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Brunswick County Free Summer Meal Program

READ MORE: Brunswick County Free Summer Meal Program
The Brunswick County School District estimates more than five-thousand of its students receive free or reduced meals during the school year, but when school is out during the summer, many of those kids are forced to go without. One program is trying to fill the void. Brunswick Family Assistance Executive Director, Joe Cannon says "In the summer, if they don't go to school they don't eat. That puts a burden on our families and also a burden on food pantries, so we decided to start this food program to feed children during the summer and alleviate that burden." Brunswick Family Assistance with the help of many volunteers are working to make sure no child goes hungry over the summer with the help of a new, free meal summer program. A federal grant is providing free meals to needy children at seven locations, many of them churches or community centers. Volunteer, Margaret Von Wald says she has seen the impact the program has made in her children's lives as well as the hundreds of other children to whom she serves meals. "Some kids would probably wake up and have no breakfast and lunch. There are a lot of kids in our school system who are really hungry during the summer because their families can't afford the food." Across the county, volunteer, Brenda Hewett feels much of the same sentiment. "It's been very important to have good, sound, nutritious meals provided, with loving people talking to them everyday and the comfort that they get when they come here." With prices on just about everything going up, Cannon says this meal program could not have come at a better time. Because the summer meal program has already shown to be successful, Brunswick Family Assistance plans to reapply for the grant again next and double the sites of service. Free Meal Locations: Boys & Girls Club 705 North Lord St. Southport, NC. 28461 Johnson Chapel AME Zion Church 1882 Lincoln Road Leland, NC 28451 Cardinal Pointe Community Center 42 Brooks Court Shallotte, NC 28470 Harvest Fellowship 438 Gray Bridge Road Shallotte, NC 28470 Mt. Zion Baptist Church 7730 Mt. Zion Church Road Longwood, NC 28452 Cedar Grove Baptist 1229 Cedar Grove Road Supply, NC. 28462 Call:910-754-4766 FOR MORE INFORMATION

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What a great program for

What a great program for children in need. It's nice that there are thoughtful and caring people who would take their time to do something like this. I didn't read all the negative comments, really they depress me and remind me how cold some human beings can be. Banging away letters on my keyboard in anger does nothing here.
To those families whom are in need, no shame to you for seeking help. We all need help at one time or another. Think if every time we needed help and someone spewed words of hate and disgust, feeding their ignorance to our situation, that would help us to nowhere really. Instead, I lift you up and pray your situation can heal.
There will always be naysayers. May they be humbled.


I think we have forgotten why school has always been let out during the summer. It was to increase the work force during planting and harvesting. This is how our crops used to be picked before we started using South Americans to do this job for us. So, I say keep them in school all year long. The ones who are preforming at grade level can be let out with the parents permission. Also, the ones who want to work in the summer should be let out. We could call it work study.

I think they can get free

I think they can get free birth control at their local health department.


instead of offering free meals why not introduce FREE BIRTH CONTROL. it's pathetic that taxpayers have to pay for somebody elses kid to eat, especially when the parent can't take care of themselves....much less a herd of kids that have been spit out like a litter of kittens. 9 times out of 10 they have different last names anyway! maybe free birth control would be an alternative!

OK hold the parents

OK hold the parents responsible and when they still can't feed their children what do you do then, let them starve?? If your answer is yes, then what kind of people are you??? They should be able to take care of them if they have them but that doesn't always happen. I would much rather my tax money go to the children than to people who think they are above working or drug dealers.

what color is the sun?

Whocares wrote: "I would much rather my tax money go to the children than to people who think they are above working or drug dealers." And what color is the sun and sky in your world? Again, why is it my responsibility to raise a complete strangers child/children?

No one is starving!

Most of those kids could probably afford to miss a meal! Have you seen the obesity and diabetes rates in this state? And if this free (to mom and dad) lunch is the only healthy meal these kids are getting on any day, let's drop all pretenses, simply take the kids away and declare them wards of the state. They'll likely turn out better being raised in an institution such as we would find in a Dickens novel.

To Commonsense, or anyone

To Commonsense, or anyone else who can answer: What percentage of our tax dollars are used for public assistance and programs like this? Thanks

I don't normally reference Wikipedia...

...but this pie chart is, I Believe, derived directly from OMB. You have to use some interpretation to see where all the entitlements fall. For example, SCHIP and Medicaid are in a different category than TANF. This free lunch grant could be in a totally different category, not normally associated with entitlements. Given my preference, there would be TANF/Food Stamps/Medicaid only, with a two year lifetime limit. No SCHIP. No Medicare. No Social Security. We need to kill the concept of Nanny Government, and start making people responsible for the quality of their own lives again.

Too much

Too much, since you asked. I'm taking care of my family, why do I need to take care of yours as well?

Can I get a ......

yeah!! Guesty is correct and so is Common. Sterilization. It will never happen here, too many bleeding hearts. One child born on the welfare system is one too many and the Mother should be well aware that if she proceeds with her lifestyle and has another child that ALL welfare of any sort will be cut. Period. Might work seems all they care about is cash. Another thing the "men" that "help" with the breeding..... should be identified and sterilized. USA has a HUGE population of underachievers and they are the ones breeding too many children. Welfare encourages irresponsible behaviors. Something has to be done NOW.

I'm with common

I have to agree with him on this one as well. I am tired of paying for other peoples kids.If you cant afford them then dont have them. I am 30 years old and have enough common sense to know that I am not ready for a child so my wife and I take precautions preventing child birth. Can I afford them? yes very much so, however we are enjoying our lives, traveling, boating, nice house, and nice cars, and still saving for retirement and putting away for jr's(someday) college fund. Lord knows thats going to be through the roof by that time. Its not that hard people. Use your brain, and if you cant then STOP HAVING CHILDREN. You need a permit to do everything else in life, why not have to get a permit in order to have children.

Brunswick County Free Summer Meal Program

Anyone, no matter how financially stable they are today, could fall on hard times tomorrow. Government Welfare Programs should be for those cases, to temporarily assist until you get back on your feet. I'm not well off, but I work full time and I always have to take care of my family. I know people who have been on Welfare their entire lives, and their children are now on Welfare because it is all they know and no one forces them to break this cycle. I know people who are better off as far as their health, who draw a disability check every month along with medical benefits. The Welfare Reform act passed a few years ago has been a joke. If our Socialist candidate for President makes it in, I only see it getting worse. I am tired of working and paying taxes while the Welfare offices are full of people who are living better than I am.

I PRAY that those of you who

I PRAY that those of you who feel welfare isn't always the answer, I PRAY you never fall on hard times and need the assistance for yourself. Having to apply for assistance is a very humbling experience, but think about it. The bulk of all americans are one pay check away from disaster, if your husband is injuried and can't work, who's going to help you make ends meet? These children can't help their circumstances, now can they???? Think about it people.......

Please prove that statement

"The bulk of all americans are one pay check away from disaster..." Pardon me, but that's a load of bovine droppings that the Socialist left wants you to believe. It has no basis in fact, whatsoever. The bulk of Americans have no savings at all? The bulk of Americans own no property at all? The bulk of Americans don't have an IRA or 401k? They have no family to help them through a rough period? While many Americans are irresponsible in their financial management, most are NOT one paycheck away from disaster. It has been proven false time and time again. There is no statistical evidence to support it.

Proving the statement

41% according to cnn and are living paycheck to paycheck Here's another article: And... Accroding to a study done by Rutgers University: The average U.S. household carries about a $9,300 credit card balance. By one estimate, about seventy percent of Americans are living “paycheck to paycheck” and have no money left over after paying basic monthly expenses. The number of household bankruptcy filings soared to about 1.6 million in 2004. About half of all bankruptcies in 2001 were triggered by illness or medical debts. Average American households are saving only about 1% of their disposable personal income. Only three in ten U.S. households meet the recommended guideline of holding at least three months expenses in cash assets for emergencies. It happens. We have to look out for our fellow man.

Math 101

41% is not MOST. "By one estimate" is hardly a credible reference, is it? As far as credit card debt and bankruptcies, that hardly constitutes as an "unfortunate happening." More like self induced, financial suicide. My statemnet stands.

English 101

The word "bulk" has a different meaning than the word "most".

"THE bulk"....

....certainly DOES inply "most." I'm not going to argue word usage, I'm going to reiterate my point: This is not about helping people who are going through a rough time. This IS about more federal tax dollars going to subsidize irresponsble breeders. There's no end to it. WHEN are we going to hold people responsible for their repoductive carelessness?

RE: Math 101

I think both arguments are valid. Both points above have ground to stand on. So the 41% is not a majority, but it is a "bulk" of the American public. "By one estimate" is not credible but when it comes from a respected institution it can be. It's all relative. Tragedy, financial distress (even if self-inflicted) can happen to anyone at anytime. Think of the stock market crash or the dust bowl, or even the current state of the economy. You never know when something may happen, thus it is best to be prepared. But sometimes, even the most prepared sometimes need help. At some point in our lives, we have all used the services of others. Whether it be our parents when we were in college, borrowed our buddies car when ours was in the shop, or that friend on the other line. Or even at worse, when a home catches on fire or unexpected medical bills arise such as a long battle with cancer. At some point in each of our lives, we will need some sort of assistance coming from government, tax payers or volunteers. When you need assistance, be thankful programs, volunteers and family are there for you.

Sorry, Barney!

Life is tough and government can't smooth out all the bumps. You are correct that all of us face hardship and adversity in life. The strong, the capable, figure out how to rectify the situation. They get over the obstacle, get around the obstacle, but somehow, they get past the obstacle, and continue to march. The sponges don't even try. At the first signs of hardship they start crying like stuck puppies, and the saps, suckers, Socialists and sc**bags immediately expect the government to come running in with the open checkbook. "Oooh, I can't feed my kid. Where's my money?" "Ooh, I signed a mortgage that I can't afford. I need help." "Ooh, I dropped out of school when I was sixteen and have the job skills of a gerbil. Raise the minimum wage so I don't have to live like I'm poor." Like it or not, survival of the fittest is a natural, universal law. Liberal politics and sob-sister, canned humanitarianism can't change that.


Who remembers when the eastern half of North Carolina (9-1999)was under water due to hurricane Floyd? Now does anybody remember us whining for government handouts like New Orleans did/still is? The government isn't the answer to life's problems. Quite usually they are part of the problem. Exxon and Mobile oils were allowed to merge in record time but the XM and Sirius merger took over 18 months to get government approval. What is wrong with that picture?

RE:RE: Math 101

Good points, I agree, although I would like to add please. The system is set up to reward those who are irresponsible and punish those who are responsible. This has to stop. Only certain folks allowed to breed? Not smart. Sterilization will only create more class warfare and ACLU lawsuits. This kind of mess is already bad enough. Helping hand, yea but not to those who wish to abuse it. Yes, there are many out there who take advantage, my sister for one. I've watched the positioning year after year just so that she can get a freebie. Let's not forget to demand a total stop to corporate welfare while we are at it.

you forgot

You forgot that their basic monthly expenses usually include cable, internet, cell phones, new clothes, going out to eat, netflix and other non-essential items that should be cut it you can't afford to feed what you breed. We should help those willing to help themselves, not those waiting on the next "free" (our taxes) handout.

Commonsense needs to run for

Commonsense needs to run for president. It is easy to find out who the "entitlement crowd" is when a discussion like this starts. Where is the pride of being independent and not having to live off the taxpayers? Live within your means. I would not be afraid to bet that the ones that are on the program have car payments instead of driving an older car, have a fridge full of Bud Light, plenty of smokes and cell phones for every member of the family, cable TV, as well as many other unnecessary luxuries. Maybe they should put their kids before these things.

Ive read alot of

Ive read alot of commonsense's post on different issues and he does need to run for president. you know why? because he speaks the truth and the people fighting him are just too scared to admit that the truth hurts. When my wife and I have extra money, we save. we don't buy extra things that we don't need. why? because we never know when we are going to fall on hard times. The democratic way of thinking is to feed people too lazy or sorry to feed themselves and unfortunately the people who really need help get caught up in this. i for one am tired of picking up the slack. No more.

I'd never get elected

We are reaching a tipping point in this country, and within our lifetime we will see the darker side of democracy in the United States. No one wants to hear the tough love speech anymore. Individual responsibility and self-reliance are traits that are as outmoded as the Model T. Democracy only works as long as 51% of the voters are intelligent, productive members of society. When the numbers shift, and the majority consists of saps, suckers, Socialists and s**mbags, things get very bad, very fast. (Think Russia an 1914.) As Neal Boortz says, "When two wolves and a sheep sit down to discuss dinner plans, you can bet that lamb will be on the menu." The wolves and their allies will soon be in the majority. As you pointed out, you can see the attitudes right here on this board. Some sincerely believe that they have a total right to your money. Others, racked with guilt at their own success, feel that they are somehow obligated to give away their money to people who won't lift a finger to manage their own lives. I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime, but I should have anticipated it. The handwriting appeared on the wall during the Johnson Administration. That's when we started telling people that there was no need to try to succeed, no reason to perform the most rudimentary steps to manage your life. Fall on your sword consistently, day after day, and the government will always bail you out. We destroyed three generations of poor people by simply buying them off with direct cash payments that increased every time another child arrived. The government has no money of its own, however. So they penalize the productive through a progressive and punitive system of taxation. I wonder if we can claim a few of these kids in the Brunswick County Lunch Program as our dependents? After all, we're the ones feeding them and supporting them....

Now I was a single mother

Now I was a single mother for 7 years. I did not qualify for welfare because I was working and was told since I worked too many hours that I could not receive benefits. Now I am married to a wonderful man and we have two children together. We are very fortunate to be able to make ends meet in todays society. If something was to happen to one of us health wise we MAY not be as lucky. I don't know what the future holds and neither do any of you. This is a good program. I don't care what ANY of you say about it. Maybe the negative replies about this are just unhappy people. I don't know nor do I care!! The children are our future. Take care of them because they oneday will be taking care of us.

Where is your compassion???

Some of the comments posted here are very disturbing. The lack of compassion for your fellow man is disgusting. Perhaps a little humility in your lives would wake you up and do you some good. This is children they are talking about here and they can't help what is or is not provided for them. Shame on you heartless pigs that write this mean stuff!!! Don't complain when your turn comes up!!!


Most people have compassion for people who try to help themselves. However, some people would spend $200 on a pair of Nike’s and not put food on their table for their kids because they know the government will take care of them. If you have so much compassion, why not sell your house and buy a smaller one and then purchase a house for someone you feel compassion for? That is the Democrat’s way. Take it from the hard working people who try to better their life and give to the people who don’t care to work and then call it compassion.. I think if they don’t care to work cut the funding or give them dollar for dollar on what they make in a pay check..