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Brunswick County superintendent receives evaluation

We have some answers from Brunswick County Superintendent Katie McGee. Tuesday night, she received her evaluation from the school board. Despite being named regional superintendent of the year by the state school board association, McGee's review by the Brunswick County School Board was not a positive one. Dr. McGee is also dealing with a grievance filed by her executive assistant, Sherry Dove. The details of the grievance are unknown, but it sparked an investigation by the Department of Justice into the school board's hiring practices and race relations. We received a statement from McGee last night stating the board sided with her and denied the grievance in a closed door meeting two weeks ago. She said she will now rededicate herself to running Brunswick County's schools.

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McGee has done an

McGee has done an outstanding job inside and out of Brunswick County Schools. We could not have asked for a better qualified person to run this school system. The people who continulously put her down could NEVER walk a day in her shoes. Every decision McGee has every made in this county was done to better and improve Brunswick County Schools. McGee's job is to run Brunswick County School's to the best of her ability and its clear she has done an outstanding job!

Mrs.Katie Mcgee

Mrs.McGee has done an outstanding job for Brunswick County Schools. Look at the end of grade test scores.I am proud that my children go to Brunswick County Schools.

let's get real

everybody's scores were good across the state in every district. they allowed the kids to retest and get credit for it. great scores, no money to pay bonuses so why not let the schools have a little pride this year. as soon as the money comes back, they'll do something to make the scores bad again. it's not an indication of anything she did. let's not fool ourselves. the woman has done alot of dirt and it's coming back to haunt her. no sympathy from me.

Wow you are pertty vicious.

Wow you are pertty vicious. Wonder how she received "Superintendant of the Year for the entire district. Others must think differently. The only hauntings will be from the vultures who are on this witch hunt.


" Wonder how she received "Superintendant of the Year for the entire district. Others must think differently. " Probably the same way easley was named the "education Governor" He sure did a lot for the school systems huh? even if I had to eat ketchup soup everyday, I would not allow my children to step one foot near a NC public school.

re: wow

You do need to consider the source of the award and who is giving it in order to assess the merit that is due. The good school experiences my children have had are due to the individual schools. The teachers and the principals as well as the other school personnel are the ones who truly make the schools what they are. My younger child goes to school out of district because of the principal and his personnel. My problems with the government schools in Brunswick County are the decisions made above the school level. For instance, "Staff development" is done at the expense of my children in that they cut the school day in half to do this "staff development". Another thing is that the students are given three chances to pass the end-of-grade testing. This is even more ridiculous given the fact that the teachers teach to the test. My child's last year at the middle school, they had a period dedicated to teaching for the end-of-grade testing. I prefer they days when the emphasis was on English, math, history and science instead of boosting the numbers to make the schools look good.

Amen!!!! Only style she

Amen!!!! Only style she knows is "do what I say (does matter if it is right or wrong)". Allows no input from the teachers who are actually the ones who know what it takes to get the job done.

Care to name it?

Do you care to name the dirt she has done, and are you prepared to prove it? He said she said doesn't hold a lot of weight, we all know where things like that come from. I doubt she needs your sympathy, or cares what your opinions are either, I know I don't. I wonder what happened to the millions of dollars the lottery was suppose to bring to the schools? Could the Obamam supporting democrats in our state have used the money for something else?

Yeah and you must work for

Yeah and you must work for her...

Yeah You Must Work for Her

Well if this person does they would know best? Wouldn't you think?


Mrs. McGee has nothing to do with the test scores. I am also proud that my children go to Brunswick Schools but the students themselves and teachers and teachers helpers like (my daughter) are who helps these students with their end of grade scores, McGee dosent come in and help students who have trouble with math or reading. Give me a break.

No She doesnt but she is

No She doesnt but she is there to support those teachers and teachers aides. She does a great job at it too! Give me break.

Bruns. Cty Schools

However, leadership is top down and when teachers trust, believe in, and follow the recommendations of a good leader, they can do their own job well (and better). A good superintendent, one whose leadership is evident, is as responsible for good test scores as teachers and TA's; he or she is also just as responsible for poor test scores. I do like the conspiracy theory about high scores/no money; it is a plausible perfect storm of events. It's too bad neither the politicians of North Carolina nor its citizens value education, educators, and students. Such short-sightedness can only lead to a poor future.