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Brunswick teen in custody for multiple charges

A Brunswick County teenager is in custody tonight for allegedly stealing a car, and driving it from Wilmington to Leland. Just after 3:00 am on Thursday, a Brunswick County deputy saw an SUV pull out of a gas station, driving fast and recklessly. He followed it into Magnolia Greens along Highway 17 in Leland. That's when the 17-year-old lost control, and ran into an empty house. The young man is facing charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, and drug charges.

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The whole Lot of You

The whole lot of you sound like a bunch of inbread Leland Losers. This family that family, trailer trash this trailer trash that. I don't think any of you have a coherant thought or enough brain cells to form one. This kid is a loser just like the rest of you. IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY TREE THAT DOESN'T FORK, YOU MIGHT BE FROM LELAND. AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON.....

I guess times really have

I guess times really have changed. When I ran away, I was sent back home. When I messed up bad enough, I got my butt blistered. When I done well, I was praised. It didn't really take that long for me to figure out; don't do the crime if you can't do the time; and that a lack of respect for other people and their property will eventually get you removed from society. Maybe this will be a lesson well learned for this young person. Every child is different. Some can learn and recall the lesson relatively easily, others need a little bit of negative reinforcement. My father was in charge of the negative reinforcement aspect of my childhood. It worked.

Let's put this into perspective

Dom, I hope your brother is made aware of all this. Here he has two families at each other throats from what seems to be hi inability to tell the truth. Two families that care/d about him, sheltered him, believed in him. Absolutely at each others throats in public now because he pitted you all against each other to have his own way. Well, he's got it now. He should also bear the burden of the aggravation you're all experiencing right now, instead of duking it out amongst yourselves and making crap up to make yourselves appear more blameless. If Massimo is the sweet but troubled kid some of you make him out to be, he owes a huge apology to all of you for pulling the wool over your eyes for so long. Fussing between the families isn't going to fix any of this.

Thank you, who ever you are

Thank you, who ever you are for finally getting it... I am sorry for slinging so much mud in public and as of now no matter what I am done you made me see how immature I have been just to get my point accross...I love mass and I dont want to see him where he is he could be a great person in our society... I have not lied about anything how ever I lost persective on what the issues where and that is helping a great kid who has confussed and manipulated us all, figure out how wonderful life could really be for himself!!!!


like I've often said, you people are all the same.

you should know you are just

you should know you are just like them!!!!!!

Seriously how can you blame

Seriously how can you blame any one person for his actions. I know the lady you are talking about and one she is a very loving and kind person and i know for a fact that it can be proven that Massimo never lived with her or her family (yes) he kept running there and she kept calling his mom or brother... wasnt that what she was suppose to do? May god people get a grip why arent you blaming his parents for his actions they are the ones that raised him and I do beleive you can look in the history of his parents and find some of the problems. Why is this woman being blamed. Wasnt Massimo living in leland with someother family? And Wasnt he living in wilmington before that with other families? Yeah lets all stop pointing fingers are the wrong people.... either way its his problem and his families not hers!!!!!!!! And by the way I was another adult that lived in the apartment complex where his father did pin her to a car and hit him in the back of the if you need facts get them and lets all remember that it is Massimo that cant keep his stories right or tell the truth at anytime.

Stop blaming the family or judging Massimo

You have absolutely NO RIGHT to blame the family. I just have to say that I know the family and this loving young man and have for quite some time and I know what a close and loving family they are.Mass is not a bad person, he just made a bad choice and we all learn from our mistakes. It happens in the best of families, it's just not always noticeable enough to make the news. Unfortunately his mistake made the news. We should all just be thankful that he is okay. He could have been hurt really bad and be fighting for his life right now instead of his reputation. Fortunately he didn't harm another human being and although inconvenient, homes can be replaced. The mother and father have done everything in their power to raise their children right and the proof should be in Dom. They were raised together in the same family and Dom isn't doing stuff like that. It's called free will and no matter what you do, a person, in the end has to make their own choices good or bad. His bad choice does not make him a bad person. It's not like he was out in a gang and intentionally harming others. He is not a violent person and neither are his father or other family members so to say that the parents, family, etc. are to blame and to look into the past of them is just absolutely absurd. No one family is immune to bad things happening or their family members making a horrible mistake. Maybe you arrogant people on here that think you and yours do no wrong will realize that no matter what you do or how good of parenting you think you do, your child (no matter the age or background) can make a mistake, even one large enough to make the news. That is when you realize that it didn't have to be bad parenting or a bad child, yet an unfortunate choice. It can happen to ANYONE. Good people can do bad things sometimes - IN ANY FAMILY! Good luck to the Campana family and I will pray for you all. I'm happy that Massimo is physically okay. In my opinion you all are a great family and I know that you can get through all of this.

1. You don't know me or my

1. You don't know me or my family so im going to ask nicely not to pry into our personal affairs. 2. Who the hell are you to blame this on my parents? Every time a kid gets into trouble, society blames it on the parents. So lets be hypothetical here....Every serial killer, or rapist or anyone in this world that has done wrong in the eyes of the law is a direct result of bad parenting huh? Call Doctor Phil and tell him to retire, we have his predecessor right here. Worry about your own family and leave mine alone. We are going through enough with my brother as is it, we don't need someone hiding behind a mask of anonymity pointing fingers and throwing blame. Especially when they don't even have any knowledge to back their argument.

Seriously Dominic, you were

Seriously Dominic, you were blaming another person for his actions... now can you see how it hurts to be blamed for something someone eles dose and that you have no controll over. Thats the point put your efforts into your brother and your family and stop bashing another person... We all have an oppinion about this but the truth of the matter is this young man and your family have alot to go thru before you can even begin to heal.... so Dominic stop hurting yourself and others

I never blamed another for

I never blamed another for his actions. I told people to stop blaming my parents for his actions. I certainly haven't hurt my family or anyone that holds relevance to the situation, so I've done nothing wrong. If you wish to continue putting words in my mouth I'll ask that you do it elsewhere.


This sounds like a kid who needs a good butt whoopin that he didn't get when he was younger. Quit protecting him because he won't learn that way. Lock him up in solitary for a while and feed him through a slot in the door and he will get the message, and if he doesn't then he will get what's coming to him.

OOO OK so your one of those

OOO OK so your one of those people who believe in beating kids to get thru to them..... Yeah you need to be in our community I hope to god you dont have kids and if you do.... I hope that if they make mistakes and find themselves in this situation will turn on them as quick or allow people like you to pass judgement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who said anything about beating? I also believe that children should be disiplined. There is a difference. Or are you one of those that thinks raising your voice is abuse? I had my rear end busted growing up and I turned out fine. It tought me that there are consiquences for your actions. Todays children have no fear of consiquences. My fear is when this generation will come into power.


First off i would like to say as bestfriend of over 6 years now that massimo is one of the most kind hearted , intelligent and admirable people i know. maybe not by his actions to the public eye and what these people below have decided to take it upon themselves to turn him in to but by the way he has tried numerous times to better himself, by the way he has always no matter how far he had to go or what he had to been there for his friends and by how he has risen above the circumstances of hes past and no matter what did things for himself and on his own. yes he has apparently made multiple mistakes and by his own choice is paying for them dearly now. but by no means has this poor soul had the best role models or peers to look up to. Children are a direct result of there raising and im extremely sorry to say that this incident has been a long time coming. My friend does not deserve to be where he is currently, honestly i am scared to say this will not fix things but will undoughtbly make them worse. He may have a hard exterior but he is a sweet and lost child on the inside. i have had the oppurtunity no the honor to see first hand his amazing person with my own eyes. i love him very much and intend on sticking by him through it all. My Family and i have been there to witness firshand all the good and bad he has been through and do not intend on going anywhere now. i ask you all take a step back and look at yourselves and your children. are you really as innocent as you would like to think?? are you really any better than this boy because maybe you have not been caught for the irresponsible and immature mistakes you have made?? i think not, he made a wrong decision and unfortunatley it affected more people than just himself. But i promise you i know my friend and he not only pays the price daily for what hes done by where he is but he has to live with his concious everyday. Before you judge who has helped him in the past and him hiself think about what you would have done if a 14-17 year old had come to your door in the middle of the night cold hungry and tired. would you have turned him away no i don't think so. And as his friend and confidant i took it upon myself to choose to allow my friend to come in to my home. people ofcourse would like to twist the circumstances and make them seem different as if i were in the wrong but to me the opinion of the outside world does not matter. The facts still stand that He was running from a unlivable home and chose to go where he knew he would be cared for and loved and that door will remain open to him as long as that is where he wishes to go. and as far as a battle of wits goes what a waste of time to make such remarks when the attention should be on the well being of your brother. If it had been he may not be in such a situation now. And throwing around "accusations" seems to me that was only done by you sir. Massimo i love you very much and miss you dearly i shall see you soon and write you everyday as promised and await your arrival back home. You have alot of support and it will follow you till the end. -Your Bestfriend


I would like to say that Massimo Campana has the most loving family anyone could have. They have tried so hard and done so much to help this boy but he wanted to run away instead of being at home with his family. Yes,he is a very smart and sweet young man and by no means has he come from an abusive household!! He never left an "unlivable" home and he was very much cared for and loved by his family. GuestRaRa you only know what Massimo tells you and you don't even realize how wonderful his family really is and how they tried to help him and never gave up. I really do not think this if fair blame his family, he is old enough to know right from wrong and maybe as a best friend you and your family should have guided him better if he came to you for help!!! I hope only the best for him and know that his family love him unconditionally and will always be there for him. His brother is right in his posts that you should not post anything that is hear-say....


well guestrara, i see that your intentions are kind but the fact of the matter is that your misinformed. You may be his best friend of six years but i've been his brother since the day he was born. I know him better than anyone and I'm sure he will attest to that. The truth of the matter is, your a puppet. He played you like he did me, and everybody else. The home that my brother and i grew up in was all but unlivable. He had a loving family that supported him and provided everything that he needed. I care not what he told you nor what you believe. I appreciate you taking him in when he ran away but it wasn't your place, he should have been with his family. He left his "unlivable" home because he was young and thought rules were beneath him. He thought he should have just been able to come and go as he pleased and not face the music for his actions. All i want to say is that your mother struck the first blow and I'm here to make sure that it doesn't happen again, because she had no right to blame my parents for this. Who the hell are you to point the finger at my mother and father? Have you lived in my house? Have you seen this so called unlivable home? I think not. And as for the battle of wits, you came unprepared anyway. I suggest you keep your mouth shut from now on until you get your facts straight which will undoubtedly never happen. He deserves everything he has coming to him, but don't think for one second i wish this upon him. I just hope to god he learns. P.S. if a 14-17 year-old came to my house cold and hungry, i would have called his parents and wondered why he was out this late. Then i would have taken him home to his family that must have been worried sick. Don't make this lame attempt to justify your actions to me or anyone else. And if we didn't love and care about him, then why was i out roaming the streets till all hours of the night trying to find him, just to get lied to by a stupid little girl and her deranged mother. Take a good look in the mirror and slap yourself in the face for being so stupid!


I am not to sure who you are talking about but let me start out by saying you know who i am and I am in no way deranged nor is my daughter stupid!!!I never attacked people or blamed people for my childrens problems and I in no way ever took Massimo in to live with me that is one of your mistakes 2. I never said he was abused.. I did see you and your farher beat him in the face and Once your father pined me to a car.... Tell me this Dom you are such a good brother that you would go visit Massimo just recently, you and i both know what you were doing there..I personlay never! Struck any blows I supported your mother every way i could calling you guys when he did come to my house lieing to HIM that i didnt, I also tried to take him home on several occasions and instead he would run from us when relized i was doing what his mother asked me!!!! What more could i have done... I also turned him away thats why he lived in work out rooms in Apartment complexs.... No matter how much i turned him away and told on him he still keep running away from his home, his family and i dont know why.... other than you are right he didnt ever want to follow the rules... How was that ever my fault....I never said his home was unliviable because that would be a lie! I guess if it is me you are talking about you should know better than anyone I do know what your home looked like I was there many times..Dome I dont think you and your family got the story stright about me and my families role in all of this but if you ever want the truth ask meinstead of throwing around assumptions and accusations! You know to find me.......WILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY STOP BLAMING ME AND MINE FOR HIS ACTIONS HE WAS RAISED IN HIS HOME BY HIS FAMILY NOT MINE.

You are a teeneagers parent?

You are a teeneagers parent? You cant even spell. You have no idea of what punctuation is. Holy cow! It's always the same people that get caught up in these situations. You should be ashamed. You should be the poster child for a "Stay in School" campaign. Good luck to you and your daughter, and I hope no other children come to live with you.

none of you were there and

none of you were there and those who were know he truth if my spelling is your only concern may god help you!!!!!!

To Me..........

Although I may have not been there, Massimo told me what happened that night not to long ago and he said exactly the same thing as his parents. We heard after you said his father pinned you but Massimo even said that never happened, and further more I heard the people that were there said your full of crap too.

Then He lied to you!!!!!!And

Then He lied to you!!!!!!And Me and everyone there knows the truth that family can keep lying but thats what happened and thats that!!!!!!! You werent there and if you were you would know it did happen so shut the hell up! His father is lucky that i did not press charges against him.

First off you really don't

First off you really don't know who you are talking to. You really need to BACK OFF!!!! I'm sure he has lied to us all to get what he wants,even you. You are full of crap and thats all I'll say.

I really dont care who you

I really dont care who you are and frankly dont give a shit about your threats I have done nothing but be honest so thats that being full of crap is commenting on things you know nothing get a life

I never threatened you I

I never threatened you I just said back off and you don't know me and have no right to say anything to me in that way. You are a very rude person. I do know this family and I do know what is going on. I do have a life but this is getting out of hand and the bashing of the parents/family needs to finally stop!

I would not make claims

I would not make claims against this boys father like that........I think that maybe you are exaggerating the facts and I am sure, I know that the mother was around to see what happened during this time you say the father beat him in the face and pinned you to a car.....I personally know this family and I know this man would not do that and I have NEVER EVER seen a mark on Massimo and he has NEVER EVER told me his parents ever beat him or hurt him, yes we talked about it and he said in the past he was lying about that!!!! I would not make claims that Dominic was doing anything wrong in any visit with his brother either. I seem to remember Massimo got in trouble acouple times because of you, and by the way read your last posts and what your daughter wrote.....If you never took Massimo in to live why was he always at your house "living" there? Massimo has put his family through alot but they are always there to love him and take him in, but he refused them.....He has a great family and he has good loving parents that have stayed out all night looking for him and to be lied to by you that he wasnt at your home when he actually was......Do not make his family look bad because you need to get back for what some one said about you.......


He made a mistake and I am tired of People who dont know him talking about him as if he is a bad person.... He is not the Massimo Campana that you dont know is Very smart, VERY loving and VERY sweet to anyone he meets, he has made some bad choices and is now along with a family who loves him and has helped him along this very bumpy journey, paying the price so lets freaking give him a break, there are much worest people in this world!!!!!!! CAN WE NOT BE THANKFUL THAT HE IS STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!


Yes Massimo made a huge mistake or should I say several mistakes and he isn't a bad person not in the least bit but he is making really bad choices. Massimo has had every opportunity to change and get help but he chose to do neither. I don't want him in jail not for one second but he has to pay the dues for his actions just like everyone else would need to. Also this way he can't hurt others or himself. This family loves this child more than words can say and we have tried every alternative for things not to come to this but they have. He is smart, funny, and so lovable but that doesn't excuse his behavior. He doesn't realize what he has to offer the world or what his potential is yet. I will not give up on my son.

RE: Guest 606

Guest606: I find it funny how you proclaim judgments one someone while hiding your own identity behind a mask of anonymity. The funny thing is, it's quite obvious that the family knows exactly who you are. You took Mass into your home and all the while pretending to be a friend and then after he makes an obvious mistake, you lie about his parents and say they abused him. You're nothing but a disgusting sycophant! I'm sure you're not going to be the ones there to help the kid pick up the pieces and straighten his life out. No, that will be his PARENTS and FAMILY!

JR Henderson

Thank you on behalf of my family and I for sticking up for us. I know exactly who Guest606 is and you hit the nail right on the head with your comment. Sycophant is the perfect word!