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Brunswick County to vote on land transfer tax

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- In Brunswick County poll officials say it's been a busy day. The land transfer tax brought many residents out to cast their vote. Not only are Brunswick County voters deciding their elected officials will be, they're also deciding whether to approve a tax on the sale of private property. The land transfer tax is a proposed 0.4 percent tax on the sale of land, a home or a business. It's a one-time tax levied only when property is sold. It's paid in addition to yearly property taxes. Looking at the numbers, a 0.4 percent tax equals about $800 dollars on the sale of a $200,000 home. The majority of voters in Brunswick County say the land transfer tax is just a way for local government to increase their spending. The majority of voters at two precincts in Leland Tuesday afternoon were opposed to the tax. Brunswick County is the 14th fastest-growing county in the United States. County commissioners say they will use revenue from the land transfer tax to support that growth -- it will pay for things like road improvements and schools. Polls closed at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. We'll keep you updated on the land transfer tax and the rest of the races affecting Brunswick County.

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Transfer Tax

We are told that the transfer tax will benefit schools and roads. I hope no one really believes that. The gasoline taxes are supposed to be for roads, but of course go for a lot of things except roads. Anyhow, my point is this: What about the renters that will never sell a piece of property? They have kids that go to school. They drive on the roads. They will reap the benefits without paying anything. I hate taxes as much as the next person, but a sales tax is the most fair of all taxes. This is because everyone pays the same. Whether you own property or rent, you pay when you buy something.

Tax Tax And More Tax

The Blue collar people Are Already Over Worked Underpaid And Taxed To Death , Oh By The Way You Have To Pay Tax On Funeral Expense Also, so Lets See City Tax County Tax Property Tax Vehical Tax Sales Tax State Tax Federal Tax Gasoline Tax Tobacco Tax And Now Sale Of Property Tax WAIT Arent We Already Paying Property Tax? WHATS NEXT PEOPLE


Well the tax in Pender flopped. I was ready to put my house in my kids name now before i die to avoid it and i am sure others would too. They will think of something else to tax now, wait and see. The REAL Zippy!!

Vote YES

Vote Yes, Taxes are good for everyone, Don't forget to vote Yes, You will be glad you did.

No New Taxes

No New Taxes! If 10 percent is good enough for Jesus it is certainly good enough for Uncle Sam. I think we should have a flat tax of 10 percent (local, state, federal combined). If we did this then we would truly cut out governmental waste and the government would only spend tax money on the necessary things - like national defense, law enforcement, etc. Let the people decide how to spend the other 90 percent of their own money. Then we would have freedom, liberty, and the ability to persue happiness.

10% Tax?

Seems like you need to educate yourself about a couple of things. First it would be great if you read about the Fair Tax proposal. It seems to be the very idea that you are leaning towards with your comment and real people have even researched this out to make sure it makes sense. It is a bill out there, call your Congressmen, Representatives and Senators. Give the Gov a ring too. The second thing would be the 10% for Jesus. Why only 10%? You are only about 10% Christian? Or do you mistakenly think that it is what is said in the Bible? Well, it is not! If it is then quote the scripture and verses, show everything now. If you can find something that isn't there, make sure you tell all of us what version of the Bible you are reading.