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Brunswick County School Board wants to raise dropout age

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- How old should a teenager be before he is allowed to drop out of school? Tuesday night the school board voted unanimously to support new legislation that would raise the dropout age. A bill in the general assembly would increase the dropout age from 16 to 18. Officials in Brunswick County hope it will keep kids in school. Parents and school administrators are divided on the issue. Some think it's a good idea - others worry about how schools will enforce the new policy. Some parents say they're concerned that forcing unmotivated students to stay in school will create classroom distractions. Brunswick county school board members say students often drop out because they are eager to earn money. Brunswick County School Board member Shirley Babson said, "In this county, there are plenty of opportunities for kids, when they're sixteen, to drop out of school and go to work." Brunswick School Board members are now talking about a reason to keep students in school. They want to create more vocational programs within the school curriculum that will teach students skills and allow them to earn a degree. Brunswick county school administrators and board members will be going to Raleigh next week to lobby for the proposed age hike.

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Typical Big Government - Lets pass some more laws

Not one more dime. Educators and the entire education system are failing miserably and what is the answer they offer to address the problem of students dropping out of high school? Pass a law that forces young people to stay in school until age 18 and spend millions to build more warehouses for young people. Force young people that they have been victimizing for years to endure abuse and incompetence for even more years. Students in high schools have very little say, if any, in how the schools are administered. They have no standing with politicians because they cannot vote. This is an obscenity of the highest order. The public school system is nothing more than a means of warehousing our nation’s youth. It is a jobs program for underachieving supposedly highly educated administrators and teachers. When one even passively looks at the reason there is attention being given to this problem they will find it has absolutely nothing to do with educating students or quality of education. It is all about lost sales tax revenue, higher prison costs, and Medicaid cost. To scapegoat our nation’s youth for the epic failure of the politicians, school boards, and supposed leaders for this is criminally irresponsible. In very simple terms the education system is a business. Any business that blames customers for failing is going to fail. If that business continues on its same course and just throws money at its inefficiencies bankruptcy will soon follow. However if you can force customers to use the business, just like slavery, profits can be made. There are plenty of obvious reasons the high school drop out rate is out of control and growing. Some of these include professional incompetence by school administrators, open racial discrimination, out of control bullies, rampant violence, parents failing to properly raise their children, sexual harassment, and pandering to liberal special interest to name a few. If you are a business person and 30 to 40 percent of your budget; the average school drop out rate, was routinely wasted could you attract investors? Is there anyone reading this that has not recently read a headline of a teacher’s sexual involvement with a student, some student being killed in a school shoot out, or of a student out of fear bringing a gun to school? None of these conditions are under the control of a high school student. Then again a closer look at this will show that these are really conditions that students start to experience in elementary school. Forcing young people to stay in high school will do nothing but cause more problems. Has anyone considered how many more teen pregnancies will result from this? Many young adults quit school because they realize they are wasting their time and or are tired of being treated with no respect. If you are an empowered member of our society and your boss treats you without respect you can quite your job. If a person has a job that holds no potential, or is subjected to harassment, the person can simply quit. Forcing people to put up with abuse is predictably explosive. It will result in criminalizing many young people and put more obstacles in the path of their future success. The idiots who say the way to correct the high school drop out problem is to force students to stay in school by passing a law raising the legal drop out age should be immediately fired! If eighteen does not work, why not try twenty-five, and then sixty? Those in political office that support this idea should be immediately impeached for incompetence. The way to reduce the high school drop out rate is very simple. Treat our sons, daughters, nieces’ nephews, and grand children with respect, fairness, and dignity. Require the people that hold the high responsibility of educating and protecting the youth of our nation accountable. I say not one more dime for a school bond until it can be demonstrated that what they have already been given is being well spent. I understand we need more schools. Let us build schools and not more warehouses. Do you want to know why young people are dropping out of school at record levels? Why not simply ask them? Establish an anonymous website for them to answer the question. Then accept what you are told for the reasons and act on it. The truth is that waiting to address this until students are in high school is too late. The system has had years to destroy their self esteem. The system also destroys the self esteem of young professionals that enter the teaching profession. I offer this as a refreshing approach; you have a school that is failing, dismiss the school board and fire the principal. You have students that are criminals and bullies get ride of them. For those that say you simply cannot do this, use your PhD’s and Masters Degrees to figure it out. You are paid to do a job, not to say you have tried and failed. Once you have done this obtaining support for a school bond will be easy. Steve Trubilla Youngsville, NC Email: