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Budget battle continues in Oak Island

READ MORE: Budget battle continues in Oak Island

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) -- No matter what size the town, figuring out a budget can be stressful, especially for its residents.

Dozens of Oak Island residents showed up to a special budget workshop today. Many of them hoped to get their frustrations out on how the town has been spending their money.

The town council is in the process of approving the town budget. The current proposal suggest that residents pay more in property taxes, a 2.5-cent increase per $100 of property value.

Many residents, Including the town's mayor say that increase is due to useless spending by specific council members.

"The horses have come home, the crows have come home to roost and now were going to have pay for the spending this town has been doing in terms of a beautiful town hall, which we didn't need," Lynne Jacquet said.

Today's workshop lasted for more than four hours. Many of the residents left early saying they were frustrated with the budget process.

Council is expected to adopt its final budget June 8.

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Oak Island Budget

Mr Bunce does represent the majority of the residents that I've talked with recently. Most of us have fought this battle for so long, if you talk before the council, the referred to majority does every thing but listen and looks bored not concerned. Only the new members and the mayor show any interest..(It should get lots better when they have the internet in front of them to play with during council meetings.)
The big mistake was reelecting an incumbent and keeping the old majority.
In questioning the donations in a previous meeting. One member seems to have a very vested interest in the airport. Is he going to be allowed to vote on that donation? It was also noted by a member that the Sr. Center has it's own budget covered. Most of the service organizations on the island have fund raisers and contribute to the island rather than asking for handouts.

ToOI Budget

Largest budget in Town history at nearly $30M. $4M higher than current approved budget and roughly 50% greater than actual current budget. Twice the budget of 4 years ago...

Property tax rate increase of 18% and property tax revenue increase of 23%.

Budget document also calls for unspecified utility rate increases to make up for the Managers incompetence in managing the Towns wastewater project.

The Town of Oak Island Über Alles crowd is spending us into oblivion and the bill is coming due. 20% increase in property tax bills and $150 utility bills including the monthly assessment payment will only drive up the already too high foreclosure rate. This is government of the town employee, by the town employee, and for the town employee..

Oak Island

Lets hear from others, it seems to be the same names complaining NO MATTER what, whether its budget or regular business...Jacquet, Bunce, etc. SAME OLE FOLKS, what does others think? There has got to be more folks on Oak Island than these same ole complainers. And, why in this world would the Mayor go on record and split the town even more by making such comments about certain council members.

Budget Battle

As the three Council members in question are responsible for the rampant Town spending over the last several years, doubling the Town budget over this time, it is entirely appropriate for the Mayor to discuss their part in this fiscal fiasco. They Mayor has few powers in a Council/Manager form of government and using the bully pulpit is one of them. Being a mouthpiece for the Town like the last Mayor only contributed to the Towns many financial and project problems. Having a frank discussion about these issues is the greatest service the Mayor can perform for the residents and property owners who have to pay the bills being run up by these irresponsible Council members. Town finances would be improved if the previous Mayor paid his shell corporation (Trace Properties) Town property taxes.

Mr. Bunce

You do not impress me. But, you are entitled to your opinion as I. Thankfully, you do not represent the majority.

Town Budget

State Of The Town:

Town Budget doubled in four years to $30 million.

Town Property Tax revenue increase of 23%.

Unspecified wastewater rate increase.

Wastewater System cost increased to at least $150 million.

Decision to not partner with Brunswick County in 2002 more than doubled Wastewater System costs and resulted in a three plus year delay in completion (see Holden Beach.)

Flawed Wastewater System engineering leading to increased risk of cross contamination of water system and significantly less maintainable system.

Continuing property owners declaring bankruptcy and being foreclosed upon in significant part due to increased costs of Town government.

$150 monthly utility bills when 10 year assessment payments added in.

That must be impressive to you... I don't pretend to speak for the others let alone the majority of Oak Island residents and property owners and neither should you.

You left one out

The idiotic decision (on again, off again, on again) to have your own PSAP (911 Center) rather than using the county's.

Sure, it provided a big kick up front, but now it's a big expense.

Town Budget

That's right, duplicating County services for which all ToOI property owners are also paying a full County Property Tax bill is wasteful. Far greater coordination between the County and Town and other nearby municipalities is what is needed and has been woefully lacking recently. The Town of Oak Island Über Alles crowd desperately wants to be the biggest and baddest government in SE NC and we all get to pay for their folly...