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Bye-bye Spongebob

READ MORE: Bye-bye Spongebob
Time Warner's contract with Viacom expires at the end of the year. If they can't reach a new agreement, it will mean no Spongebob or Dora the Explorer for 13 million viewers. Viacom wants fee increases from Time Warner for 19 channels that include Mtv, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. Customers are worried they'll pay for the fee increase. Hunter Ford, a Time Warner customer, said, “It should be a package deal. If you want to pay for a movie channel like HBO where you don't watch commercials that's the reason that you pay for them.” A Time Warner Cable spokesperson said the proposed increases of between twenty-two and thirty-six percent are exorbitant. Viacom said the increase would cost subscribers less than a quarter a month. Customers say it's not fair when they're put in the middle. Jason Scott, another Time Warner Cable customer said, “It's really the consumer that really sort of loses out. Tonight's New Year's Eve, there's going to be a lot of kids up, there's going to be no Nickelodeon, no Comedy Central, no Mtv. You know that pretty much just hurts the viewers.” Viacom ran an alert on their channels throughout the day to let the customers know of the impending Time Warner blackout. If the two companies cannot reach an agreement, 13 million people could be without some popular channels. Experts say it could be the beginning of some expensive channel surfing. Media analyst Larry Gerbrandt said, “This is just the tip of the iceberg. Everybody who is provided multi channel programming is facing the same negotiations and the same potential increase in license fees. All of it gets passed back to the consumer.”

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Time Warner is a joke...

That company charges high prices for services that are not provided as they describe, and then do not follow through with competent customer service after. Pay attention to the fine print people... The advertised speed that Road Runner is CAPABLE of is 5 Mbps... Ask someone with Road Runner how many times they EVER get as much as 1/4 of that advertised speed. It's because Time Warner fails to tell you that your neighborhood cable is like a water pipeline... everyone shares it in your neighborhood, meaning less for the individual, and certainly not what they advertise in speed. DSL is not affected by bottle necks, so their advertised speed is more TRUE. I am NOT recommending one over the other, simply helping out the uninformed when it comes to providing business to this terrible monopoly of a company which believes it can walk all over consumers with no fear...

timewarner vs viacom

After reviewing the channels affected by the supposed blackout,I would say let it go mtv isn't that great and even if we lose 1 or 2 good channels so be it and if time warner pays let me decide if I want to pay the extra $2.76. I would say NO WAY if we were to stand firm they would lower the raise

MAD at Cable

I'd pay the 25 cents... I watched Nicelodean as a child, my kids watch it, I watch the Comedy Channel... MTV is a different story though... I stopped watching that when they stopped playing actual music videos... Loosing all of that for 25 cents only to have to pay a premium of much more to get it out... Perhaps if Time Warner didn't have Fidelity and AOL in their pockets they would be a decent company but no.... They have a monopoly and they know it... Time to switch to Direct TV now that they have our local channels! Another case of big bullying by large corporations attempting to force us to pay more than a small fee to continue enjoyin the niceties in life... Thanks Time Warner! How much will this cost to add on? $9.99 per month instead of 25 cents? Thanks!

mad at cable

I say we all get dish satellite tv and forget cable.I have had dish network for nine years and have never had my payment rate to go up and had no problems with the company

Mr. Crabs

Bet your sweet bippy Mr. Crabs won't stand for it!