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Brunswick County Sheriff's Department goes on prescription drug round-up

READ MORE: Brunswick County Sheriff's Department goes on prescription drug round-up

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit and members of local police departments conducted a Drug Round Up today that began at 0530 AM. The Operation has been ongoing since the beginning of January, targeting individuals selling prescription pills illegally. Agents have seized several hundred pills along with marijuana, powder cocaine and crack cocaine during the operation.

Operation Spring Clean is the fourth drug roundup of this type since I have taken office and each operation has been a huge success with Agents arresting nearly 300 suspects for controlled substance violations.

Operation Spring Clean was a collaboration of Drug Enforcement Agents working together with Local Departments and concerned Citizens of Brunswick County. Through surveillance, cooperating informants and controlled buys, agents purchased trafficking amounts of prescription medication from 11 different suspects. Pills that contain an opiate derivative such as Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are charged by weight and qualify for the trafficking opium laws. Each suspect, if found guilty, could receive a mandatory prison sentence ranging from 70 to 279 months in the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

The Round Up began with 44 subjects WANTED with 176 counts total. Out of those 44 subjects, 31 have been successfully taken into custody and transported to the Brunswick County Detention Facility and 3 were already in the Detention Facility on unrelated charges.

There were also 2 additional arrests made with a total of 8 additional charges, either through obtaining evidence through the search of these subjects or serving individuals that already had warrants unrelated to the Round Up.

While taking a subject into custody at a residence off Mill Road in the Ash area, two SKS assault rifles were located in a child’s crib and ammunition, narcotics and drug paraphernalia were located throughout the residence. The female subject in the residence, Courtney Norris, was served with additional charges of child abuse and drug possession.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office investigated 14 prescription medication overdose deaths in 2009 and has investigated 2 so far in 2010. There has been a huge increase in investigations involving prescription medications and seizures within the past two years.

The individuals that are still WANTED and have yet to be served are as follows:

Sharon Lalone W/F 12/23/1975

Malcolm Massey B/M 8/10/1984

Louise Maloney W/F

Khandon O. Frink B/M 9/09/1983

Jaquin K. Bethea B/M 8/29/1969

Joshua Ian Rhue

Antwan Damitri King B/M 2/18/1979

David W. Cuthbert III W/M 03/27/1990


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So you arrest 300 of 108,000

So you arrest 300 of 108,000 people who have a problem based on a substance provided to them by companies that finance the government. In return the same government makes its money on court fees, probation fees, ticket fees, mandatory program fees, and countless other ways, while also bringing the value of the substance they're providing up and not providing any real treatment for the person left with addiction so we can guarantee the process is starting all over again. We assure the cartels are kept in good stock of weapons so it's "too dangerous" to fight the incoming traffic of other drugs and go as far as building a military force for drug dealers from Nicaragua to mexico. Drugs are one of the most profitable business our government is involved in. its made it to the media before and will again. Your government doesn't mind sacrificing you to better their cause. Their cause just happens to be getting rich.

drugs are an everyday thing

Whether or not S. Daniels would've been better than Ingram is neither here nor there now. Each sheriff has made many drug bust when it comes down to it. R. Hewett had tons of them, does that make him better than the others? Hardly.. It is the job of these officers to find and arrest the people selling these drugs. People seem to take for granted that there are tons of people living off of drug sales. The rise in prescription pills in the US is peaking now and there are many more on the streets as well. As we've seen in the past with Oliver north and those involved with Escobar, our own govn't is responsible for letting some major amounts of illegal drugs hit the streets. If you really want to combat the problem at its root, it must be with the FDA and govn't agencies that bring in or allow these cartels to bring dope in the US. Phizer and Endo pharm. are making so much money off of these new pain pills and the tax payers are spending all the money on law enforcement trying to combat it. I realize that some people truely need these pills, but those same people need money sometimes. when you can get $80 for a single pill on the street, its hard to turn down for some people. The law enforcement in my opinion is doing good to combat it, but they are fighting a losing battle or one that its source will only grow as time goes on with these pharma. companies. People talk about that the police only do these raids around election time, but they actually work on these cases year round. There are special units that specifically target these drugs and the dealer/users. Maybe the only time people take notice is around election time...

Just wondering why the drug

Just wondering why the drug bust that was done with King, Moore and Mckeithan had their pictures and was on the news for several days and this one didn't have much of a news report or it didn't show any of the suspects pictures except the one of the woman with the child.

I totally agree. Good job

I totally agree. Good job BCSD. These people need to get real jobs and quit putting these poisons on the street. All of the suspects deserve the maximum sentence. Sorry worthless people like that Khandon O. Frink need to be off the streets. Again John Ingram and the rest of the sherriff's department. Job well done.


No i was not a ronald hewett supporter. It has nothing to do with the news reports, be cause every little drug bust in wilmington is usally reported and it is not election years every year for sheriff over there.So tell me when has sheriff ingram made two big bust in his hometown last year when it wasn't election year and he probally knew it had been going on, and decided to wait.Also one thing about the prostitution bust,how is it that the sheriff's office knew about the hookers before they were arrested? was it that the detectives might have got them a little treatment to catch them in the act,because if they were there when it was done then they would have arrested them on the spot and not wait a few days later.

are you law enforcement???

Seriously... do you have law enforcement experience that you can comment on how it's done right? Do you know its called building a case. Lets see... arrest on the spot... then the girls working there will be out by morning. If they build a case against the entire place, it can be shut down. Now you also state that all drug busts in Wilmington are reported. That's not true... law enforcement officers make busts every night.

It seems to me like ALL the

It seems to me like ALL the busts are done during election time... Ingram is doing a good job but PLEASE keep up the good work afterwards!!

I am so tried of seeing

I am so tried of seeing these comments .."its only election year".."he needs votes"..If my memory serves me correct this is the "fourth" round up since JOHN INGRAM became SHERIFF.. What you should be saying is "Great Job".."Thanks for making our county safe"..These things have always been in the news...

New Hanover SD could learn

How about tracking down these "home health" services that steal, take and barter prescription drugs from the people that they are suppose to be helping and then using and selling in our communities.


It is just an election year and Sheriif Ingram is trying to look good and hoping to get some votes from people who is going to be so "proud of their sheriff" for doing a drug bust. "BOLONGNA" is what i call it .We need a new sheriff.

I think that there needs to

I think that there needs to be a debate between Salt Daniels and Sheriff Ingram. Let's see who can carry on an intelligent conversation. I bet you, it will be Sheriff Ingram. Salt Daniels is a glorified traffic cop. There is a lot more to being a Sheriff than writing traffic tickets. Sheriff Ingram has done a good job. He has worked in just about every position in the Sheriff's Department. He is the man with the experience. What experience does Salt Daniels have besides writing traffic tickets?

... not just about an election year

It's frustrating to continuously see comments about these articles only being written because it's an election year. It's the media that decides what is news worthy and what is not. Every night, our local law enforcement are busting people for drugs but the news stations and papers do not feel it is "worthy" to report all of them. There is a lot of activity that happens that you never know/hear about.

Can't you come up with something new??

So if the Sheriff is in the news it is because it is an election year, however when he is not in the press he is not doing his job right? Grow up!


You must have been a Ron Hewitt supporter. Sheriff Ingram has done a very commendable job after taking over the mess he was handed. He deserves re-election. This drug bust is a good reason why.

Sheriff ingram thank you for

Sheriff ingram thank you for the wonderful things you have done


I think the sheriff department should be recomended.when they are called they do make their presence known. I really appreciate that.

Drug bust

Great Job BCSD! Keep up the good work Sheriff Ingram!!!