This was ruled as cruel and unusual punishment, and although prisoners may still ask to die by gas, most executions are done by injection. Gas Chambers used for killing animals --Animals euthanized with Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas experience hypoxemia (a deficiency in the concentration of dissolved oxygen in arterial blood). Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless, and is nonflammable and nonexplosive unless in concentrations over 10%. Death occurs rapidly in concentrations of 4-6% CO. Dogs exposed to 6% CO in air experience 20-25 seconds of abnormal cortical function prior to loss of conciousness. Now you may have 1/20th of the information you need to make an informed decision.. or you can go back to"I don't like it, cause I don't....


Perhaps you need to learn the the difference betweeen the two before you speak. The gas that was used for human executions was Hydrogen Cyanide which caused a slow death and was declared cruel by the courts. The gas used in the chamber for animals is Carbon Monoxide which produces unconsiousness in about 10 seconds and death in about 20. It is the same carbon monoxide that cause accidental deaths in homes with faulty heaters.

Brunswick County Gas chamber is not the vote of the people!

How dare the county continue to use this ancient form of murder to our pets and strays and not inform the people of Brunswick County what was going to happen before they bought it. It should be the health director's responsibility and the county officials responsibility to let our people know before buying such a piece of equipment. This is not a new tractor for the county's use. This is a machine that kills our animals. How dare them. The animal activists are right, everyday people with everyday schedules deserve better opportunity than having to look up information to find out when and what is being brought up at our county meetings. I know that if I had known about it I would have been there, insisting on the faster and more humane way of putting these animals down. Do people realize the suffering gas chambers cause. I do because I once did volunteer work at a shelter in Wake County that no longer uses this method. Our animals moan and cratch at the wire crates as they are slowly diing. How dare Brunswick County. What kind of dictatorship are we dealing with here???

Animals should not be disposable in the first place

If the residents of Brunswick county took responsibility for their pets by spaying and neutering, training, giving vet care and giving their animals homes for the duration of their natural lives, euthanasia of any sort would be unnecessary.