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Brunswick County Water Advisory

An advisory Wednesday night for people who live in parts of Brunswick County -- a water main break earlier in the day is causing many homes -- especially in the Shallotte area -- to experience very low or no water pressure. Crews are working to get the problem fixed. Once your water does start working you're advised to boil your water for at least a minute before use. You can find more information by calling 910-253-2655.

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Why are schools in session

Why are schools in session with no water ?


The Brilliant planning in this operation was flawless! HAHA The first plan was to have it all done in 12hrs. That one night shift. BUT GUESS WHAT! The highly trained back hoe operator hit and broke the water main while he was digging! SO then it turned into a whole new ball game. NOT only were they not going to get it done in 12hrs, BUT now the WHOLE lower end of the county was possibly going to be without water BUT the hole was filling with water! The south end FD's were alerted about 4am that there fire hydrants were going to be useless! Dr offices had to close, restaurants had to close, the dialysis center had to close sending there patients to either wait or bog down the hospitals to obtain there treatment. Due to this event every extra cost or loss of revenue, the town of shallotte or the county WHOEVER was in charge of this should receive a BILL!!

No water

to clarify on my previous post.. the leter I got said the town was fixing a "leak" in the lines, for this we could have been notified before the water was shut off to repair the line! The road was being closed around 7pm on Monday night, baracades were sitting beside the roads, and there was plenty of water up until around 10pm that night!

No water

As a resident of GreenBay which is behind the Highlands development, it really ticks me off that if all this repair was "planned" why was the residents not told ahead of time this was going to happen???? We could have at least had time to plan for the water outtage! This is the second time that our development had suddenly been out of water without notice from the town within a couple months! I too got a letter in my mail box from the town yesterday about this but the water had already been off over 14 hours. I have eldery, pets and kids that this was totally uncalled for on the town's part! I can understand repairs being needed but we should be notifed ahead of time FIRST!!!

NO Water as of 7:30

I live at Cardinal Pointe at The Highlands right where the water line broke. We have been told several different times when we can expect our water to be turned back on. When I returned home today I had a letter on my door from the town of Shallotte telling me about the problem with the water. In the letter it mainly talks about the water pressure. The residents here in Cardinal Pointe and The Highlands don't have any water at all. We were first told it would be turned back on around 3-3:30. Now we were told around 9:00. Some people were told Midnight. In our apartment complex we have many small children and elderly adults which need the water for basic needs. Also in the letter we were told that when the water is restored we are to boil the water untill further written notice. I've noticed that some of the residents have had to leave their homes to stay with other people because of this problem.

As one of the people that

As one of the people that live, we would like to know if they are working so hard to fix the problem, why are so many of those workers standing around the big hole with there hands in the pockets looking around laughing, I guess they will be getting to have a shower when they get home,etting paid for the inconvience that the surrounding area,maybe they could voluteer their homes,and one last thing who let the person on site that did not know where the pipe was?

water main break

While WWay has posted a phone number to call about the status of the water main break in the Shallotte area, when you call it you are referred to two other numbers. The first number called will be busy for quite a while and if you do get through you cannot talk to anyone in real time. You can leave a message and they will get back to you (presumibly tomorrow), when you call the second number, you are immedaitely cut off from the phone call and go back to a dial tone. Trying to find out the status is impossible. We were told that water would be turned on again by the end of the afternoon, and now at 6:30pm and still no water, cooking, cleaning up is impossible. And we need to know the status. Anyone with info, please comment.