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Brunswick County School Board member banned from three schools

READ MORE: Brunswick County School Board member banned from three schools
BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- This year the Brunswick County school system has faced a number of cases involving inappropriate relations between school employees and students. Now a school board member is banned from three of the county's schools. This situation doesn't involve relations with students, but rather an alleged affair gone bad between school board member Ray Gilbert and a West Brunswick High School secretary. Gilbert appeared in court Friday morning for a hearing that ended up being continued. He was there because West Brunswick High School secretary Yvonne Hankins has a restraining order against him. The two had allegedly been having an affair for months. Hankins requested a restraining order last week after she says Gilbert asked her if she would go down with him and if she were afraid to die. Hankins's complaint also claims Gilbert has a number of guns in his truck. Hankins said, "My next step now is to just wait and see what happens. But I know the truth and so does he. He knows the truth." When we asked Gilbert for comment today all he said was "Merry Christmas." Gilbert is banned from West Brunswick High School, where Hankins works. He's also banned from the schools her kids attend, Williamson elementary, South Brunswick High School and a day care center. Superintendent Katie McGee was out of town today and said she wasn't in a position to speak on this issue, or on the status of other Brunswick County schools-related incidents. Gilbert's hearing is continued for two weeks because of a conflict of interest with the judge who has children in the school system.

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I have known this man for years, and to hear these things are unheard. Ray Gilbert Is a man of trust. If he and this lady had an affair, what business is it of ours. I believe, this woman is acting out of hurt. Listen lady give it up and move on, stop tripping, and get yourself together



wake up call

MR. AND Ms. Brunswick County, I believe it is time to set the alarm clock. Because what is going on in this county from our school system (the dating game), law enforcement (federal grand jury musical chairs), court system (the orginal good boy network), D.A.'s office (Monty Hall and let's make a deal), county commissioners (a friend of the developer)and emergency services (asleep at the wheel), it's time to be alarmed.

Ray Gilbert

Mr. Gilbert is currently serving as president of the PTA at Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary.I feel that he should be banned from Jesse Mae along with the other schools because of the allegations against him. I fear for the safety of the children that attend there because of the weapons alligation and because of the alleged comments made by him about dying with miss Hankins. My children attend Jessie Mae and I have observed him walking freely in and out of the office and all over the school.Nobody would ever know if he brought a weapon on to school property because nobody ever checks.

Ray Gilbert

I was pleased that somebody finally talked about Gilbert's weapons (the array of handguns and shot guns that he kept in his trunk )and not his past marital infidelities. Ray Gilbert had those guns in his vehicle when he was on school property. If Miss. Hankin's allegations are true about willing to die together then Mr. Gilbert's mental state should be questioned, and something should be done to protect the children and faculty of Jesse Mae Monroe Elem. I would rather err on the side of caution than witness another Virginia Tech. at our local schools.

Brunswick County school board member banning

This story states that "the two had been having an affair for months." How do we know that? I don't think that the affair has been proven. Too many times these days rumors, hearsay, and gossip are accepted as fact instead of waiting for the process to reveal the truth. Has anyone checked the history of the accuser? Just a question. I am hoping that this story has a typo and is just missing a word called "alleged."

This comment is very true.

This comment is very true. The whole situation may be retaliation of some sort. Maybe this is a setup to destroy a strong and powerful voice of the community, who will not back down from the good old boys.

This is a cause for concern.

This is a cause for concern. If found guilty of stalking he should be fired immediately but you never know she could be a crazy vengeful person retaliating.

Ray Gilbert

How in the world do we the people of Brunswick County keep electing this man? I have never voted for him and wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher. He has been in trouble for years for one thing or the other. Child support is bad enough but now a member of our Board is banned from 3 of the schools that he represents. This is a real embarrasment for our already troubled school system.


First it was the kids, not the ....teachers? (I guess thats what you call them) Come on, is there anybody right in our school system?