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Buying in bulk to save money

Between the price of gas, and groceries, stocking up the fridge or getting to and from work is beginning to cost a pretty penny. But, some people say they've found a way to ease the pain on both counts. We all drive by wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam's, but what some people may not know is, a membership to either one of these clubs costs around $40, but buying in bulk can save you money in the long run. According to wholesale store representatives, its all about one stop shopping. Being able to buy everything you need in one place and being able to buy large quantities means fewer trips to the grocery store. That can add up to saving on gas. Costco general manager Deb Meyer said, "Costco offers everything. We have our pharmacies, our optical departments, everything under one roof. So you can do all your shopping at one time, and not have to drive all over town." Wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam's offer gas at a discounted rate as well. Average price for regular unleaded at both places is about $3.96. Other gas stations nearby are selling unleaded for $3.99 or more. Now it does cost about $50 to become a wholesale club member. Representatives from both Sam's and Costco told WWAY since gas prices have started going up, they have seen an increase in memberships, and increased traffic in their stores.

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Ivan C for "Buying in bulk to save money"

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I am a Costco member and LOVE it!! The photo center has reasonable prices. It also allows me to order my photos online and pick them up when I am in the store for other things! The pharmacy is also a good option, especially if you don't have insurance, which I don't. I have not paid more than $12-$15 for prescriptions that I WAS paying more than $25 at Walgreens. While I like the 24 hour accessibility of Walgreens, I am willing to deal with the limited pharmacy hours if it will help save money! Something that was not mentioned in the story is that EXECUTIVE members get a 2% return on ALL purchases made, even gas. The money is given to you once a year on your membership anniversary. My membership fee has been paid for since we became members and then some! A couple hundred dollars can help, especially in this day and age! I have also found that Costco employees are friendlier than those at Sam's. (and NO I am not a Costco employee!)

I agree about Costco

I agree its a great place to shop. But the executive membership doesn’t give 2% back on gas. I believe that the Costco american express does give a percentage back on gas purchases but I'm not sure of the amount. Very nice people there and no I'm not a employee or related to one either.