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Brunswick County teenager missing

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Police in Brunswick County are looking for a missing teenager. Seventeen-year-old Tiffany Hulon hasn't been seen since just after 8:00 p.m. last Wednesday. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and is about 5-foot-3. She was last seen wearing her pajamas. If you know where she is please call the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office at 910-253-2777.

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WWAY please

Come on, now. Let's give us a little info to go on. What did the police say? Why such a drivel of info?? I think the reporter should go back and investigate a little more on this. A WEEK AGO? Heck, she could be long dead by now, long gone to Jamaica by now.... 7 days is FAR too long to announce a child is missing.

Please don't make judgments about this girl...

You don't know her and you don't know her situation. You don't know if she has parents. You don't know if she has a home. The reality is that some people are forced from their home by parents. My mother was/is mentally ill and was horribly abusive physically and emotionally. She was not a support for me and I could have easily ended up confused. I'm now a professional woman finished w/grad school and working in a career that allows me to support people with challenges... like Tiffany. My point is that you do not know what she has been through... last week leading up to when she was last seen... or over the last 17 years of her life. She is a child so please remain respectful of that limitation. You guys all seem decently supportive but maybe you could offer support without judgment. Whether she ran away or was forced from her home, the fact remains that she is a lost child. Please honor that fact with good wishes.

We are not passing judgement...

It is just an amazing coincendence as reported before by another blogger that it appears that she does not hang around with people that have her best interest in heart. I also have personal issues with Myspace as my 15 yr old ran away to someone that she met on the website. I just pray for her and her safe return as well as to the family of Tiffany.

Hello!!! Anyone check her

Hello!!! Anyone check her MYSPACE page? This may be a replay of the girl from Wilmington that ran away that bought a bus ticket and went to Florida.

My heart goes out to this

My heart goes out to this young girl and her family as a father I hope this all comes to a positive resolution. With that being said I checked her myspace page and she didn't seem to be hanging out with the best element. I hope her parents are aware of this and have a safe return of their little girl.

I looked at her myspace page

I looked at her myspace page and it doesnt look like anything I would want my teenage girl to have. Also, it doesnt look like she has logged into it in a week, how many teenage girls go a week without checking their page? Not many.

A week

Yes, she has been gone a week. It makes sense that she would not be on that nasty website. She is missing.

Hello? Do you think the

Hello? Do you think the element of people on her myspace friends list has anything to do with it? Isn't she a little young to be showing her ass (literally) on myspace? How about her boobs? The girl seems to need some guidance and a little help. Maybe if the parents were more involved this wouldn't have happened. Runaway? Very likey - I hope if comes home the parents will wake up and help her!

Is this another teen runaway???

It's been a week so why are we just now hearing about this. She was last seen in her night clothes. Do we know if someone broke into the house? Is this just another case of a teen not wanting to abide by her parents rules and runs away? We need more facts.

where was she last seen at?

where was she last seen at?