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Budget cuts for Wilmington and New Hanover County

READ MORE: Budget cuts for Wilmington and New Hanover County
The stock market dropped, gas prices spiked, the local real estate market slowed dramatically. All of those things put a hole in local government budgets. The City of Wilmington originally budgeted around $15 million for operating expenses, but with fewer real estate sales and less property tax revenue coming in, they have to cut around $5 million from the budget. "We are trying to do everything we can to keep all of the employees that we have. Not reduce the number of employees, so we can continue to provide those core services," said Malissa Talbert, City of Wilmington spokesperson. The city has a traveling and hiring freeze, except on emergency personnel, and new purchases are being put off. But they may have to cut more, depending on the state of the economy. New Hanover County also has to reduce its budget by $4 million because of a loss in tax revenue. The county is also in a hiring freeze, except for emergency personnel. The county has cut each department's operating expenses by 5 percent and education by one half of one percent. That means county schools will have to cut their budget by $360,000. Cape Fear Community College will have cuts as well. David Hardin, CFCC spokesperson, said, “As far as our county cuts this year it's roughly about $30,000, but we're going to be able to manage without that the student's basic services will not be affected." The college will wait to fill open positions to save money and be careful of new purchases. These cuts will probably not be the last. City and county officials do not foresee the economy turning around any time soon. "We expect that this downturn will continue at least into the next fiscal year. We're really looking at something significant and we anticipate that well have some difficult decisions to make with in the next few months," said Talbert. The City Council will meet on November 3rd to discuss more details on the budget cuts and decide if more are needed. School administrators will meet Monday to determine how they will meet the $360,000 county funding cuts.

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this article

I read in the article that there are not as many property taxes coming in. Whether or not anything is selling, or anyone is buying, and no matter how poor people get during this recession,the owner of every home in town must pay property taxes. So how is the budget dwindling during hard times? There was another property tax increase this year. If nothing else, there should be MORE money coming in.

I am confused by this

I am confused by this article as well. My last property tax bill sure wasn't adjusted to reflect my home's current value. Still had to pay according to the last valuation. Since the reasoning for the shortfall wasn't a direct quote, the explanation sounds like someone on WWAY's staff may be playing junior economist. Regardless, this is a bunch of bull from the county. Don't forget, last year we had a huge budget shortfall because someone in accounting forgot to carry the 1.

"Rich" Go On Strike!

What a great headline. All the "rich" people, who work, and pay their own way, AND also pay many, many taxes, should simply go on strike! Why keep paying for ungrateful fellow Americans...who only demand more, with a few insults thrown in the bargain? Why work and and save to have it taken from you, to pay expenses for others, who show NO appreciation, and DEMAND more and more? What give-away money could be promised if the "rich" went on strike? Yes, and how about the Convention Center?

What will actually happen... that the "rich" will start masking their income. Let's face it, Obama may SAY that he's only targeting those over $250k income, but we already KNOW that on March 13th and 14th he voted to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire next year for the 25% and higher tax brackets, effectively raising taxes on anyone making as low as $42k. Should we go by what he SAYS, or his historical voting record? A good way to keep him from getting any more money from you is to increase your 401k pre-tax contribution. You can lower your taxable gross to a point where you pay no more taxes then you were paying, and the money will be there when you retire. By that time we have hopefully driven a stake through the heart of Socialism once again, but even if it's still moving, you will likely have a lower income at that time and pay lower taxes on the money, anyway. If you're in a high tax bracket, municipal bonds may be a good investment. There are now municipal bond funds that purchase only bonds that are totally exempt from the AMT, so you never have to worry about that. Heck, regular old I Series Savings Bonds are paying well over 4%. You can defer the taxes on the interest until you cash them in and those cockroaches in Raleigh can't touch that money. Talk to your financial advisor and tell him, "I'm looking for ways to hide my money from the greedy Socialists who want to steal it and blow it on sc**bags." He'll likely give you several legal options.

And yet...

And yet...they will continue spending money on the Convention Center. I know, THAT project is being funded with room-tax dollars, but given the state of the economy, who will be using the facility? Oops! Of course the facility will be used...booked far in advance...'cause this is Wilmington! We're immune to economic downturns ;)


No comments trying to lay the blame at the feet of President Bush or soon to be President Elect McCain. Let's remember many of these challenges had their core beginning during the Clinton Administration when Senator Thomas Dodd (D) and Rep Barney Franks (D) forced through legisation forcing banks to make mortgage loans which should never have been made. Let's also remember Senators McCain and Dole spoke against these legislative items and predicted the very results we are seeing now. If things are this tight now, how do you imagine they will recover in a Barrack Obama regime? No wonder Lt Governor Perdue did not wish to debate this week in Wilmington. Think before you vote on NOvember 4.

the sad thing... that you'll never hear these facts on the mainstream media. You have to really dig to find these stories.

No Budget Cuts. Make up the shortfall with more taxes.

No, No, No. They should not be making budget cuts. They should be more focused on serving the UNDERPRIVILEGED and UNDESERVED. They need to INCREASE the budget by 25%. I suggest that they RAISE TAXES on everyone that makes more than 50,000. These RICH people should be FORCED to pay more. They can afford it. It is their PATRIOTIC DUTY to SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND. Wouldn't it be wonderful if these RICH people adopted at least two families, payed for their food, clothing, health care and childrens education? Go Obama, Vote democrat.

Be the first

in line. Let's see you down at the entitlement offices offering to cover the entitlement costs of those who don't work and have NEVER worked. Why not take a couple of those families out of the project and take them to your house. Or are you one of them? Or, were you just being sarcastic?

Come on guys, this is a

Come on guys, this is a joke. A funny one at that. The only thing I can think of that may have thrown you off is that it sounds a lot like a (less subtle) Obama campaign speech.

Have you tried to raise a

Have you tried to raise a family on a whopping $50,000 a year. Where have you been living that by today's economy this is still considered rich... maybe 1950?? And why is it my "PATRIOTIC DUTY" to "SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND"!! My husband served 20+ years in the military, my oldest son is serving and my youngest is on his way in the the service and for this "WE" owe you. I don't think so!! Get a job and education to take care of yourself. I wasn't born with a silver spoon, I was taught to work and EARN money for things I need and want, no one "owes" me anything. People who earn more money typically work more. Why should they be responsible for those who won't work?

Hopefully you are being sarcastic...

...if not, I GUARANTEE you make less than $50,000 since you're so pro on raising taxes on folks making over that.