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Burgaw police officer jailed on drug charges

BURGAW -- Rather than putting people behind bars, one Burgaw police sergeant is behind bars himself tonight. Sgt. Michael Stevenson of the Burgaw Police Department was arrested in Richmond County Wednesday. He's charged with trafficking cocaine and conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Stevenson has been placed under investigative status with the Burgaw Police Department and is suspended without pay.

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busted cop

From the dates when this occured, seems like it would have went to court by now! But it's like everything else in Burgaw, it's a need to know only and nobody NEEDS TO KNOW !!!!!

case against officer

Has case gone to court yet? Dose anyone know?

fire good cop,keep bad cop.

fire good cop,keep bad cop. oh yea that was real smart of the chief. this manager and chief don't sound very smart. maybe they should be investigated. p.s. how did this suspected crooked cop find out he was being investigated in the first place. thats what i would be worried about, someone else must be crooked too...anybody gonna look into this.

Not all BAD

I have read all the comments and it's very diverse. The cop has been arrested and facing serious charges, lost is career, and now has a family suffering for is wrongdoing. We should be praying. Why don't we stop being so critical of the Chief and the other officers. He is caught, it's over. The chief and the other officers can not be held accountable for one person. I live in Burgaw, and I believe they have some of the most well mannered respectful officers that any town can ask for. The chief has also done a lot of great things to bring Burgaw Police to where they are today. Let's move on and not dog out the guys that are still out there protecting us and having to take the heat. Its just not fair to them.

Mike, I hate it for you and

Mike, I hate it for you and your family. I wish things could be different. If you could turn it around, I know you would. Take care.