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Burgaw Middle School principal suspended


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- The principal of Burgaw Middle School will not return for the rest of the school year. Pender County Schools said in a statement today that Major Coleman was suspended Friday. Citing personnel and confidentiality policies, a school district spokesperson would not provide any additional details.

Bobby Hudspeth, Pender County's Director of Secondary Education, will serve as interim principal at Burgaw Middle School through the remainder of the school year.

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Mr. Coleman is the hardest working Principal I have ever met. We will be hard pressed to find anyone who cares more about the kids and who consistently holds the students, faculty, staff, and community to higher standards. If Dr. Stephens was really concerned about any of the students at BMS, she would do everything in her power to support Mr. Coleman and what he has done for the school.

2 questions

I was curious of 2 things. 1. Is Rachel Stephens, also known as Rachel McKoy Stephens? 2. I saw a quote where she said that primarily the white students have far better grades han the black students, would any of that have to result back to the families and parents and how much time they spend with their child and their schoolwork?

Naacp actionsmaybe off

My child was taken out of west pender middle and was force to go to PSA until NAACP fought to get her back in regular school cause the board and NAAcP later found out it was some racism going on at west Pender dealing with the princile. My quiet child was also ask to leave because of this racism cause she was a good student thaey didn't want her affected by this situation. So the NAACP had my children placed at Burgaw middle school because i was told that my children would not have problems with racism there and that this school was almost gang environmental. I was also told this principle cares and all i can say is yeah right there all alike. I spent a whole year with Mr. coleman and i am sad to say i was wrong Mr. Coleman was the best i've seen yet my child went there in a lot of trouble but now she's less trouble she left and went to pender high and til she lost her phone last week she could still call Mr. Coleman and talk to him for hours at atime when she has problems or scared of the near future. I don't know any principle or teacher that the child was a pass student they can go back and still talk to and never say that they are busy or call back later. She has his personal number and every time she calls him she leaves off the phone smiling,laughing,and full of joy. When she felt she needed tutoring in the 8th gr. the teachers said no cause she was an honor student and didn't need it Mr. Coleman said no let her if she want to be tutored and is willing to learn allow her to and he personally made sure she was in that tutoring program and i thank You Mr. Coleman for all you have done and I am a proud black parent and you know who I am my daughter future is bright thanks to you and i hope Mr. coleman gets his job back cause the one that don't give a dam is still teaching im behind you NAACP but not this time you got this one wrong i must say

Mr.coleman is the best pricipal in my eyes

Mr.coleman i know for a fact is a good pricipal I was a student there last year, but I came from West pender Middle, and before i was there i was not focused nor did i score high on my E.O.G than i did at west pender but when i got there i became more focused on my school work, I put my best effort into everything i did, and i scored higher on my E.O.G so in my opinion you should let Mr. Coleman back into the pender county school of district!!!!!!!!


this can be linked to the racist group called the NAACP. They are the ones on the witch hunt in Pender County. Can nobody see thru these bigots.

MD Coleman

Mr. Coleman is a good man and an excellent principal. He has changed BMS into a school we can all be proud of. He does not deserve to be suspended and should be re-instated asap so that the students can take their EOGs without this nonsense causing confusion. I just hope a private school doesn't snatch him before we can get him back. Public schools don't usually have someone who cares like he does in charge. I say we vote him in as Superintendent!

Blame the Principal...It's Easier Than Taking Responsibility

Very sad our society quickly removes hard-working and well-intentioned principals without pay, due process, or even an investigation, based upon allegations by a few racists. The principal has to keep the school safe, and if parents do not parent, principals have to do something to make a difference for everybody. The school board and media have damaged this poor principal's reputation and career for good, for no obvious reason at all. What is the big secret? The principal cannot talk at all or he loses his job for certain; so he is in a lose, lose situation. I guess that is how principals are paid back for trying to make a difference when dealing with dysfunctional families and school safety.

This principal bears

This principal bears responsibility for a number of things that he got wrong. Arrogance and an unwillingness to listen do not constitute good leadership skills.

BMS needs Coleman!

Mr. Coleman had done an outstanding job at Burgaw Middle School!!! He has encouraged and welcomed the parents to be involved in the school which was totally opposite from the previous administration. He cares about our children and wants/expects the best for them and from them. Our children's test scores improved significantly last year and I am sure that was a direct result from Mr. Coleman's leadership. Let's just hope that our children's test scores are not negatively effected this year with all of this drama. Our children should be concentrating on their EOG tests this week and not wondering why they no longer have their principal!!!

BMS principal

It is funny to me that Channel 6 is portraying Mr. Coleman as a racist, yet Channel 3 sends a reporter out to investigate the story, which seems to be more than the Administration of Pender County Schools cares to do. I have personally known this man for 2 years and he has totally changed the character & image of Burgaw Middle School. His leadership has helped bring our test scores up, student confidence is at an all time high, parent involvement is up and most importantly our school is a safe place for all children. You cannot ignore all the good that has taken place over the last 2 years. I am witnessing a complete and total destruction of 2 years of a man's good work and it shows in our parents, our teachers and even more importantly our students in the midst of EOGs. Can't wait to see these scores. Way to go Ms. Sholar!!! Any elected official who supports this decision to take him out of our school better beware come election time!

Here she go again

I totally agreed, Mr. Coleman has made a different at BMS. He is not the man that the media made him out to be. But the media is just trying to get people tune in, so they will say anything. I don't understand Dr. Stephens either. It's like she is sitting back waiting for a good story and at the end, it all falls back in her lap. I can understand Pender County School Board they half to do their job to support us. However on the other hand Dr. So-Call-Stephens is the reason why some of us will never join the NAACP. I think they need to find a new leader. First it was the black and white principal thing, it didn't work, then the Mr. Roper thing, it didn't work, now try to shine on a man like Mr. Coleman. I have known him since he has been in the county. I can say if he plays the race card, he has done a good job of hiding it. I really don't think Dr. Stephens will give up until she win over Pender County School. If you go to the school, ask the students about Mr. Coleman, they will paint you a different picture. Oh by the way I am BLACK.


The NAACP was WRONG IN THIS SITUATION. They have way overstepped their boundaries on this one. When my kids do wrong I am not shouting racism. They deserve the punishment that fits the crime to so to speak. This is rediculous. He has done nothing but good things in Burgaw, and I am even more upset that our "ELECTED OFFICIALS" in pender county are not standing behind someone who has made that school do a 360 from being a total gang related school etc to actually being one of the better pender county schools on EOGs etc. All because our ELECTED OFFICIALS are scared some shouting racism. Maybe our elected officials need to take a step back and take a better look at things, they will have the support of the African-American community as we know how good he is, at least those of us who want our kids to stay our of trouble and like his style of structure or rules, but I will remember this come election time.

What the heck?

How much yall want to bet it's some ignorant parent that can't control their kid and rather than take a mandated punishment they blame the Principal? That's the way this community works.

This situation will end up being the people that Coleman works for don't have the brains or the backbone to support him. He's a great Principal.

I agree 100% and stand

I agree 100% and stand behind Coleman!

Good for the Pender County

Good for the Pender County School Board! I'm pleased to see that Mr. Coleman will be spared the vitriolic howlings of the mob that assembles here.

Vitriolic howlings? Good

Vitriolic howlings? Good for the board? This isn't Rome and the Board is not the Senate.

Since school officials are

Since school officials are paid with tax monies, it would seem that he is an employee of the taxpaying citizens, and therefore we should have a right to know what he did. WE are his employer.

I agree......

why is the Pender School Board so insistent on keeping things so hush, hush.

If anything, the parents of the students from this school should be allowed to know the reason.

Coleman is good Principal

He is the hardest working, most dedicated man in education. I feel he should be reinstated asap. I hope the Pender County BOE makes the correct decision. They will never find a principal as wonderful as Coleman!

I get very suspicions

I get very suspicions anytime a group tries to suppress the truth. Maybe they are pushing him aside so they can promote one of their friends.