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Brunswick County school officials address concerns

READ MORE: Brunswick County school issues
With parents and community members questioning the Brunswick County School Board, two officials sat down to discuss county policies. The superintendent and assistant superintendent spoke today to find out what the district needs to do to keep kids safe and address parent concerns. Parents say many Brunswick County teachers go above and beyond expectations, but they do not feel the administration does enough to correct those who act inappropriately. Assistant superintendent Terry Chestnutt said schools try to avoid incidents in the hiring process, but mistakes are unavoidable. Superintendent Katie McGee said a concerned parent should first contact the school's principal. If the problem is with the administration they should contact the Board of Education directly. McGee said there is record of every complaint filed and all valid complaints are investigated. ”The principal immediately makes a contact with the department of human resources and the assistant superintendent or his executive will immediately begin to be involved also in that investigation.” stated McGee. If a staff member is found guilty of serious mistakes, there are serious consequences. Those mistakes that are intense are going to see the consequences and that is will most likely result in dismissal. Chestnutt said the school board must look to regulations before making a decision. “A determination has to be made in accordance to a general statute first and always, without exception. And then objectively we will formulate a decision based on that.” Superintendent McGee said the school board is hesitant to suspend a staff member during an investigation because people assume the staff member is guilty of something. However, they will suspend staff to protect the school, the students, and the individual if it is necessary.

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new subject

My son attends SBMS... and he informed me this eveing that one of his teachers told him that "half of the students will not be taking the eoc test" get this "because they want test scores to look good" Something has to be done with the Brunswick Co. schools more ways then one. I cannot be the only parent struggling to help their child's education .. we have serious issues for the young adults that may require "hands on" "teach me a trade" education!" rather than deny they an "eoc" seems pathetic! We all need our children to succeed.

EOG testing

I am a teacher at SBMS. We have a student popuation that varies from 850-860 students. Last year, 846 of out students took the EOGs...that is about 98% of our population. No one who works here would EVER say that we only test half of our students. Not only is that illegal, but it is unethical. We want our students to succeed. I know teachers are currently taking a beating in the media, but most of us are not here to cause misery and conflict; we are here because we want to help children learn.

Ray Gilbert is a criminal.

Ray Gilbert is a criminal.

take action

I hope that is not true. I hope you will contact the superintendents office 253.2900 and share this informantion with their office. This is sad and I wonder why so many things are going untouched by the board. The board and the superintendent need to their act together. Is Mrs. Babson the chair of the board or is she just sitting in the chair.. We need a board that will allow all the parents a seat at the table. One of my friends told me that charlie miller, jimmy hobbs and ray gilbert are good board members to reach about school affairs. Mom- call them and report this if the central office doesnot call you back.


If thay are meeting to address the concerns of the Brunswick County School System, Thats should be a meeting that last a week or two.


Dr. Katie McGee you talk out of both sides of your mouth. Last year I had a problem with a principal at one of your elementary schools. I contacted one of your BOE members (as you instruct in the above article) who advised me to contact Dr Grissett. So I contacted Assistant Superintendent Dr. Grissett (who advised me to contact you.) So I sent you a certified letter in which your office did receive but in no way shape or form have you responded to me or my complaint. I even contacted Chairman Lee's office in Raleigh NC who told me the Atty for the Brunswick County School Board would contact me. Atty Joseph Causey must follow in your footsteps because I'm still waiting on his call as well. Dr McGee try doing as you say & not as you do.


You are so right. I have tried numerous times to contact Ms. McGee. She has made no attempt to respond to my visits, phone calls or letters. This sorry excuse for a superintendent, that makes one heck of a salary that we as parents and tax payers provide, seems to have no concern at all about what the people who pay her think. I feel that the board of education including Ms McGee has turned into more of a political rodeo versus leaders who are concerned about our children. Our children are the future. In order to make them successful we need leaders in our education system that will make time for parents and children of this community to voice their concerns. If this was the type of people we had on the school board and board of education we would all see a huge difference in our school system.

Welcome to Brunswick County!

Welcome to Brunswick County!

This is just one reason

WHY Dr Mcgee needs to leave Brunswick County !!! I hope the parents of Brunswick County wake up in Nov. and vote some new people on the board who will hold Mcgee to the standards she states but also will have the back bone to fire her if needed. The problem starts at Central Office and the BOE.


What good is a policy when no one will enforce them, I have had a problem with a driver since last year and can not get anything done about it. This year it started back the second day of school, the new asst. principle at Shallotte Middle has refused to meet with me and the driver and try to get to the bottom of this problem. If she would stay off her cell phone and drive the bus she might do better. I have gone to the school board again this year if it continues my next stop will be an attorney's office.

Sometimes I wonder if these

Sometimes I wonder if these two walk backward because that's where they usually seem to be talking from ... :-0

Here's to the Teachers

I have a son who attends Bouth Brunswick Middle School and previously attended Southport Elementary. I have to defend the teachers here. I have maybe one or two teachers I had an issue with the rest have been phenomenal. The ones I had issues with were small and taken care of by the principal and/or counselors. I can't ever imagine a teacher telling a student that only half the population would be taking EOG's when all students are required to take the test. The school would have to answer the question Why? The problems/issues you have are within the Administration Department in which the teachers have no control over. I am astomished that Katie McGee received Superintendant of the year and a little sickened by it to say the least. But the teachers for the most part and in my experience are on top of their game!

I love when naive parents

I love when naive parents and teachers alike are not willing to listen to the truth. As a parent of two children in the Brunswick County School System I know first hand about burnt out over zealous teachers who will lie at the first sign of smoke. Teachers use language that they have no business using and lie when confronted about it. Principles cover up for them and lie in your face also. The handbooks they send home with the policies need to be revised and the teachers need a coarse on manners and respect added.