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Bus accident sends 13 Pender County students to hospital

PENDER COUNTY -- Thirteen Pender County students went to the hospital Thursday morning after their bus ran off the road into a ditch. The bus was taking students to two different schools around 8:40 Thursday morning: Pender Success Academy and Pender Early College. One student on the bus told me that the bus driver's erratic driving has scared her in the past. Fifteen-year-old Sherry Baker was on board and went to the hospital with neck injuries. Baker says the driver, Linda Colvin, was speeding when she made a quick left-hand turn from South Smith Street onto West Clark Street, which sent the bus off the road and into the ditch. Police say Colvin told them a car was stopped at a stop sign and she tried to get around it. Either way, police say she she's at fault and issued her a safe movement violation. Baker says she has complained to her parents several times about Colvin's driving. Her father, Steve Gagnier, says he even followed the bus one day and had to drive erratically himself just to keep up. Baker says she doesn't want to ride on another bus driven by Colvin. She said, "Everybody that was on the side that went into the ditch was thrown against the window, and all the other kids were thrown into the kids that were against the window. She had stood up after we got in the ditch, she tried to open the door but she couldn't open it so she started laughing and told us to leave out the back door." Transportation Director Ricky Carter says when a citation is issued to a bus driver the driver can legally keep driving until there is a conviction. He says it's up to the county whether to replace, suspend or fire the driver. Gagnier says when he complained to the Board of Education he was told Colvin had received other complaints and that it would be taken care of. The bus wasn't damaged and was back on the road this afternoon.

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I tell you what she better have a very good reason as to why she was driving that way. What I am upset about is that she was clearly in the wrong and she laughed about not being able to get the door open. These kids could have had serious injuries if she would have been going at a high speed and fell off into the ditch. I think she needs to find another line of work that doesn't involve our children. I put my children in the hands of bus drivers everyday and pray for all concerned to get them to school safely. I don't care if the bus is late showing up to the school or not, just as long as they make it there with no problems. I think parents need to be at the bus stops sometimes just to get to know who is driving your kids. I don't want a fresh out of school person driving mine or one who doesn't care who is on the bus with them. Bus drivers please remember WHO you are driving and kids please remember to be quiet while riding the bus.

Seat Belts!

Aren't we all glad there is a law in NC that requires seat belts in buses?

Bus driver

As a school bus driver myself, I can not believe this girl put the lives of these children in jeopardy. I have driven children to school every day for eight years and never take risks while driving. The public puts enough risks on us by pulling out in front of us last minute because they dont want to get stuck behind a bus. They seem to think we can stop on a dime! This girl needs to turn in her bus keys for good. I assume she is also a TA or works in the school system. If she will put children's lives in danger on the road, I sure would not trust her in the school. Get rid of her.

Bus Accident

I was the car at the stop sign when the bus (Bus 169) came speeding to make her turn. She never slowed down. I not sure what she meant by trying to get around me. I was there waiting to make my turn on Smith Street. It was really kinda of scary and could have been worse.


i was on that bus this morning and yes sum students got injured but i don't think it was linda's fault. Yes linda is strict about her bus but she keeps us in order and we don't do anything retarted on the bus. She don't drive erraticly cause we only go 45. Shes just a normal bus driver that doesn't let people cuss move around on the bus when its moving, or yell like were crazy. Linda was making a wide turn and had to go in the grass to miss a car when we went on the shoulder we just kept sliding there was nothing she could do. Baker just wants attention, yes she may have been hurt but theres no use firing linda.

Stupid People And Their Vehicles

One needs not wonder if a human life is valuable to those who make the decision to break traffic laws. Understand that anyone who dares to be in the way should be dead in some drivers eyes around here. It's sad, its appalling. This is not directed in any way toward the mentioned driver. I wasn't there to witness the accident. However, this sounds real familiar to me. The humorous part is that those who use their vehicles as weapons, are usually real wimps when it comes to a face to face confrontation.

i was on the bus. sherry sat

i was on the bus. sherry sat right beside. i was not injured. and i was wondering how she did? this article is BS. they juast want to get attention!!!!!!!!!!1

Okay, fire her as a driver...

...but let her teach Physics. All the kids received a FREE practical lesson in inertia, reactive centrifugal force, and vector analysis. Oh, Mister Gagnier? It's Pender County. Pen-duRRRRR. Not Pendah.....

Need I say it?

I'd have my lawyer all over this one.