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Brunswick County residents to speak out against landfill

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- After three years of debate among residents and lawmakers, some people in Brunswick County were able to claim victory against the Hugo Neu landfill company. Tonight those residents will speak out against yet another proposed landfill. A number of people who live in and around the town of northwest called the newsroom today, already irate at the possibility of another proposed landfill in their neighborhood. Back in April Hugo Neu decided to abandon its project in the town of Navassa after residents made it clear they did not want trash in their backyard. We're told this newly proposed landfill will be for construction debris. Tonight, a public meeting will be held to discuss the possibility of building a construction and demolition landfill on a site off Mt. Misery road -- just two miles from the Hugo Neu property. That meeting will begin at 7 o'clock, at the Perkinsville Baptist Church on Blue Banks Loop. A representative of the Cape Fear Citizens for a Safe Environment told us today the company has plans to ask the northwest town council to annex the site. She said that's the same tactic Hugo Neu used when trying to get their foot in the door in Navassa.

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I work in Northwest. We need this landfill, I think if they called it what it is which is a recycling plant for building materials it would have gone over better. The name "landfill" so close to Hugo Neu was a very bad idea. This company would have brought in 300,000.00 a year to the City. I can see Leland taking over Northwest if we don't grow.

Let's do Math

$300,000 per year isn't much to sell your town for. Up North they are charging $30 per ton. Down here, it is going to be less. But let's look at maybe $20 per ton. We Know that there will be approximately 22,000 truck loads coming into this site per year. Per the numbers given by the company that was there selling this idea. Each truck can carry 10-18tons of stuff. so let's use 15 tons per truck. So, 22,000 loads, times 15 tons, times $20 would equal something like $6.6 MILLION! AND THAT IS ON THE LIGHT SIDE! We all know that a dump like this will seek to haul as much as they can, when they can and stay inside what the said they would operate at during the meeting. So, you are being lied to and are selling your town's future off cheap. How much of the difference between $6.6 million and $300,000 per year is this town council member(s) squirreling away and not telling you?

Good point landfill

Good point landfill developer

Recycle? How?

If they were going to be such good stewards of the planet and be recycling, WHY WOULD THEY NEED 150 ACRES TO BURY THIS STUFF? They will use up the space and then close shop and leave. They are an LLC, "Limited Liability Company" which means they can leave everyone there in North West holding the bag when they run out of room and leave town. They cannot be held liable after closing and the company can cut-n-run taking all the money that they made at the expense of a community. Up North landfills like this get upwards of $30 per ton for the stuff that is dumped there. What is this town going to get?

The Company tonight was

The Company tonight was putting a C&D landfill in northwest this is very far from hugo and not a hazard landfill the people whom are speaking out don't even live in the city. I would much rather have this then have a hazard landfill. these are mostly used for hurricanes and other construction stuff.

The "Company" you refer to

The "Company" that you refer to intends to put a dangerous eyesore in this community. You only (if you were there) heard from the consultants hired to come in and "sell" this to the citizens. If it was such a good thing to happen and it was happening all over the country, why would they have to send in somebody else to sell the idea? Are you really that dumb? These things would be popping up all over the place if they were the next great hot new thing! But, they are not. Why do you think they came to a small black community that is resource and tax poor. Because they can prey on people like wolves on sheep. When they are done dumping all of the crap they can they will leave an environmental disaster for your kids and my kids to clean up. As Wilmington grows your property values are guaranteed to sink lower if you let this thing come here. Who wants to live by a dump? You are selling your future here and that "Company" is the one making off with the profits.




Where do you propose we dispose of our trash? Perhaps we should just pile it in our yards or dump it into our waterways?

Send our waste up north

Here's a novel idea, lets send all of our waste up north, since all the yanks are moving down here there must be plenty of open space to dump our waste.