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Brunswick Democrats ask Soles to withdraw bills


BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) -- Sen. R.C. Soles introduced three new bills in the past week. Bills to split the 13th judicial district in two, create a new superior court judge in Brunswick County and lower the pension requirements for district attorneys and judges. Thursday night, the Brunswick County Democratic Party asked the senator to withdraw all of them.

"I had a lot of people talking to me and telling me how upset they were about the legislation and how they felt that it should be withdrawn," said Brunswick County Democratic Party Chair Donna Silva.

Silva called a special meeting to discuss the bills. Soles's plan to split the district has Democrats concerned. If Democrat Butch Pope wins the November election, the bill recommends the governor appoint a candidate of the opposite party to Brunswick County.

"When you have ideas, you need to come up with good explanations of why you need to do this," said David Redwine, a Democrat running to fill Soles seat when his term expires. "And then you need to build consensus among your constituents in terms of where do we go from here. And a lot of that hasn't been done."

Democrats are also worried a new judge's seat and changes to the pension funds would directly benefit Soles's long time friend and current DA Rex Gore.

"It's kind of like ooh that awful politics as usual," said Southport Precinct Chair Jenna Fontaine. "That awful back-room, gotch-ya, old boy network stuff. So we don't feel that it has a place here in Brunswick County, and we want to make that clear."

There wasn't much discussion. Brunswick County Democrats voted unanimously to approve the resolution and ask Sen. Soles to withdraw all three bills from consideration.

Silva e-mailed Soles asking him to attend the meeting to explain his reasoning for the bills, but because of the passing of his father R.C. Soles Sr., the senator could not attend. The party held a moment of silence in his memory.

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Thank you Democratic Party

Even though I am a registered Republican, I have to applaud the Democratic Party for taking the stand they have on this issue. Thank you for doing the right thing and what is best for the citizens.


What is it with the Democrats. It is becoming clear that they have their hands in more people pockets that they should. Soles, Easley, Black, Wright and how many more? It is time something is done about this, they are becoming a party of corruption. Taking money under the table and trying to make sure their friends are well paided.

Rex Gore Retirement Bill

How about withdraw all three bills and ask for his resignation ! The Democrats have enough baggage going into the Fall election season. Given what I have seen from the Tax and Spend Party , I will be voting straight ticket Republican. R.C 's motives are clearly obvious and he does not care about his perception among his constituents. This type of corruption is firmly in place because of a monopoly of power held on the state level by the Democrats for over 100 years.

His Last Hurrah

if anyone thinks Senator Soles was concerned about building a consensus opinion among his constituents or was concerned about his re-election opportunities, you must be smoking some of that confiscated happy weed.

Senator Soles has consistently walked the line he chose.

Perhaps this is his way of repaying all of those who criticized his lifestyle choices. Or perhaps this is his reminder he is still a force in politics.

The way the budget is shaping up, he likely will get what he seeks in exchange for his vote.

Mr. Soles in His Time of Grief

I know how close R.C. was to his father, and my prayers go out to R.C. and his brother in this time of grief.