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Burr: no pay raise for Congress


Sen. Richard Burr has introduced a bill to keep Congress from getting a pay raise next year. Congress blocked its pay raise for 2010, but members will receive an increase in 2011 unless action is taken.

A bill to repeal automatic pay raises altogether has passed the Senate, but the House has taken no action on it. Burr, a Republican from Winston-Salem, says if Democrats won't stop the automatic raises, they should at least stop the next raise.

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County Government

I know this isn't about Congress, but do you guys realize that our local county government, our County Manager, gave himself a raise last year? He won't get one this coming year, but the current year we are in he gave himself a raise. This was at the same time when county eimployees went from 40 furlough hours to 80 furlough hours because of the defecit

Opposite of.....

What is the opposite of PROgress?


Senator Burr may be trying

Senator Burr may be trying to make himself look good for trying to stop pay raises BUT he voted NAY for the $250 stimulus payment this year for the elderly, disabled and disabled veterans. He is up for re-election this year. I want all grandchildren who watch their grandparents suffer and children of parents that suffer that try to do the best they can for them to remember this come November. This is a disgrace to the state of NC.

The stimulus payment

was part of a larger bill. It was the bill in its entireity and not the specific section you refer to which he opposed.

How about sharing the whole story.

What About a paycut?

What About a paycut? Everybody else is getting laid off or taking a paycut

I simply CANNOT believe that

I simply CANNOT believe that a pay raise for CONgress would even be considered with the economy the way it is and their approval rating. What nerve!

It's automatic

they get a raise every year. The Senate passed a bill to repeal that legislation.

The Democratically controlled House will not take action on it.

Of course, serve one term in th House or Senate, you get free health care for life and a free lifetime pension which passes to your widow or widower.

And if you choose not to run for re-election, there's your re-election fund to dispose of.

On top of which there's the "under tha table" perks enjoyed by some such as Charlie Rangel, a 40 year member of the House who claimed, among other things, he did not realize he could not accept free airfare and accomodations in the Caribean.


YOU simply underestimate those idiots in Congress...the HELP needs to get put in their places! November is the time to start the process as follows:

WE THE PEOPLE elect you to LISTEN to the MAJORITY allowing the minority REPRESENTATION...

You do as we say...YOU keep your job

You DON'T do as we say...YOU GET FIRED and we elect the OTHER guy...

rinse and repeat...EVENTUALLY the HELP will get the picture!

Well put

Couldn't have said it better myself. We need to let these elected officials know that we are fed up and we are moving them out!

We always....

....say that, but at election time, it turns out to be the same old thing...people vote because of name recognition, or down party lines without listening to the facts and doing a little bit of research. Every election...local, state and federal, a few people speak out against what is going on, but where are they at the polls...they show up, but not in the numbers needed to make a change because people are afraid to make a needed change in government, and I don't mean the kind of change we got on the last fedral elections...Do your homework, and vote wisely...NOT on name recognition or down party lines!!!!