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Brunswick deputies bust reputed gang boss



BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC -- Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Agents executed two search warrants simultaneously on September 2nd, 2010 at a residence and local business in the Winnabow area after a lengthy investigation.

At approximately 3:00 pm, agents searched a residence located at 979 Hickory Drive in the Hickory Hollow Subdivision and a business, Stump Jumpers Garage, located at 90 Edgewood Drive in Winnabow.
Agents seized approximately fifty firearms, over $ 3,000 in US Currency and an ounce of cocaine, valued at roughly $ 1,200. A 2008 Harley Davidson Motorcycle, a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Dually, 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe and a 1986 GMC truck were also seized during the search.

Agents arrested two subjects; Larry Ronald Capps, Jr. and Deanne Louise Johnson, both whom were located inside the business at the time the search warrant was executed. Capps and Johnson were arrested on scene without incident and transported to the Brunswick County Detention Facility.

Larry Ronald Capps, Jr., owner of the residence and business is the President of the local Cape Fear Chapter, Red Devils Motorcycle Gang. The Red Devils are an outlaw motorcycle gang which is affiliated with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Gang. Items seized during the search warrant provided a great deal of proof of gang affiliation.


Larry Ronald Capps, Jr. (W/M) (10/9/1962)
979 Hickory Drive, Leland
6 cts. Trafficking Cocaine
5 cts. PWISD Cocaine
5 cts. Manufacturing Cocaine
11 cts. Maintaining Dwelling
7 cts. PWISD Marijuana
6 cts. Manufacturing Marijuana
11 cts. Possession Drug Paraphernalia
1 ct. Possess a Weapon of Mass Destruction
BOND: $ 800,000 secured

Deanne Louise Johnson (W/F) (11/22/1964)
979 Hickory Drive, Leland
1 ct. Possession Cocaine
1 ct. PWISD Marijuana
1 ct. Possession Drug Paraphernalia
BOND: $ 1,000 unsecured

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Done the crime, and the time

Does anyone else find it rather classy that the only ones in full support have yet to figure out how to spell, let alone use spell check of any sorts?

Yes, it is a motorcycle club, and not a "gang." Sadly that's where it ends, have any of you watched gang land? Hell's Angel's Motorcycle Club, Vagos Motorcycle Club, they are all "gangs". As gangs are defined simply as an organized group of criminals. Simple, use a dictionary for christ sake.

So great, he's a volunteer, helped lots of people out, likes to hunt, rides motorcycles, etc. That's awesome, glad he's a good guy. Funny enough, so am I !! But when my house was raided for a "large scale marijuana and mushroom grow operation" which mind you was found within my domicile, what did I do? I was arrested, posted bail, and a year later was charged in a plea arrangement.

Should I have argued, "oh but I'm such a good guy, it was all personal use, I wasn't harming anyone?! Don't arrest me please officer.. pleeeaasseee!!!?" For christ sake, no. I did it, I know I was in the wrong but I did it anyway.

So quit arguing that this is some great guy, that shouldn't be arrested. He was found with stacks of cash(you don't keep large amounts of cash if it was made legitimately), He was found with GUNS, and he was found with COCAINE! Seriously how good of a person are you if you selling cocaine and in possession of guns because your so sketched and paranoid someones going to come screw you up and take your drugs?

He got what he deserved, he did it, everyone needs to quit acting like he's an angel and wrongly accused with everything planted. He should grow some testicles, except the consequences, and we'll all see him on the streets being a repeat offender in 10-15 if it goes right.

Two cents, from a criminal.

so, negitive comments are

so, negitive comments are not appriciated if you do not know these people then why are you concerned anyway?
i think that they obviously didnt know that they were messing with ninjas in the first place or this might not have happened.
all in all we just want to be treated fairly. or is that too much to ask?

It is truly sad that people

It is truly sad that people would blame law enforcement for doing their job, rather than the one that is truly to blame Mr. Capps! Mr. Capps made the decision to bring and distribute drugs in our community. Its not the Sheriffs or Officers fault his family and friends are hurting. Blame is always easier to point at another party, rather than stand up and taking responsibility for your own actions! How does the old saying go "if you can't do the time DON'T do the CRIME!"

For those viewers who

For those viewers who haven't had the opportunity to know Ronnie & Dee I would like to enlighten you on what the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department is not telling the viewer...

Ronnie has been a volunteer firefighter for several years dedicating his time & his love to helping others in need! Always willing to give a helping hand wherever he's needed. He is a good provider to his family & is a hard worker. Over the years Dee & Ronnie have provided for children that are less fortunate giving them a place to lay their head & food for their belly. Not expecting anything in return. They have an unconditional love for others.

Ronnie is an advid hunter & has been since he was 12 years old & over the years has collected several guns. Ronnie does belong to The Red Devils Motorcycle Club NOT GANG! He does have a bald head because he works outside in a garage & it's hot. He is NOT a skinhead! Just because Ronnie has a Harley, tattoo's & patches of the Red Devil's on his vest doesn't make him the person that the Sheriff's Dept. making him out to be! The viewer is getting a distorted view. Ronnie's bail was set at 800,000. Why? He didn't murder someone... I don't understand our justice system?? What is fair about that??? Ridiculous! I guess the tax payers of Brunswick County will be footing this bill?

Dee has the biggest heart! She has done so much for kids that are in need!
If we all could show alittle bit of love like both of these individuals it would be a much better world. We all make bad choices in life but; I hate to see two people get a bad reputation because of what the sheriff's dept. perceiving them to be!

Ronnie and Dee

Here's where I truly have a problem with the reference to the Red Devils, whom by the way I personally can tell you, I have been there to see them, do so much good, never seen one crime committed. Get togethers, cook outs or parties are not something what you see on some Tru TV forensic files special over things back in a 1963 MC. I take true offense to the term gang, especially using both gang and outlaw together, it is not only inflamatory to use such statements publicly to the Ronnie and Dee;s case because the pub;is that reads this will soon have to be a jury of their peers. As I said not only is it legally inflamatory, but it is also meant and well received by those viewers and readers who don't know any better, as a description of not only who rides with the Red Devils Club, but will be generalized toward anyone who rides. As far as and with respect to the Red Devils this is liable and would be considered degradation of character. Especially in a time when there are certainly more than our fair share of true " GANGS" and GANG bangers doing drive bys killing children, eachother and many many innocent people, right ou there in broad daylight. And they are by making that statement publicly, bringing the image of todays actual gangs to peoples minds, Get over yourself I can assure you that The RDE DEVILS are nothing like that image, there is NO connection in even a small way between the behavior of the Red Devils and the gang bangers and the gangs they belong to. To me this alone is enough to question the investigative work done on this or any other case. it is these slone that should say to anyone, well if the cops can do that, if they ahve no problem, connected one man to a bike club, then without fail, call that bike club a "an Outlaw Gang" well all who have read anything about this case should be afraid, very afraid, cause if they can say that about one man, one bike club, tomorrow it could be you. Cause the cops reported it, the cops told it to the news and newspaper...therfore it HAS to be true, again get over yourself, This is a flat out bogus ass joke.... I know better been there myself and people IT HAPPENS EVERY FREAKIN DAY, To me it makes EVERYTHING the cops say about this case suspect, more than reasonable doubt there, pal. Read on dear readers I ahve another post a little further down that will blow your hair back big time

We support you and all the

We support you and all the people who are out to get you and your family need to watch out. Karma bites hard.

Support of the 81ers

It is totally rediculous for law enforcement to do what they did to "the Leader of an Outlaw Gang". The Red Devils are a motorcycle "CLUB". The Hell's Angels are a motorcycle "Club". Whomever wrote that article can be sued for liable(get me a jury and watch), they make a statement about not being responsible but, Jury Nullification' will take care of that.
The Hell's Angels have been around sine WW2 and especially after theKorean and Vietnam Wars were a bunch of ostrasized men who fought for this country and just wanted a club to belong to. A Brotherhood. I know what it's like having been involved with the Red and White in Charlotte, N.C. I never once saw them commit a violent or hurtful act towards anyone. They just want to live, ride their bikes and be lefty in peace. It's the Police that make that almost impossible. So, Support your "Red Devils" whom are affiliated with the "Hell's Angels" and stop calling them "Outlaws" without proof. They are Motorcycle enthusiast. Peace


I agree if I knew where to hangout to become an assoiate I would I am a supporter 100%

Too funny

Can I have some of what you are on? You must be high. Thanks for the laugh.

ronnie and dee

and you..well you are a testement to those who live in their make belief world and believe everything those in power tell us to, through the media. In that fairy tale world, those guys wearing leather, have braided beards, have tattoos and ride low riding, souped up motorcycles...well they have to be the bad guys, they look like they could be bad guys...right??? the good guys wear white hats and ride white stallions. Guess again. you know there was a study with children not too far back where they asked children to describe a real life boogie man, what they decribed was basically the same as what you are doing right now. You apparently have no real life experiences to pull on to make this kind of judgement and know not the people that do live in this world, so keep your mouth shut till you can address this issue objectively ... you snob


Uncle Ronnie is a great person, if you ever needed help or some to go for advice he would be the person always willing to help. he always wants the best for everybody. theses charges that he is being accused of are ridiculous. Ronnie has a great business, he loves working on cars and he does a very good job doing so. many people can tell you that! Red Devils is a club NOT a gang!!

i love you all and hope for the best!! <3

The negativity is not

The negativity is not appreciated. Thank you.

Excuse me, but being the nicest guy in the world......

...doesn't give you a pass on following the law. As fine and upstanding members of the community as these two may be, they are both old enough to know the consequences of simply using and possessing illegal drugs. They (and all their good friends)need to assign responsibility where it belongs.

So all of this complaining about the Sheriff's office DOING THEIR JOB is a bit silly. They can't simply turn their back on crime, regardless of how super-dynawhoppin' wonderful the criminal is.

No one is looking for a pass on the laws broken.......

There were some laws broken. That is not being disputed. The issue is taking those counts, and trying to escalate that into making Ronnie and Dee look like the next coming of the Colombian Drug Cartel. That is just not the case.

As I understand it..there was no production of any drugs, nor any " weapon of mass destruction". Just BS charges to try and make the situation look worse, in the public eye, than it really is..and make the law enforcement accomplishment, look better than it really was. Gee, is there an election coming is....what a good motivation that is.

I just hope a jury of their peers sees through all the BS, and responds fair and accordingly.

I do not personally know Mr.

I do not personally know Mr. Capps, but am friends with several people who do, and they ALL speak highly of the gentleman. The collection of guns, to my understanding, is due to the fact the he is a 'horse trader', buys and sells things. The Red Devils have been around a long time, and I've not heard anything about any problems with them in years. So, admittedly, these crime are rather small scale-- why the huge interest? Maybe a sheriff that wants to get re-elected despite his lack of loyalty to the party that elected him? It doesn't seem to add up to me.




Heck, the sherrifs dept can't even get the height signs correct. Dee is not even close to 6 foot, and Ronnie is not almost 6' 9". Look at the pictures. They can't get something this simple correct, and they want the public to trust that they can do a proper investigation...what a joke.

Hint: Defense attorneys.....this is where you start your case to discredit anything that comes out of that sherrifs dept.

That's inches...

He's 69 inches tall - divided by 12 - is 5'7 1/2".

She's 60 inches tall - also known as 5' tall.


my mistake.....

..I could not see the smaller print in those pictures.

None the less, the charges are a joke and the evidence will hopefully speak for itself. But you know the reality of our justice system, Guilty until proven innocent.





Come on People...

The ones of you on here blasting the Sherriff's office for this arrest would be applauding them for helping clean up the streets if the same charges were brought against a black couple.

how true....

how true....

Sick of Racists

You are obviously the racists. Most people never even have such cross their mind. If America would never mention racism again and not place it into the mind of young children, then racism would go away and not even exist. Most of you who cry racism are just looking for excuses and are playing the card. Why don't you die and go away so racism will go away. Right is righ and wrong is wrong. The bad part is that at least this man worked and pays taxes. Most others are thugs who don't hold a public job and just happen to be from a specific race.

Just not correct!!

Ronnie and Dee are some of the nicest people on earth, and no where near what this publication is trying to portray them to be. See those bags under Ronnie's eyes..those are not from being some big drug kingpin, those are from a man who has worked his butt off his entire life, doing right by God, right by his family, and right by everyone who he knows and cares about. This is a man who who has taken in kids, not even his, because they were in abusive situations, and he( and Dee) were their last hope. And they did not even blink an eye doing it. They watch the cutest little girl, free of charge, whose mother passed on, and the father has to work to take care of his family as best he can.

I have no doubt some mistakes were made...but taking of one mistake and the law enforcement trying to leap wrong that into some big drug kingpin conspiracy theory, is just ridiculous. I am not from NC, but no doubt its election time, and someone down there is playing crooked politics trying to get elected and show how well they are cleaning up crime. Sad part is they are willing to destroy an entire family, for their corrupt ambitions. This will not be stood for.

For the people who have negative comments: I do not blame you, its easier to be a sheep and follow whatever the media spoon feeds you, rather than get a clue and know what the real story is. Here is a clue...not everything you read on the internet is true. Media publications are driven by money, and not the truth.

more games

BFD Mr. Capps had some weed.. and little blow and owned some guns and rode a motorcycle... BIG DEAL!!! IT isn't like he stole millions in tax dollars or took millions in bribes..

If the law enforcement whats something to do.. how about busting the crocked politicians.. They are the true criminals in our country!!! And once they bust those politicians make them pay instead of letting them go with their government perks..

Ever notice that politicians get caught doing something wrong and they have a big investigation that cost us big money which they use our tax dollars for.. AND NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!!! Heck they are allowed to remain in office... Now there is your Justice system in action.. Ever notice the media says very little about these politicians that are criminal?

This is the biggest injustice in America.. yet our law enforcement gets their jollies off of busting the little man..

good man

this good man sold drugs in the community we need more good people like him cocaine kills and destroys lives wake up people

I hope everyone can tell by

I hope everyone can tell by all of the comments about this that something is WAY wrong. Ronnie is such an awesome guy. The good things that others are posting are dead on. Words cannot describe how much he is liked in our community. I hope things come back around to him for all of the nice things he has done for others through the years!!

Man o' man!

I don't think I would've done that! Those boys are all over the place and this won't sit well amongst the Bro's!!!

wow, this has been very

wow, this has been very blown up. ronnie is a good man, and so is his family. this is a shame.