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Burgaw man sentenced to federal prison for child pornography

A federal judge in Raleigh sentenced a Burgaw man to 60 years in federal prison for the manufacturing of child pornography. Dennis Johnston pled guilty to two counts in what the judge called the most horrific case of this type he had ever seen. A joint investigation by the Pender County Sheriff's Office and the FBI revealed evidence of sexual abuse and exploitation by Johnston over a period of six years. Johnston's victims ranged in age from five years to early teens.

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You will be...

the center of attention once you get to prison. Inmates convicted of crimes such as yours lead a very difficult life once "inside". From what I've read, there's a natural "pecking order" in prison. Unfortunately, you and those like you are at the top of the list to get "pecked"...and deservedly so.

I hope

I hope he ROTS in prison and they can throw his dead body out with the rest of the trash... I had lunch with a good friend last week, and children were a topic.. Our children... I commented that when I was a child, we didn't have to worry about things like this... as much... My friend then said the smartest thing in the world... The difference between me being a child and now, are twice as many people in this world.. thus doubling the filth and trash out there... It tears my soul apart each time I read about scum like this taking the innocence of another child and destroying/scarring a human life forever... Then this pastor or whatever in Brunswick County.. He destroys a life and he just can't go back to church? How about this lawmakers.. You can throw someone who sells drugs and destroys a life permanently in prison for life.... Start doing the same thing to child predators.. First offense.. Life in prison... Maybe THAT would teach them to keep their privates in their pants and stop exploiting children on the internet... Get this filth out of our lives forever and society will be better to live in...... and safer for our children..

Not exactly....

Yes, your friend is right that there are twice as many people now but that is not the reason for the horrendous decay in society we have today. Check your history, review the facts, and you will see our once great society started falling apart once we took prayer out of the schools and discipline out of the home. All this was so one person out of hundreds wouldn't be offended, then the domino effect kicks in and everything moral and decent starts to decline.