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Budget deficit may increase property taxes

The City of Wilmington is faced with some difficult decisions about how to correct its budget situation. The city is $6 million over budget due to a mistake New Hanover County made calculating the tax rate. Suggestions have been made on how to make up the deficit. A proposed 14 percent property tax increase was suggested at Monday night's council meeting. The city says there's simply no other choice. While some homeowners weren't happy about the idea, Wilmington homeowner Thurman Burgess said, "If I can be assured that this money will be distributed and used equitably among all the citizens of Wilmington, I would gladly pay the 14 percent." The average person with a home worth $250,000 would have to pay an additional nine dollars per month. City Council will hold an all-day budget workshop May 20. Members won't vote on the proposal until next month.

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Wake up Wilmington

Your city council makes the important decisions in your city. They do run your city, and spend your tax money! Make the city council members accountable. Attend meetings; voice your grievances in all possible ways; vote for representatives that will fairly represent the average resident, and protect the quality of life in our area; watch for graft. The Convention Center project is a prime example of all that is wrong with our city council. Why should the taxpayers, and especially the property owners, foot the huge loses. Who ultimately benefits from this losing proposition on our prime riverfront property will be a most interesting revelation...

Make the tax exempt pay taxes!

It is well past time that these freeloading churches stepped up and paid their fair share of Taxes. They pay nothing toward police and fire or any other city services while homeowners and other business have to take up their slack These places bring in thousands of dollars every week ,they build big multi-million buildings. Some of their preachers ride around in BMW's and other luxury cars. I don't go to these places so why should I have to pay their taxes?!


Wow, the city council monkeys knew there was a budget shortfall but they pushed the convention center on us anyway. They are no better than a thug breaking into your house to rob you.

Did you not expect this?

You people who do not vote, who do not take an interest in local politics have reaped what you have sewed. Developers, the already rich and real estate run this city and county. Just look at city and county council members and see what they do for a living. Any normal person making that big a mistake on caculating taxes would have been fired. The good ole boys reward this behavoir with promotions and raises. Paying more taxes does not affect them. They already have plenty of money through padding their pockets at our expense. The middle class blue collar worker has to come out and show their power through voting these people out. If we do not we will pay and continue to pay unitl we are just completely tapped out. Folks it is coming, please rid our city and county of those who make our lives pay for their greed.

Wake Up & VOTE

CITIZENS OF WILMINGTON: You have allowed a select few to run your city You have allowed the voting process to be manipulated by a small percentage of voters who turn out and then gain the power Those who are elected often represent the citizens well, BUT are NOT held accountable when it comes to spending our tax money Now property owners once again can take the hit This could be stopped by citizen/voter involvement: Watch your tax money! Vote accordingly! P.S. Wait till the Convention Center costs come rolling in.

Fire the highest tier of workers in government

Fire the highest tier of workers in government positions within the city and advance those that have been doing their jobs. Don't hand these people top pay right away, let's see what they can do. That and a hiring freeze should remedy the shortfall in about 2 years. Salaries, insurance, benefits and savings from even vehicle use dropping would soon cover the shortfall. Hitting the very people that you depend on for the money in the first place with higher taxes is clearly thinking based on one thing. The stoopidity of the taxpayer and their willingness to put up with it. Everyone that voted for the same people to stay in the running for City of Wilmington political offices just need to hush and go away. You are voting FOR the higher taxes and incompetent mistake makers.

Now this sounds like a plan!

But I don't think we can fire the politicians that are voting on the tax increases, we have to just not vote for them And there seem to really be a plethora of ignorant voters in this town. The so called "locals" that have lived here for so long only know how to vote for the same people. And almost every northerner that has moved here like it here, see no problem compared to how it was up north, and they also unknowingly vote for the same bunch. A town full of educated voters would be a dangerous thing for the politicians in this town.

Budget deficit

Why don't we just deduct the deficit from their pay. Or they need to have a big "yard sale" and start selling some stuff. Isn't that what most of us do to create cash flow? Since it was their miscalculation, then they should have to pay. Not us citizens. It's just not fair to us to have to pay back something that they have spent in error.

Stop spending money

If the city of wilmington would stop spending money on useless things, then maybe the people of wilmington might be willing to agree with a tax increase. Take a look at the council members and the way they live. I say if we need to pay more taxes then are council members need to take a pay cut as well. If they raise the taxes because of a mistake they made ok, for every percent that they raise taxes by, that should be what there pay cut should be.

I think it is time that the

I think it is time that the unqualified that has managed to lie their way into a position by promising assistant that only they benefits need to prove themselves. I do not feel that raising property taxes will fix the problem of the budget deficit created by miscalculation of the tax rate. Why should the residents of New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington be penalized for their mistake? If the average employee made such a colossal mistake they would be dismissed without hesitation. This problem was created because no one felt that the problem was significant enough to take immediate action or to be more attentive to the situation this is not reason enough to penalize the residents. A mistake of this magnitude is only created due to someone lack of attention and believing that a simple fix is raising taxes. This will not deter the problems from happening again, and again. It will only set a president in the City govenment that if someone falls short of their job performance raise taxes, it is a quick fix to every situation. Once the residents permit them to go forward it establishes a pattern for the future generation. The City government should be forced to find other ways of addressing the problem and accept the fact that they were the reason of the deficit and curtail their spending habits. The economy is currently dealing with high gas prices, low job rate, and home foreclosure just to mention a few why would you add to the burden.

Greedy Spenders Raise Taxes!

Only a fool believes "a mistake" is the reason Wilmington and New Hanover County want to raise taxes. Lavish spending on convention centers, a new developer-run sewer authority, scarecrow festivals, and handouts to special interests like the the Cameron Museum, Wilmington Downtown Inc. and many others has nothing to do with it. The massive subsidies handed out to developers and lavish spending of local politicians was structured to delay the inevitable bill. The bill is here and its time for all property owners to pay the price that comes with having greedy neighbors who suckle at the government teet and elected officials who lack integrity and basic Christian morals.

The city says there's simply no other choice.

The city lies. The people of Wilmington need to pack every single city council meeting and tell these tyrants "NO!" When the budget gets tight, we tighten our belts and eliminate the frills. The city should do no less.