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Brunswick County school nutrition program facing deficit

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- With food costs up and fewer students buying lunches than in years past Brunswick County schools are feeling the affects. The county's school nutrition program is facing a deficit. Director Tina Ward says now the program's goal is to just break even. State-mandated nutrition standards have forced schools to buy healthier food, which costs more. And prices of groceries in general have shot up. A half-pint carton of milk costs almost ten cents more than last year -- and with Brunswick County schools going through one million cartons a year, that adds up. Ward said, \child nutrition director, "We have to do what's right for the children and that is to offer the healthiest food that we can to them at a reasonable price. And that's exactly what we try to do, and we also have to keep in mind that we do have to remain self-supporting." Ward says the county schools don't receive state or local funding to make up the difference of paying for more expensive food required by state standards. The federal help they do receive only covers 57 percent of the program's budget.

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how about bus drivers that

how about bus drivers that let a fight go on to long

Of course, they can't raise lunch prices...

It would be impossible for parents to actually pay more (or anything) for their own child's lunch, I suppose? One good thing about the rising inflation is that it may finally de-rail the gravy train. As prices keep rising, we're going to face one of two alternatives: Either the lazy, incompetent, and unlucky are going to be called upon to finally carry their own weight and stop sucking the system dry, or the government must resort to Draconian tax rates that rival the pre-Reagan years for the productive members of society. If you work hard and believe that YOUR money isn't OUR money, keep that in mind in November....

They should cut back on the

They should cut back on the child molesting janitor's and cracked out teacher's. They'll have plenty of cash left for food after they take the trash out.........