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Burr gets "animal crush videos" banned

READ MORE: Animal crush videos banned

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Animal crush videos, showing the crushing, burning, drowning, and suffocating of animals was officially deemed illegal today. President Obama signed the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010 this morning. The law was championed by North Carolina Senator Richard Burr.

Peter MacQueen, the president of the Humane Society of Eastern North Carolina says passing this law is finally bringing an end to a disgusting fetish.

"It's one of the most horrible forms of animal abuse," MacQueen says. "It probably ranks with dog fighting and skinning animals alive for their fur."

Previous bills regarding animal crush videos can serve as a warning to people who are offering to sell or give away their animals, whether it be a newspaper or online source.

"If you put an ad in the paper that says 'free for a good home for kittens,' you don't know who's coming to knock on your door to say 'yes, I've been looking for five kittens to give a good new home to,'"says MacQueen. "They may end up in one of these sick videos."

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You know what I find ironic...we make laws like this because of the disgusting killing of animals...yet we will pull a 7 month old baby out of the womb and pierce their skull and scramble their brain with a pair of scissors...just cause we don't want them....Things that make ya go HMMmmmmmm...


animal cruelty videos

Good law, but whether it has any practical impact remains to be seen, see First Amendment Law Prof Blog,

Disgusting !

Have any of you read about those poor children being abused and killed after God only knows for how long ? Also, ONE of the characteristics of a developing serial killer is abusing animals, or for that matter, any thing smaller, weaker than them. Kudos to the government.
My $.02 worth.

Thanks Obama

Thank you for taking the time to address an important issue. I fully support you on this one.

OMG know whats disgusting! The fact that those just re-elected think that we have stopped watching! REALLY..there isn't BETTER things to be worried about right now?! Burr also voted for the new farm legislation....right along with Hagan...look for it to start hitting your wallet next year! I wish we could toss the lot of them OUT and put some people with some flipping common sense in their places! I am not saying animals should be tortured...but lets deal with the REAL problems right now! The animals can wait!

OMG...PLEASE stop this having to watch a video to get the CAPTCHA!

are you serious?!

are you serious?! your saying the animals can wait?! have you not seen any of the videos they cut rabbits ears off they sit on them they jab there heels into them they crush them to death! no animal should deserve this one kitten thought she was playing with it and then it started stepping on the kitten i dont know how they can do this hearing the animals cries of pain, seeing there blood they didn't do anything! imagine if this happened to you?! how dare say that, how dare you say they can wait?! they did the right thing by banning! your a horrible person how could you say that

It didn't take much time

It came out of committee the same day it entered and passed with a unanimous vote. The House passed it 416 - 3.

The Senate passed the House bill unanimously.

All told, it probably was one of the fastest bills to ever make it into law.

I guess even those idiotic politicians were smart enough to realize that animal cruelty **IS** a REAL problem, and these videos are just as sick (and possibly even more predicting of future sociopathic behavior) as child pornography.

Here's hoping they give equal enforcement effort to arresting the sick pieces of fecal matter that produce or view either.

better things

There is alot of THINGS we need to worry about...oh more then we will ever be told but it makes me wonder what kind of person you are to think this should be at the bottom of the LIST? How about some big ass wresler or body builder come up to you and crush you! Low life!

OMG really, this is a

OMG really, this is a problem people torturing animals needs to be taken care of, Iam not saying that we sont have other issues to worry about but this is mean and cruel and needs to be delt with, grow up and stop complaining, this was important jerk


9.8% unemployment...our country is in DIRE STRAIGHTS with a spending problem...and we have enough time to vote on stuff like this...Yeah...don't really care about the animals until this countries finances get back on track...sorry fido

People that do this

...are the lowest form of life. This is the type thing that makes me sick of what todays society has become. I say turn about is fair play. Feed these scum to giant Boa Constrictors.