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Brunswick County sports schedules to be shortened to save money

READ MORE: Brunswick County sports schedules to be shortened to save money
The Brunswick County School Board is finalizing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and that includes slashing funding for athletics. Whether it's North, South or West Brunswick, sports is a big deal in Brunswick County, but the high school sports schedule will soon be reduced. "Baseball will be reduced from 23 to 21 games… along with softball from 23 to 21. Soccer will reduced from 23 to 21 along with basketball. There will a bit of a reduction in golf, no reduction in wrestling and none in indoor track," explained Les Tubb, director of career & technical education in Brunswick County Football fans don't have anything to worry about. The length of the high school football season will not be reduced in Brunswick County because it's a major revenue sport. As mentioned earlier, baseball is on the list. Randy Fennell, head coach of the North Brunswick baseball team said, "We like to play as much as possible. It prepares us for the playoffs every time we play. It's a little disappointing, but I understand cuts have to be made. Athletics needs to take the cuts just like everybody else.” Student-athletes were not thrilled about the cuts. "I think they should keep soccer games, basketball games because sometimes that's really what students are there for really, athletics." When you count travel, officials, and other intangibles the two game reduction plan will save Brunswick County around $43,000 a year. Brunswick County is not alone; New Hanover is also considering a reduction in the sports schedules.

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" I think you should keep

" I think you should keep the sports because that is what the students are there for mainly" How about for the reason school was invented in the first place.....getting an education? And they wonder why we are falling so far behind the rest of the world?

2 games??????? THAT'S ALL??????

2 games, is that all? When teachers and teacher's assistants, as well as many other employees are loosing their jobs, all thay are going to cut is 2 games from certain sports? Well, I guess that tells us what is more important. It is more important for our children to PLAY that for them to LEARN, and to SAVE jobs. "Student-athletes were not thrilled about the cuts. "I think they should keep soccer games, basketball games because sometimes that's really what students are there for really, athletics." I always knew that was the only reason some students went to school, it wasn't to learn and better their lives, it was to play a sport. Maybe our education system should make sports the required subjects for graduation and make English, Math, etc. the electives or after school activities and only for fun. Personally, when it comes to employees loosing their jobs, they should cut ALL athletics, including FOOTBALL until the economy improves, or unless the parents of these athletes foot the entire bill themselves. Laughing, this will never happen, because then all the big headed parents and their better than everyone else athletic children wouldn't be able to levetate above everyone else and act superior. LOL

A well run sports program

A well run sports program will actually make money for a school. It not only covers the costs of the programs but helps with other departments as well that get little or no funding. Title IX has certainly hurt the profitability of atheletics especially in smaller schools. Being the father of two girls I certainly believe my daughters should have the same opportunities as the boys that attend their schools. More people just need to support womens programs. Yes, atheletics is an incentive for kids to attend school. There are rules though. You must have a certain GPA in order to participate. Coaches can also be a positive influence and role model to our student atheletes. Sports has opened the doors for several students who might otherwise have dropped out and ended up on the street. It has also given kids the incentive to further their education in college through scholarship opportunities. Once again it is all about how you manage the program. The bottom line is, look at our professional atheletes. Most of them are not scholars. They found a way to support themselves so we the taxpayer don't have to support them. After all, isn't that the idea of an education; to be able to use what you have learned in order find a job and support yourself without being a drain on society. Not everyone was meant to be an accountant, scientist or an engineer. By the way, most professional atheletes have personal trainers, chefs, accountants, house keepers, landscapers ..... they employee.