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Business delivers beer, controversy to beach

READ MORE: Business delivers beer, controversy to beach

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- You're sitting on the beach enjoying a cold beverage and you run out of beer. No need to make a beer run, the beer now comes to you. But the new business, called the Brew Thru, is also delivering controversy to Carolina Beach.

For beachgoers who like a cold one under the hot sun, it's simply a great idea.

"I can't imagine anything being any better," said Joel Shelton of Carolina Beach. "Can you bring donuts, too?"

Shawn Hogan of Raleigh agrees.

"It saves me time from having to leave the beach when I could be spending more time out here," Hogan said. "It beats the crowd coming back on the beach, especially during the holidays when there's a line getting back on this beach."

But some say delivering beer is a bad idea, including Barb Lynch with Justice in Motion, a non-profit organization that supports law enforcement.

"Alcohol is a drug," Lynch said. "When people are consuming alcohol and they are in a water, beach, boating environment, they don't have full capacity. It is a dangerous situation."

The Brew Thru crew rode around Freeman Park Friday to promote their new service. Town officials regulate the park on the north end of Pleasure Island, a popular place to camp, and a place where alcohol is permitted. Because owner John Childers has an off-premise permit to run the Brew Thru, it is not against the law for him to deliver beer.

"We're just hoping everybody will respect us, and we'll respect them," Childers said. "And if all of us act responsible, this thing will work."

Childers says his crew is going to be sure to check IDs and will not serve people who are heavily intoxicated, but that's not good enough for Lynch.

"Bringing alcohol to people, we are encouraging them to drink and placing them and others in danger," she said.

Some beach visitors have mixed feelings.

"One of my concerns could be the encouragement to maybe be constantly drinking all day if it's easily available to bring alcohol out," Angela Sapp of Burlington said. "So I think they'll maybe have to watch that a little bit, but other than that I think it'll be a great service to everybody out here on the beach. I'm looking forward to it."

Childers is encouraging ALE to work with him to make sure people are not drinking under age or getting behind the wheel drunk.

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I have standards for myself, and I live in a particular way. I don't like when other people do stuff I don't like. Especially if they have fun doing it. Everyone should live in the way I approve of, and it should be the law!
Also, we need more preemptive laws. You never know what people might do.

Selling beer on the beach

I have always enjoyed a beer or two on the beach. I however feel that selling beer to beach goers is alright but there should be a limit as to how much can be sold to an individual. We don't want drunk people laying all over the beach urinating in the water or creating more work for lifeguards because they indulged too much.

Brew delivered

I have very mixed feelings about having beer delivered. First of all, most people have already packed a cooler full of beer to begin with, so that means they have exhausted thier stock and need more. I've been going to the North End for years and I'm the first one to crack a beer! But, I always have that fear of leaving. Being responsible, but 2 or 3 beers can land a DWI! I can guarantee that there will be lots of road blocks here in the very near future. They'll be dishing out DWI's like crazy. Maybe they should only deliver to those who are camping and will not be driving home. But then again, that would be discrimination and how can you be sure. Have fun at the beach but you'd better watch out, because you're playing with fire! This is probably just a temporary thing, because someone will muck it up for the rest.

What happens....

What happens if someone kills someone else on the highway driving home drunk after drinking all day on the beach?


What happens when someone drinks too much and drives home from the bar? The same thing!!

They aren't saying it's okay to drink and drive!? They are just making beer deliveries to a place where beer was being consumed BEFORE. Nothing new here. Just serving customers.

This is not an entitlement to drink and drive, as you apparently have assumed. People are bound by the same laws concerning DWIs.

Besides there are plenty of CB cops just waiting to write tickets to people.

Horrible idea!!! More water

Horrible idea!!! More water rescues, more domestics, more fights, and more drunk drivers. Maybe the Brew Thru should provide more Law Enforcement. Keep it up guys and its going to get shut down! Can't wait to see what the town approves next.


I think this is a great idea.. it"s a way for to make money and help people out at the same time. would u rather a drunk drive off the beach or have it delivered to him.. this idea is wonderful and i think who ever is in charge of selling the beer off the truck needs to be responsible in judgeing one level and when it's time to cut them off. people go to the beach to enjoy themselves and relax and if someone wants to make that more convient to them then what"s the problem... great idea and i personaly thank you! see ya soon...

beer delivery

Alcoholic. Cant wait to see how much the city racks up busting all you alcoholics when you drive off that sand .. LOL @ u.

Don't have to wait

CBPD doesn't have to wait for the drunk to drive off the sand. That area is considered a PVA, Public Vehicle Area and you can be charged with DUI while still on the sand.

"Would you rather a drunk

"Would you rather a drunk drive off the beach or have it delivered to him?" Uh, that drunk will eventually have to drive off the beach at the end of the day and when he does, he'll be twice as drunk compliments of Brew Thru. Very intelligent comment.

re: would you rather a drunk

I would rather a drunk stay home and drink where he is not a danger to me or my family.

ALE should require Brew Thru

ALE should require Brew Thru to keep a record of who receives deliveries of alcohol. If any of these "clients" are involved in an accident in which alcohol is a factor, they (Brew Thru) should be held accountable where appropriate. We have enough drunks on the road now, and these clowns are making it even easier for them to kill. Also, I can't see where having an off primises license would entitle anyone to deliver alcoholic beverages. Also, I assume Brew Thru will have the necessary paper work to legally transport large amounts of alcohol from their place of business to its destination.

So does that mean every gas

So does that mean every gas station, grocery store, and bar should keep a list too? It's just as easy to get alcohol anywhere else...and at least this way it will keep less people off the road to get more!

I think this is a wonderful

I think this is a wonderful idea!! Brew Thru is not making anyone drink the beer they are just offering their service. With the econmy the way it is people have to do what they can to make the extra money!!

Beer at beach

Sounds to me like once again people are trying to tell us how to live. Thats the trouble here. people move here from out of state and try to change things so they are like where they come from. Well if you dont like it here move back to where you came from. Half the towns down here are full of people that moved here. They want to take over. And they are doing it one little rule at a time.

A Couple of Points

1. One assumes the dispenser knows when to say "no" and not sell beer to those clearly near or over the limit.

2. One assumes the dispenser knows when to check identification.

3. One assumes the Police patrol more frequently on week-ends and during the summer.

Having made these assumptions, I would note, this service will keep drivers off the road as they seek to replenisih dwindling supplies.

If beach consumption is such a bad thing, the town can enact an ordinance prohibiting on beach consumption. To date, they have chosen not to.

But, in all probability, it will only be a matter of time before someone will abuse the system; cause a major incident on the road; and ruin the system for all others. One can only hope there are no fatalities or serious injuries.

Perhaps the town should consider a prohibition against huffing.

"Perhaps the town should

"Perhaps the town should consider a prohibition against huffing." Wrong beach man! Thats Wrightsville Beach. The town of C.B. has an ordinance against drinking on the beach just not Freeman park.