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Brunswick County School Board faces another lawsuit

Another set of parents are suing the Brunswick County School Board. This suit marks the third filed by parents. Once again, having to do with sexual misconduct between a school employee and a student. This most recent suit involves former South Brunswick high school janitor, Collis Hewett. Investigators arrested Hewett at his home in Supply this time last year. He was charged with seven counts of sexual offense with a student and six counts of indecent liberties with a child. Authorities say Hewett's relationship with the student began in August of 2005 and continued through the school year. A school resource officer at South Brunswick High School was the one who alerted officials about the relationship. Now the parents of the male student are suing the school board. The suit was filed today in Brunswick County Court by attorney Robert Tatum, who is also representing two other sets of parents in similar suits. One of those suits is the case of Dennis and Betty Hager who's daughter married her track coach. The other set of parents suing the school board claiming a West Brunswick High School teacher acted inappropriately with their daughter. The school board's lawyer recently filed a motion to dismiss at least one of those lawsuits.

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If a background check is done and nothing comes up then how are they to know that these employee's will do this stuff. The fault lies with the employee's that are stupid enough to mess with these students. Do you honestly think these teachers know what was going on when the students are excused from class??? I know my teachers didn't know and I've only been out of school for 6 years. I graduated from South Brunswick High and they didn't have any problems with the staff while I was there. I also blame the parents that don't make it a habit of talking to thier kids and staying involved in thier lives. They should be responsible for knowing what thier children are doing in and out of school. I make it a point of talking to my son everyday when he comes home from school. That is what all parents need to do.

How Bad is It?

Many of you have strong opinions on how bad the Brunswick County school system is. Want to see something done right? Go read this article and leave a comment: "Local student wins medal in Special Olympics Golf National Invitational." Same school system, different story. I dare you to take the time and effort.

Brunswick County

I think it is time for a change in Brunswick County and it should start with getting a new superintendent and school board. Maybe then we will see a change for the better in our schools. It is time for the county to unite and start voting out the board while we still have a chance at saving our kids. It is time for a change.

What we have here is

What we have here is collective group of parents who are looking to benefit financially from their own negligience as parents. Perhaps if they took responsibility for the actions of their children, they wouldn't be in this situation.

I agree

I completely agree with this comment. The parents are responsible for what thier children are doing in and out of school. All they have to do is take the time to talk to thier children.

Actually, I should clarify

Actually, I should clarify that the Collis Hewett case is the exception here - this child was a victim of sexual molestation and if that happened to my child, I'd probably sue, too. That is, if they lived long enough to BE sued.

Bcs Lawsuits

I think the one with the girl and the track coach should be dimissed cause the parents allowed her to marry him so that is like giving her permission to date him and the one with the hewett guy should win cause i know the boy and well what that guy done was wrong. brunswick county schools need help i use to go to south high and thats i hear is about sexual conduct.