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Brunswick vendors fighting roadside restrictions

READ MORE: Brunswick vendors fighting roadside restrictions

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Many Brunswick County farmers and fishermen remain up in arms over restrictions on roadside vendors. They feel like the county commission is sending mixed messages by cracking down on local produce stands while also telling consumers to buy local.

Selling local produce on the side of the road is a way of life for many people, but their stands are being hunted down.

"I think it's going to have a real big impact on the county, because they put a lot of people out of work," roadside vendor Randy Rhodes said.

The Brunswick County Commission voted to enforce an ordinance already on the books that cracks down on roadside vendors, which has them searching for answers.

"Basically I don't know what I'm going to do to support my family," vendor Kevin Marsh said. "Whoever's behind all this, I want them to think about what if they couldn't support their family, what if they were in my shoes?"

Rhodes said, "You can't work and support your family and stuff. You can't pay your bills or anything like that. That'd be just like one of us going up there and telling them they can't do their jobs."

The Brunswick County Department of Planning tells WWAY that there are a few options for roadside vendors. It is not against the law to sell produce on the property on which it's grown, like at a farm. Vendors can also sell their produce or goods at a farmer's market or flea market as outlined by the 496-page Unified Development Ordinance, but the sellers say they need to be on the road where their customers are; the same place they've been operating for years without a problem.

"We're out here making an honest living," Marsh said. "It ain't like we're out here trying to hustle anybody out of their money or anything like that. They know what they get before they buy it."

One vendor, Jim Simpson, is circulating a petition across Brunswick County against the regulations. He says he already has more than 1,500 signatures. He and plans to present it to the county commission soon.

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The problem is,the grocery stores,permanent vendors,and crying people who are from other states who thinks it is a eyesore are the a$$es who are complaining behind the scenes to these so called county commisioners to stop roadside vendors because it is taking away a dollar from them "THE BIG BOY MARKETS" .So i say fight the hell out of it and i hope you vendors will be able to continue to sell good things and make a dollar that you need and deserve.

Vegetable Vendors

The Brunswick county commissioners are wrong in taking such a harsh stand against the local farmers. In case they haven't noticed, times are tough in Brunswick county and all across NC. What in the world are they thinking?

Brunswick County is

a large rural county with alot of small towns and rural, small town way of life. People seem to like it that way. Vacationers/visitors come to our county for all the good things and uniquiness we have to offer such as our roadside venders. For some, it's a highlight of their trip to stop at all the places on the road. County Commissioners want to make the county something it isn't. We are not Wake, Guilford, Mecklengurg, etc county and never will be. Atleast not in their lifetime. They need to quit "puttin on the dog" trying to make themselves look like something they aren't and the county something it isn't.


whats this world coming too
our fathers and grandfathers and uncles and great grandfathers
many years have sold things on side of roads
its just a southern tradition
why are you all trying to take everything from us
just trying to control world not give us any rights anymore
what rights will we have to do anything
if we keep letting this happen to us
will we need to call you for permission to do what ever
anymore tell me

i also think its so unfair

i also think its so unfair to not let them sell
whats this world coming too
our fathers before us always sold fruit and veggies
on side of roads
our fathers their fathers
its just a southern way
are you going to take everything from us
control us so we dont have any freedom anymore

I've lived in Brunswick County

for over 20 years and anytime something good is going on, something that helps people in our county or our small business owners the county commissioners ALWAYS look for and find a way to screw it up. It makes you wonder why they hate us so much.