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Burn gets out of control in Boiling Spring Lakes

A prescribed burn in Brunswick County got out of control Monday afternoon. Although there are several nearby homes, none of them had to be evacuated. The fire happened off Polaris Drive, which is off East Boiling Spring Road in Boiling Spring Lakes, not far from the Camp Pretty Pond Girl Scout Camp. Fire officials said the Department of Agriculture was conducting an annual controlled burn, when strong winds picked up and carried the fire. Fifteen acres were out of control, although about 100 acres were blocked off. Several fire departments responded to contain the fire. "Usually the burn all the time, but they don't have a lot of problems with fires getting out of control, but the winds picked up to about 20, 25 miles an hour and jumped all the fire lines they had in place,” said Eddie Garner of the Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Department.

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I'm angry

My God son lives at the end of the road this "controlled" burn took place. He has cystic fibrosis for anyone who wouldn't know what this is it affects his lungs among other things. Now, this child JUST GOT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL LAST WEEK AFTER A MONTH LONG STAY. The NC Forest Service didn't have the common sence to check near by homes to see if this burn could put anyones life in danger. This child couldn't breath. Burnning tires and God knows what else. Its a sad day when people don't care enough to check to see if they could be killing someone from a burn. I've contacted BSL Town Hall along with the forest dept. I could've lost my God son due to this lack of concern and recless burn. I want them held accountable for stupid things they have done. They also need to have his home cleaned he can't go home until it is.

Forest Service

Um first, let me say I'm sorry to hear about your God son condition, I have have a cousin with the same illness. But It wasn't the NC Forest Service conducting the burn, they might have been on hand but it was the Dept of Agriculture conducting the burn, two different departments.. So you might want to get your ducks in a row before faulting ppl.. Secondly its a chance you take when doing a burn, they can't control wind direction or wind speed, so its not like they can put up a wind screen to keep smoke and ash from blowing your way.. I mean be real, the Forest Service isn't going to drive around to every house and say " Excuse me, but we are going to burn, will it effect you", sorry but it just doesn't work that way.. Sorry that your angry and you want ppl to pay for the smoke and ash that's in your area, but think real, I don't see it happening. Maybe next time you see them going to do a burn that might effect your area, maybe you too should take some precautionary messures..

Re: Forest Service

Your message wasn't a reply to mine, but I need to answer yours none the less. It really doesn't matter who was responsible for the burn, Forest Service or the Dept of Agriculture. That is not important. Every conversation that my daughter had with somebody, from Fire Dept, they were outside her house, and City Hall, they all talked about Forest Service. She was told that Forestry would stay and watch the fire after the Fire Dept left. I don't know why that didn't happen, but it didn't. She was also told that the contractor who actually did the burning was not supposed to get so close to these homes. There are many successful burns, but if they don't know what they are doing, this is what happens. This is not the first burn that got out of hand around here. They are allowed to burn and we are not even allowed to burn stuff in a metal barrel. I understand why, the winds are not predictable enough to make it safe. I'm glad you are healthy enough not to have to worry about anything like this.

Forest Fire

Well at least BSL fire dept made it through without burning up another truck.. I understand what you are saying.. At the same time, BSL fire should have left a small crew on hand as well.. Usually on a fire that small NCFS might only leave around 4-5 guys, BSL fire dept should have done the same thing, mainly once the winds started picking up.. I work for the NCFS in another part of NC, and I know most of us were under a Fire Weather Warning, just meaning weather conditions were right for a fire. So I don't really understand why they were even burning.. Not unless that area wasn't in the warning area.. Well I wish you all well in BSL.. Hopefully this fire season won't be bad.. And if you live right along the woods, check out the NCFS web site they have some good tips on how to protect your property from forest fires..

Re: Forest Fire

LOL about the truck. Very true. I was only visiting that day and went home in the evening. I was still there when we were told about Forestry staying. I got a call later to find out fire was not out and nobody was there. I'm no expert when it comes to forest fires, but to me it didn't make any sense to leave these people who live only a very short distance from the fire without any protection. We also didn't understand why the burning was done that day in the first place. To our untrained eye, it was way too windy right from the start. Some guy stopped by to borrow a rake. He said he needs to get the pine needles off a neighbors roof because large chunks of cinders were coming down and he was worried the roof would catch on fire. There was another fire that got out of hand in pretty much the same location a few years ago. My daughter and her son got on the roof to water it down that time. So they were pretty paranoid this time. Anyway, thanks for your well wishes and also the info about the NCSF web site. I will check it out.

Read State Port Pilot

Did you read the State Port Pilot yesterday.. I read online last night about this fire and they were talking about how there was a No Burn order issued for BSL but the contractor went ahead a did the burn.. Check out the port pilots article about it.. Contractor and Dept of Ag. made a mistake with doing the burn that day..

Re: Read State Port Pilot

Holy cow! Can you say law suit? I haven't read it yet, mine will come in today's mail.

BSL Fire

Look at the bright side of this wildland fire.. BSL fire department didn't burn up another brush truck..:-) Hope I didn't speak to soon though..

Fire got way too close

My daughter lives close to that fire. We've seen the flames. From what we were told, Forestry service hired a company to do the burning. They went too close to to an area with homes. Fire Dept was fighting it, and it jumped an area that they didn't plan on, so they came to her area, 2 roads only. We were told initially that the fire was heading our way and we might want to get important papers and such and get out. We did carry a bunch of stuff to her truck and moved it to another location. We stayed. We were told we can stay until the fire got closer. It looked like it snowed outside. Depending on which way the wind blew, it would look better, than worse again. Finally, Fire Dept said they are leaving and Forestry would stay to keep an eye on it. Well, guess what. My daughter and a couple of neighbors walked back there just to find the fire started back up. They called the Fire Dept and were told that there is nothing they could do, they fire won't cross the fire line. Famous last words, it crossed some line earlier that day and it got away from them again. Nobody back there got sleep last night, they were all watching and making sure that the fire didn't get closer. There is no reason that the Fire Dept couldn't have stayed there and hit some of these hot spots with the hose. They said they couldn't reach it. It wasn't that far back. The wind picked up again today and I am really worried for all the people who live there. This is not the first time that there have been fires that got out of hand. Forestry is saying that they will have a talk with the people they hired to do this burning. That is all well and good, but it doesn't help anybody who spent yesterday packing up some of their important belongings, worrying about losing their homes and staying up all night watching the fire. Where was the Fire Dept last night?

BSL Wood Fire

With the wind picking up, they should have stayed around, fire line or no fire line, they should have left some ppl on the line for a good while.. Now granted must wildland fires calm down at night, but if winds are still blowing good, they should have been some ppl out there.. Honestly though, Its kinda like Smokejumper posted, at least BSL didn't burn up another truck, but as the saying goes, don't count your chickens before they hatch. Keep calling them until they get off they butts and come back out..

Seems like a lot of so

Seems like a lot of so called "controlled burns" are getting out of control. One of these days one of these is going to turn catastrophic. We just had a couple little pyromaniacs from the high school setting fires the other day, now this. It seems as though between kids and "officials" that should know better, BSL is doomed to burn.


It is doomed to burn. That is why prescribed burns are necessary.

It is also necessary to

It is also necessary to control these burns.

Try It

Go out on a fire and when weather conditions change.. Try to control it.. Not as easy as you think... So maybe volunteer with a dept and if there is a forest fire, go out on it and see that its not a walk in the park..

Re: Try It

Why would any of us go out and fight a fire? Not our job. Nobody is saying that fighting a fire, controlled or otherwise, is a walk in the park. I don't think any one of us here is an expert in fire fighting. That's why these people were out there doing this job, they are supposed to be the experts. Your argument is not a valid one. With that argument, you would make excuses for the screw-up by any expert, whether it be doctor or plumber, because their jobs would also be "not as easy as you think." Also, if these experts would have been more diligent, the burning on that day would not have happened. The wind may have picked up to make the fire worse, but it was too windy that day from the get go. I really don't have a problem with the fire dept. They are not the ones who set the fire, they were called in after it got out of control.