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Bumper to Bumper traffic on Pleasure Island: Is the new lane pattern to blame?

READ MORE: Bumper to Bumper traffic on Pleasure Island: Is the new lane pattern to blame?

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Joe Coen calls the traffic situation on Pleasure Island a nightmare. The nightmare peaked during the July 4 holiday weekend. Coen owns Squigley’s Ice Cream Shop. He told WWAY that he’s never seen it this bad. He blames the congestion on Lake Park Blvd. being reduced from two lanes to one. Coen says he’s not alone. He says most of the business owners don’t like the new traffic pattern either, which includes the addition of bike lanes in both directions.

Nine-year-old Skylar Bass is fed up with the traffic. She’s not old enough to drive, but she’s old enough to know a traffic snarl when she sees it.

"I wrote a letter to the town of Carolina Beach," Bass said. "It said people are sitting in their cars a long time waiting to go the hotels. It's not the people who want to be here's fault. It’s the fault of the people who changed it."

Bass hasn’t received a response from the town yet, but the Island Gazette published her letter last week. Coen has a solution.

"They're saying it would cost a half million dollars to change it back," he said. "I would be willing to bet that if you get some gray paint that would work on asphalt and repaint over some of the yellow stripes, it would be solved with a lot less money than $500,000."

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What they need to do in

What they need to do in Carolina Beach is make more lanes and less bars. How about something for the local kids to go to now since the movie theater shut down? CB can be a awesome place to go but the bar scene is going to scare off more families.

Traffic pattern

Awful puts it mildly. On Saturday morning I saw at least two vehicles use the bike lane as a turn lane. Now there is an accident waiting to happen. Here is a thought - Chief Youngner, have your officers ticket those using the bike lane for turning. It would not take long to raise that $500,000 to return the road to its original four lane pattern. Case closed. Seriously, this was/is a really bad idea. Bike lanes on secondary streets but not on the main through fare. It isn't like we have many choices for alternatives to Lake Park.


The new traffic pattern in Carolina Beach SUCKS!It's the worst thing the beach has ever done! I had to sit in traffic for 30 mins to get over the bridge on to Carolina Beach from River Road!

Traffic backing up to Kure Beach just to get off the beach, you call that a better down town traffic theme? I call it a cluster F**K. How about you just give the locals the paint and we will repaint the road for free to ease the tension and traffic!

Wilcox your TV interview sucked! You really dont care what the town thinks as long as you dont have to drive in it! Well since you were one that helped approve it you will hear it if you like it or not!

What should the police dept & fire dept do in an emergency and they can't get anywhere because of all the traffic! What will it take for you to make the decision to change the pattern back? What serious situation has to happen?

The bikers dont even use the bike lane, they just stroll down the middle of the lanes, they dont care! So much for adding a bike lane? THIS NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN IS THE WORST THING EVER CREATED IN CAROLINA BEACH.


WHY are they complaining...sounds like the beaches were PACKED with MORE people this year...BE THANKFUL...BTW..traffic SUCKED EVERYWHERE!


This dimwit is obviously clueless as to what is going on in Carolina Beach. What seemingly worked reasonably well in the past is now history because of the Town's "Road Diet." Sure, traffic is always bad on holiday weekends, but this bright bulb didn't see it on Good Friday weekend, or on any Friday night, or on a weekday morning at about 9:30, or just about any other time of the day. Sure, it isn't always constant, but most every day (albeit during the Summer months) there is some tie-up. Funny, it wasn't this bad last year. And don't give me that crap that it's because MORE people are coming to Carolina Beach. The place ain't that big. Just BE THANKFUL you don't live next door to me.

It's not just on holiday weekends

How about you come to Carolina beach on any given day! The traffic is backed up all the time! I will complain all I want. I live there I pay taxes there and I am not the only one complaining!

The new traffic pattern has been an on-going problem since it started!

So yes I will complain as much as I want! I would be happy to repaint it myself


I DO go to Carolina Beach...A LOT..I also go to Wrightsville Beach DAILY...I pay taxes too...if you live in NHC...and went to the beaches on July 4th weekend thinking it was going to be any different than what it was...YOUR NOT THE BRIGHTEST BULB IN THE far as any "other" day...never had an issue.'s not backed up ALL the time...try driving ANYWHERE in NHC during peak hours...

Drive in Carolina Beach

Drive in Carolina Beach traffic is always backed up with the new traffic pattern!

I knew traffic would be worse being the holiday weekend! But the new traiffc pattern is not helping before the new pattern, traffic NEVER backed up to the extent that it does now! All the way backed up to Kure beach/

And I know what "backed up traffic is like" traffic here in ILM is nothing compared to where I am from! But in a small town when there was never a problem than to go and change the pattern and cause more issues. I will bitch and complain all I want to and I am not the only one at the beach that feels that way about the new traffic pattern!

Beach Traffic

Been living in Wilmington since 1988. I can't remember a time when there wasn't traffic during the summer on the beaches. Going to the beach on the Fourth of July has pretty much always been a 2 hour trip unless you're smart and go early. The traffic is nothing new and even two lanes probably won't help it much. Lots of people going to one place = lots of cars or what the normal person calls traffic.

Traffic is horrible!!! I

Traffic is horrible!!! I disagree w/ the comment on Wrightsville Beach traffic being bad- at least there are 2 lanes going there and back!! Carolina Beach only has one lane each way!! Terrible!!! I was in traffic for 45 minutes!!!


yeah..and WB has a draw bridge that goes up EVERY HOUR, plus goes up every time a commercial ship wants thru...ON ANY DAY....cry me a river! Be happy people are dumping in and putting tax revenue at CB!

Thank you

Exactly CB is the only town with one lane each way! The traffic pattern sucks!

So agree with you! Between the new traffic pattern the traffic lights are not green long enough traffic can't move and it sucks

Don't even get me started on

Don't even get me started on the Traffic lights in Wilmington- ARGGGGGG!!